Ene screams for Chuks and he runs out of the bath with soap all over his face. She asks him for the remote control. He asks if she has looked for it, she says no, she is tired. He fishes the remote control out for her and asks if he can go back to the bath? She says no, she has this pain at her lower back and needs a massage. He tells her to go get the baby oil & do the massage herself. She asks what is wrong with him? He says what is wrong with her? She stands in front of him & says she will not get out of his way till he apologizes, except if he wants to push her!
Haruna warns Brenda that the courts can be quite busy. She tells him to try. In the meantime, she will show Angela this document to get her ready for what is coming. He prefers the element of surprise but she tells him she does not care. Angela needs to know what is coming to her. The Mensah train, Haruna quips and she agrees. Kwame calls to excitedly tell her that Black Ananse is back in business. They got a brief for 5 commercials and he believes t is a dine deal. She asks if Danny will not mind his not coming over again? He says he can manage her.
Fred helps Sheila wear her bracelet & compliments her on t. He asks if she bought it or himself? She says she chose it but he paid for it. Cosmo passes her water to her. He added some lime which he learn is healthy. Sheila thanks him and tells him not to worry about her. As he leaves, she tells Fred that she cannot get over his tears from last night. Freddy comes out to greet them and asks why she is going to the hospital again. Is she sick? They tell him they are going to the hospital to make sure she is not.
Chuks asks Ene whee she found the strength to fit after saying she is weak she tells him that he is threatening he now just for asking him to come and help her get the remote. He tells her to get out of the way or he will leave the house for her and go and look for where to get rest. She tells him that he is her husband and needs to help her. He says that she does not even say thank you. She asks if he has told her thank yo for carrying his baby? He tells her that it is the same way she worried him about burnt rice and he had to go and find burnt rice, which she did not even eat. She asks if that is what is still paining him? He says he had to involve Soji, someone who has nothing to with it. She asks him Soji? What about Soji? Chuks swallows his tongue!
Angela is holding her own meeting with the staff. She thinks they should expand their repertoire of products away from films. She wants them to go into TV, soap opera. The staff do not agree with her. Mimi asks whether Brenda does not need to sign off on the project as the senior partner? Angela ells them that Brenda does not need to sign off on anything. Very soon, everything will be made clear. They tell her they will wait till everything is made clear then. For now, they are busy with various projects and still report to Brenda as they walk out.
Amaka practices her speech to the board members at home. Funmi calls to tell her all is well. She asks Funmi to call Dr. Gyang and the rest to ensure that they will be on time. She calls Fred and asks how they are doing? Fred tells her they are okay. She asks after Sheila and he tells her that Sheila is good and there with him. Amaka wishes them good luck at the hospital. Fred wishes her all the best at the meeting.
Ene asks what Soji has to do with it? Chuks tells her not to kind him. She insists and Chuks tells her that he had to burn the rice he bought in Soji’s house. Ene is shocked and asks why he will do that? Chuks thinks there is nothing to it as she did not even eat the rice. She thinks it is like when he gave her Telema’s ring. Another fake favour. No wonder, her spirit rejected it. Chuks tells her to allow him go and complete his bath. He asks her whether she is not going to work? She tells him that they need to go to the hospital today. He passes to go and bath and she tells him to carry his dirty body and go.
Angela is looking through papers on her desk. She sees some documents and looks a them before jumping up and walks out of the office in a huff!
Chuks comes back into the room dressed and sits in a corner of the room while Ene sits n the other corner. They both hum different tunes and after a while, he starts looking fir his book, The Xpectant Father’s Manual. Ene says she has not seen it. Immediately he goes out, she brings the book out from where she hid it under the sewing machine and hides it elsewhere!
Fred meets a doctor in the hospital who asks what e is doing in the hospital? He explains that he came with Sheila. They need to do some confirmation tests to confirm the result of the test. The doctor says he knows it will be difficult for Fred after what happened to his first wife but he tells the doctor that he is not bothered. Sheila is quite healthy and lives a strict regimen. Besides, there have been further advances in medicine since then. He asks the doctor to run along after he promises to come back and see him and Sheila.
Fred fetches Sheila water. She says the doctor is taking her sweet time. Fred tells her that they do not want the test rushed. She asks him what is happening to Amaka? He says he will call her to find out.
Chuks tells Sji that Ene’s trouble is getting too much. He tells him to take it easy. Very soon, the pregnancy will be over. Chuks tells him that he thinks that Ene is pretending. Soji asks if he thinks that Ene is faking the pregnancy? He says no, rather, Ene wants to turn him to a domesticated husband.
Dr. Gyang asks if Fred is still joining them? Amaka tells him that Fred will not be coming to join them. Dr. Gyang asks if that is not enough confirmation that Fred and Sheila do not support her? She tells them that on the contrary, it is a confirmation of Fred’s absolute trust n her ability to manage the company successfully after his retirement. She asks them to humor her by reading the documents in front of them. Dr. Gyang asks if this is a list of all that she has achieved as CEO? She tells them that it is her achievements in the face of a difficult business environment. She however does not see it as her achievement but she sees herself as a team leader.
Angela marches not Brenda’s office & screams at her for accusing her of fraud. Brenda tells her to continue as she needs witnesses to confirm her unstable nature. Gel a grabs some papers from her desk and flings it at the wall. Brenda tells her to break the windows. She snarls hat she will use everything she has to fight Brenda. Brenda stands up and asks her to refresh her memory. She probably would have worried if it was somebody else. She asks Angela to tell her what she will fight with? After all, her Masters friend is no longer there to help her & why? Because Angela betrayed him after getting what she wants from him. Angela tells her that she does not understand what is between her and Faisal. Faisal? She says Angela is still here using pet names when she should be cowering n a dark corner for what she did to Masters. She tells Angela that she hopes that every time Angela thinks of the land she bought, her little conscience will prick her & she bleeds till she dies!

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