Angela jokes with the staff gathered around the table starting with Nnenna. She hails them one after the other including Ene. She asks that they should also give her make-up tips and asks what they are all doing? She thinks Brenda makes them work too hard. Nnenna tells her that her lawyer called. She leaves them all gaping.
Chuks comes into the bar with fliers. Frank asks what they are for and he says they are for job hunting. Frank has never seen anything like that. Chuks thanks him and asks that hey hand over the fliers in the bar.
Sheila reviews the notes in the spa and is happy that things are looking up. There are new subscribers and very few cancellations. The staff are happy to see her back. Fred comes in and Sheila wonders what he is looking for? He came to look for her.
Charlie comes to see Angela who welcomes him so well he stutters in response. She sits him down and tells him that he does not need to be so formal with her. He agrees and she writes her name on his palm and asks if he is read for the day? He says he is. He has been going through the case and it is quite simple. She waits as he fumbles for his papers. He apologizes and says he had it all sorted out in the right order last night. She tells him to relax and gives him a massage. She tells him that he can do this and has no doubt that he can do it? He asks what she means? She needs him to win this for her. He agrees.
Chuks comes to ask Frank whether all is well? Frank says he is supervising and does not need to wear uniform. He asks how the fliers are doing! He has not received any calls? Frank tells him tha people come in, see the fliers, laugh and order their drinks. Chuks wonders what is going on? Frank asks him to be patient. He says he has no time as he is on his way to meet Ene in the studio to record Knowing Me Knowing You. Frank is surprised at that and asks him to go and win that.
Ene asks Brenda for permission to attend to some family issues. Brenda says nothing and after a while, she looks up to tell Ene to go to wherever she wants. As Ene leaves, Feke comes in and tells Brenda Angela is back. Brenda wonders what state she is in? Feke says she is looking weird and happy. Brenda asks if she came with the lawyer! Feke says yes and as she describes how the lawyer nearly tripped on himself, Brenda shuts her off.
TTK meets Chuks and Frank outside and Frank tells her he is supervising and does not need to wear uniform. They congratulate TTk on her wedding and she goes into the bar only to burst out shortly asking what the posters are for? Chuks tells her he is job-hunting and the posters are not dirty. TTK insists that they cannot be distributing such in her bar. As Chuks and TTK squabble, Frank tries to get Chuks’s attention to the guy standing with her. The guy was responding to the fliers but by he time Chuks gets to Frank, he has gone. TTK throws the remaining fliers at him.
Funmi tells Amaka she needs to go home to sort out stuff. Amaka releases her & tells the rest to work faster so that they can all go home. She tells the rest if the people that they need o get writer for their four books and asks for ideas about how to get financing?
Angela and her lawyer Sammie meet Brenda and Haruna. Haruna asks Sammie to explain how his client bough the land on which his client built her studio on? Sammie tells him to watch his words as they are there to find a solution. He reminds Haruna hat his client will MIT be held responsible for Brenda not doing proper due diligence on the property she bought. Brenda butts in and accuses Angela of deliberately keeping the letter from the land registry. Sammie asks Haruna to restrain his client from making certain statements so that they do not include slander in what should be decided. Slander, I like it, says Angela as she licks her lollipop.
Chuks and Ene are seated opposite the other couple with some refreshments between them. The other couple think they are too young and brave to come for the show. When Chuks agrees, the couple laugh at them. The other woman gets up and serves her husband which Chuks serves Ene. The other man believesthat the money will benefit Huks and Ene and Chuks says it is a top-up to be kept by Ene. The man is horrified and when Ene tells them that she and Vhuks have agreed that she manages their finances, the woman is shocked. She will never call her husband by name.
Hope calls Amaka again to says she is about to leave. Amaka asks for some time to wrap up her meeting.
Chuks tells the other couple that though his wife does not kneel down to greet him and does not call him daddy but he still loves her. Ene tells them that Chuks knows she respects him and when he was marrying her, he knew he was getting a partner, not a child. Te other couple think Chuks and Ene have so many foreign ideas and that contributes to broken homes. Chuks and Ene agree that they are both very happy with each other.
Fred is outside brooding & Sheila walks up and asks what is on his mind? He says he is thinking of Anjuola. She wonders why he is bothered when nothing has been confirmed? He says he is afraid and she agrees she is too.
Haruna says it is clear they do not have an agreement. Brenda butts in again and says they have to go to court then to decide things. Haruna tries to stop her but she will not listen and tells Angela to remember to tell the court where she got the money to buy the land and when she mentions Faisal Angela jumps up to attack her but Sammie restrains her. She storms out after that.