Angela asks if Sankey means what she is saying? Sankey tells her that she saw what he did to Emile Haruna. He almost burnt him alive. Angela says she put a stop to that. Sankey asks her about the lives that were lost during the jail break? Angela gets up & Sankey asks where she is going? She will do something about Masters. She begs Sankey to take her to Masters. Sankey says she will do no such thing. She told Angela about the death penalty to knock some sense into her but she is regretting doing that. She advises Angela to run. Angela will do no such thing. Sankey advises her to go and see her doctor.
Salewa visits Ene at work. They hug and Salewa gave her chocolate. As they are greeting each other excitedly, Chuks comes in and Ene asks whether all is well? He says he is okay. He just dropped by to see his wife at work. He asks what she is eating and she tells him that Salewa brought her chocolate. Chuks asks whether she checked what it is made of and asks her to pass the package to him. She does that and he examines it and screams soya milk. She tells him she is not allergic to soya beans. What of the baby? He asks. He reminds her that if she keeps eating these things, Hubert will become so big they will cut him out of you. She asks who Hubert is? He asks her to spit it out. Salewa watches excitedly saying he really cares about her.
Fred is sitting on the dining table and Sheila comes to meet him. She asks if Dr.Gyang came to discuss Amaka and the issue at Reel? He ignores her. She says she read Tinseltown and the story is all over the news. By the time he starts yawning, she asks if he is going to ignore her for the whole day? He says he is listening. As he brightens up, Sheila reminds him that they have a doctor’s appointment and need to get ready. He says he will have to pass through the club and will meet up with her at the doctor’s.
Brenda tells Barrister Haruna that she has checked through her office and no one received the summons. Haruna tells her that there must be some record of the document if they check with the registrar and the courier company. She says she has checked with them. They discuss about what to do to get her land back. She plans to sue the family members that sold the land to her to recover her money. Haruna agrees and says he has started work on that. She also plans to wrest her land from Angela. Haruna says that will be more difficult. Just then, Feke comes in and announces gaily that she finally has the proof of delivery from the courier company. The letter was signed for by Angela. She picks up the phone and calls Angela. Angela cuts the call the first time but eventually picks the call. Brenda tells her to return to her what belongs to her which she took. Angela laughs and clicks off. Brenda tells Haruna that they need to join hands to destroy Angela.
Chuks asks Ene to allow him use her computer to send his CV. Feke comes out and asks what is going on and whether that is an office or a social centre? It is a lobby, where people arrive, Ene reminds her. She tells Ene it is also where people leave from. As she leaves, Chuks makes to go after her but Ene restrains him. Salewa asks whether they are putting Ene in trouble? She tells her that Feke is a pest in the office. Salewa says she cannot wait to finish school and concentrate on her music and then youth service. Ene remembers that her youth service posting will soon be out. Chuks says it is not important. She will still have to defer it again. She wonders what he is talking about.
Amaka tells Harriet that she has no comments right now. She drops and asks for PR. The PR girl reads Amaka the draft of the press release she prepared. It will talk about the healthy relationship between Reel and World Movies. Amaka says it is okay but she is in need of good news now.
Kwame discusses the new movie with Phillip on the phone. She thinks it is too artsy but should be something like the Lake Pirates. He also asks Phillip to call his landlord and sort out the issues with the house. The man is not happy about their using the house as their business address.
Ene asks what Chuks means that she has to defer her admission? Chuks says that she cannot go for orientation when a baby is on the way. She says she is in her second trimester and can go through the orientation. As they quarrel, Salewa asks them for the name of the baby. When they ignore her, she remembers that she has a number of assignments and runs away just as the receptionist announces that she is back.
Sheila is at the doctors and is told that their result is ready but the doctor will prefer to discuss it when both of them are around. Sheila says Fred is delayed at his meeting. The doctor is willing to wait but Sheila tells her to go ahead and give her the result as she and her husband are waiting to start having their babies!
Kwame comes into Brenda’s and she tells him that it is not a good time. He tells her good afternoon too and goes ahead to sit down as she asks which part of not a good time he does not understand. He says he no longer trusts Danny and Brenda listens. He was talking to her on Skype, which is a problem itself because he can see but cannot touch, when a half-dressed young man passes by. Brenda perks up and asks if she is okay? He says he dug into it and it turns out that he is another art project. Angela saunters in and gives Brenda what she thinks Brenda is after. Brenda wonders that she must have opened the letter. She says it was addressed to the company and she is a part-owner of the company. She advises Brenda to read and weep!
Ene drags Chuks into a conference room and tells him that they need to discuss the youth service thing. He says he will not agree for her and Hubert to go for the orientation. She asks why he is naming the baby Hubert? He says it is after Uncle Ziggy. He is also thinking about naming him Ziggy’s name from his boxing days. Ene cannot believe that he wants to name the baby Zigzag. He says he is leaving his options open. He reminds Ene that it is against the regulations. The orientation is quite strenuous. She asks him how he knew as he has not experienced it. He walks away as she tries to placate him.
Amaka is working the phone trying to convince a director about her ability to run the company. She gets support and as she drops, Funmi announces that Mr. Jegede is around. She asks that he be shown in. he comes in and Amaka troes to get his support but he says he agree with Dr. Gyang.
Ene gets home and tells Chuks that it was close to the end of day. She tells him that she wants to go for youth service because she is someone that likes crossing her Ts and dotting her is. She only did not go straight after school because she needed to get a job to support the family. Chuks tells her that is a low blow but he will think about her going for youth service.
Dr. Gyang tells Amaka that he is not a wicked man and it is not personal. He is only a business man and wants the best for the company and her. Amaka tells him that she can run the company and removing her cannot be in her best interest. He wonders whether she wants to remain CEO just because it is good for her reputation? She wants to be given a chance to state her case but he tells her that a vote of no confidence does not allow her to state her case. They want her to spend more time with her family!
The interrogators are in a session with Masters. They taunt him as usual with all sorts but he does not talk to them. They ask after his associates but he keeps mum. They tell him that his associates are talking about him, especially Angela. They claim that she described their time together. He tells them he wants his lawyer.

Next on Tinsel
Amaka tells Fred that she hopes that if the decision comes to a vote, that he will vote his shares in her favour. They look up and see Sheila walking in dazedly and rush up to meet with her and ask if all is well?