Ene swaps stores with some other women in the ante natal room. They think Chuks is a great guy for attending the clinic with her. Ene says it is surprising how men change when their wives become pregnant. One of the women says her husband is always angry and sleeps on the couch. Chums asks whether he does not massage her & clean the whole house? One of the women says her’s is quite sweet and Ene asks her if he does not always complain? Just then a very young doctor comes out & the women hail him Dr. Fine Boy. He tells Ene that that she is next. Next for waphat? Chuks asks? He asks the doctor where the doctor is? The doctor tells him that he is standing right there!
Amaka gives her closing speech t the board members. Dr. Gyang moves a motion for a vote of no confidence on Amaka’s leadership & has it seconded. With that, voting starts. Just then, Fred walks in & apologizes for coming late. He asks yo be allowed to make some statement before the vote. They tell him that they had concluded the voting, but the result has not been declared. He asks that they re-cast the votes as the result has not been announced. He says that he is speaking fir himself and his wife and that they are suitably impressed with Amaka’s leadership.
Amaka calls Barrister Eddy. He picks up the phone and jokes that if the newspaper headlines are anything to go by, she does not need lawyers. She tells him that she needs a lawyer and asks that he comes to see her in her office at Odyssey Pictures.
Fred gives a glowing speech in Amaka’s favour. He chose her because of her competence and ability to raise funds for projects as Amaka has done, her management skills. She understands the kind of movies that the market wants. Dr. Gyang reminds them that they face losing World Movies if they retain Amaka. Fred asks if the board wants their agenda to be determined by another company? Dr. Gyang says the fiasco of The Flood Journals is due to Amaka’s motherhood. Fred tells them that Amaka moved quickly to retrieve the manuscript when she realized it was missing. Dr. Gyang asks why they should let one person’s issue affect the whole company? Fred tells him that no man there could have handled the company as well as Amaka did; in addition to handling a personal tragedy. He urges them to re-consider. Dr. Gyang asks that they go ahead and vote on the matter.
Chuks and Ene are in the doctor’s office and as he attends to Ene, Chuks examines his certificates n the wall. He asks Ene how she is and the baby and she says she s okay. Just some stress. The doctor asks Chuks if all is well? He offers to allow Chuks examine the certificates properly. Ene tells him that s the kind of stress she is taking about. Chuks asks the doctor what kind of hormones makes a pregnant woman self-centered? The doctor asks Ene to go to the examination room to be examined by the nurse. As she leaves, Chuks beg the doctor to help him.
Feke brings Barrister Eddy to see Angela. Angela says nothing for a while but then invites him to sit down. Feke hangs around but Angela says nothing till Barrister Eddy thanks Feke & tells her to leave.
Barrister Eddy asks he about the media stories bu she is nt untreated in that. She wants Eddy to know she is a partner now in Odhssey. He tells her that is nice. She also tells him that she recently bought the land on which the company is on. Brenda and her lawyers have challenged the sale of the property. He asks her how the land came up for sale and how she came across the money to buy the property? She tells him that it is not important. She needs him to help her fight whatever Brenda throws at her. He tells he that he has never seen he that subdued. She had more fight in her when she was arrested for murder. She asks if he is going to help her fight this and he says no!
The board members catch up with each other while Funmi tallies the vote. The result is one against and six in favour of retaining Amaka. Dr. Gyang says congratulations are in order.
Chuks asks the doctor if there is any drug Ene can take to reduce the hormones? The doctor says the hormones are performing a lot of functions and can only be tampered with if the mother’s or child’s life is endangered. Chuks asks him if it is possible for Ene to conceive as there has been a fair amount of business? The doctor does not know how to answer. Chuks asks him if his sympathy pains are normal? The doctor says they are not sure if it is physiological or not but asks Chuks to read up on that as he gets up to go and examine Ene. He snaps on his gloves and as he goes to the examination room, Chuks shakes his head and asks him to tell him exactly what he is going to examine in Ene?
Barrister Eddy tells Angela that he cannot help her as he is a criminal lawyer. Angela asks why he cannot help? He is a lawyer, is he not? Eddy says e is simply being honest. Angela needs someone who can do better than the basics. He suggests that Angela and Brenda find an alternative way of settling their dispute. She asks him what if he goes to meet Alhaji Abubakar! He wounds if she is okay? He suggests that he introduce Angela to his colleague who has experience in this area? Which area, asks Angela? Land matters, Eddy says. Oh, yes, she agrees as Eddy runs off.
The board members leave and Fd discusses with Dr. Gyang. He believes that Dr. Gyang acted in good faith and Dr. Gyang hopes that Fred made the right call on Amaka as they all leave the conference room.
Ene lets Ijeoma into the house and she says she heard their voice from outside and asks if they were quarreling? They pretend and say no, they were just excited after coming back from the hospital. She gives them pepper soup from Chuks’s mum and they both grab the bag and start struggling over it with Huks claiming hat the doctor says Ene should rest while Ene tells h. That the doctor says she should get some exercise!
One of the interrogative asks for Sankey’s help in breaking Alhaji Aubakar. His lawyers are writing and putting them under pressure to release the man from solitary. Sankey tells him that Masters’s lawyers will complain about everything. The interrogator says he has rights. Sankey asks them to allow her have a go at Masters if they want him to break but he tells her that she knows it is out of his hands. Sankey wonders how they think Masters will tell them anything when he is out in the midst of his boys and chiding more mischief?
Ijeoma leaves and Chuks tells Ene that she is lucky he did not report her. Ene asks him to shout as she is sure that their visitor will still hear him. He tells her that her mouth is sharp now but if it is to reach for the remote, she will be tired. Ene tells him that at least she is pregnant unlike those who feel pain from nothing! Just then, her phone rings, and it is the game show host. They are being invited onto Knowing Me Knowing You! Ene excitedly tells the presenter that they will be coming. They will be available for the day if the show.
Fred commends Majek on the extent of security arrangements. Perhaps, they should be looking fir funds to hire him Full time. he says he needs to check on Amaka but Majek tells him that it is not his business but Fred asks him to speak up. He says he believes that Amaka needs some help. Between the flood journals and Alex’s attack, she could have done with a little help. Just then, Amaka walks into the conference room and Majek discreetly leaves.
Some guy n a dirty French coat sneaks into Angela’s house and switches her medication with something else he brought along.

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Some young man comes into Angela’s office and Angela is shocked that is the expert Eddy promised her. The lawyer stretches his hand to shake her hand and the contents of his briefcase scatters everywhere.