Chuks and Ene compete at the Knowing Me Knowing You game show and it gets to a point where the two couple starts bragging about their love for each other and achievements. After a while, they start blowing kisses and the host break the show to give them some time. They will re-start tomorrow.
Kwame makes a video of his new home for Danni and as he is concluding, the building manager, a lady comes in to visit. She tells him about the good parts of the building. He tells her that he is making a movie for his girlfriend and her face fell. She asks if she is going to come and live there? The crafty Kwame quickly says no, she lives abroad. He tells her that he saw the property when he came to bring someone who lives at number 8 home. The manager asks if he is friends with Angela Dede? He says no. he just came to ensure she is safe. She gives him the spare keys.
The game show host comes back on set and asks Ene where Chuks is? He is still at make-up. He says he noticed from reviewing their entry that they both went to the same university. He asks why Ene did not attend all the parties? She claims she may not have been invited but he says he is sure she was. She asks who his favorite lecturer was? The gorgeous Mrs Adeyemi. He asks if she ever attended English with Ronald? Hmm, the lecherous Ronald! He chased every girl on campus including herself. He asks how she dealt with it? She says she combed out that his afro. She has never told anyone about this compromise between them. Chuks asks why she is now telling the game show host? Ene glares at him.
Amaka is late for the staff meeting. She rushes in and as she tries to get something out of her bag, Toochi’s toy falls out. She quickly hides it and tells them about what she thought about the new initiative for Reel. She asks what they all think when they think of Reel? They have various ideas that revolve around movies. She asks that they pitch ideas on how to turn this into something. She wants it done in house as they all work in a creative office. The staff are reluctant and she throws in a prize. Whoever pitches the best idea gets a prize. That gets them all going.
Angela thanks Charlie for doing a great job with Brenda and Haruna. The way he took on Haruna like a real pro. He tells her that she did a great job herself too. She gives him a lollipop for being a good boy and says she will write him a check now that they are through. He tells her that to succeed in their endeavour, she will need to come at Brenda with all her guns blazing. She asks for ideas.
Chuks asks Ene why she combed Ronald’s hair without telling him? She asks what the big deal is? The game show reminds Chuks that Ene is a keeper but Chuks is not interested. He asks if she used hair cream? She wonders what it matters? Chuks says he needs some air but the host tells him he cannot go now. They need to start shooting.
The idea juices are flowing aplenty in Reel Studios. The excited staff make very solid suggestions and Amaka collates all of them into a working idea. They will do get a young director to do a remake of Harvest by Fred and have Fred mentor the director. They will also show footages of Fred before he went all grey. They ask for who won the prize? Amaka tells them they all did great and suggests a spa day. One of the staff asks if that is a part of the celebrations? She says no. she is taking them all to the spa on the house.
The Agbalajobis get their answer right and when it is Chuks and Ene’s turn to answer what the biggest surprise Ene has ever given him, Chuks says she is full of surprises. Ene tells him that it is nothing near what he has thrown at her. The host remind them to write their answers down on the board. They continue to bicker till their time run out, leaving the Agbalajobis in the lead for the first time.
Brenda chews Haruna for allowing a fresh young lawyer to wipe the floor with him and wonders why she keeps him on the payroll? He reminds her that she does not. He only gets paid on a case-by-case basis. She wonders why she then invited him over? Not for tea or chit chat and if she wanted to play rollover, she would have invited a puppy! He reminds her that if she had not attacked Angela brusquely, she would not have gone for the jugular. Angela saunters in with Charles in tow and their lollipops going. She reminds Angela of solo cedit, quicquid solo plantatur (what is affixed to the soil belongs to the soil). Yes, what about it?