Amaka asks Fred how Sheila is and he tells her she is fine and at home. She says she was not expecting him to come. He says it is necessary. She reminds him that he told her to handle things on her own. He tells her that she won the vote but she is not sure she won the vote or that Fred won it for her. He asks if it matters? She tells him that she will need the support of the board in the future. He tells her that the only way to win everyone over is to go ahead and implement her strategy to the fullest. He tells her that based on their confidence in her, she should be able to allay the fears of World Movies. He says he meant everything he said a the board meeting, that she is the right person for the job especially now. She asks if it has to do with Sheila? He explains that if the suspicion of the doctor turns out right, Sheila will need him to support her more and he will need her to play her part well. She assures him that she will do her part.
Ene comes home and toasts Chuks telling him about the invite from Knowing Me Knowing You. He says he does not know about participating. Chuks says he does not know and she reminds him that she cannot do that all by herself He agrees but for the money. She reminds him that the doctor says they should be doing things together especially for the baby. They agree not to quarrel there on camera. She asks if they can be asked to kiss on camera? She is not sure she can kiss in front of the whole world! He tells her it will not be safe especially in her current mood? Mood? She asks and he tells her that kissing can lead to being frisky in front of the whole world! They both share a hearty laugh.
Cosmo bring Amaka in and Sheila thanks her for the fruits she brought. Sheila asks after the board meeting and Amaka says it went well and thanks her for the vote of confidence. Sheila tells her she will be fine and Amaka reminds her that that is her line. Amaka asks how she is and she tells her that she is okay. She asks if Amaka wants to hear something funny? Cosmo cries each time hospital, doctor and cancer is mentioned. She calls Cosmo and asks him to get her brandy and whisky for Amaka. Amaka asks for juice instead. Cosmos asks her if it is okay for her to drink now? Sheila tells him that the doctor has not said anything about sickness or cancer. Haring cancer, Cosmo squeezes up his face and looks like he wants to cry. Immediately he steps away, Sheila and Amaka collapse in laughter with Amaka telling Sheila that it is not funny as Cosmo is only concerned for her safety.