Fred agrees with Anthony that a lot is at stake here. Anthony says they need to inform Amaka and start the process of getting a new helmsman. Fred says he will not get involved. Anthony asks if this is about protecting Amaka? Fred tells him that the board has enough competent hands to handle this. He now wants to manage his life. Anthony wonders whether Fred is okay with his health and whether he is having issues with his wife? Fred assures him that he is okay. Anthony reminds him that he is the one that invited him to join the board of Reel to ensure that his legacy is not rubbished. He will act if Fred will not act.
Brenda calls Sheila to say she is out of the save Angela project. Sheila asks her to calm down but she starts screaming calling Angela a little monkey that has crossed the line by acquiring the land the company is built on. Sheila asks her what Angela has done again? Sheila says that she should consider doing other things if the company is her life. Something else like going out more. Brenda asks if it is her new-found mother that has rubbed off on her. Sheila tells her that it is none of her business. Brenda tells her that she built the best film company in town and beat men at their game. Her heart did not get her that. she tells Sheila to tell her pet that she has peed on the wrong fence and cut off the call.
Soji and Chuks come back from the interview and Soji asks him how the interview went? The interviewer asked him where he wants to be in 5 years and he replied that he wants to be sitting on the man’s seat and the man wanted to choke but he told him that by then he will be the MD. However, the MD found out and he is not happy about it. Soji assures him that there will be other interviews. Chuks suddenly cries out in pain. Soji asks what is going on? He has pains at his back. Soji asks how he did not know about sympathy pains till now and he suddenly feels the pain always. Chuks tells him that if Ene was around, she would have soothed the pain away with her massage. Soji warns him not to look at him with that kind of eye.
Angela is on the streets and suddenly walks into a clothing store. She takes a look at the mirror and sees a blond Angela.
Amaka is happy that Hope is back at taking care of Toochi. As she drops the phone, Dr. Anthony Gyang walks into her office. She offers him something but he says no. he tells her that some of the board members met after the last board meeting to discuss the meetings. Amaka asks which members he is talking about and that she taught everyone expressed their opinion at the meeting. He tells her that they will require her to give them a report of everything that has been achieved during her days in office. She tells him that he has to wait for the financial statement as she is in the middle of a lot right now. He tells her that they insist on the report as it is quite critical.
Soji tells Chuks that he is not going to rub his back. Chuks tells him that he expects him to massage his back. He reminds Soji that he is suffering from sympathy pains and if he is the one feeling the pain, he would have helped. Soji gets up and massages him from a distance. Chuks asks him to try harder. He hits Chuks but Chuks gasps. Soji flares up and and calls Ene to come and take care of her property. Ene asks what is wrong? Soji tells her that Chuks is feeling pains but Chuks takes the phone from him and tells Ene not to mind Soji. She asks him to stop exaggerating as she is the one pregnant. She gasps and Chuks asks if she is okay?
Brenda discusses Angela with Kwame. In addition to acquiring her shares, she has gone ahead to bid for the property where the company is sited. Kwame hopes that she did not succeed? Brenda confirms that she did and tells Kwame that the funds must have come from where she got money to acquire the shares. She is determined to deal squarely with Angela. Kwame is in with whatever she desires to do. Using the press against Angela is not a good option, she says, considering how the last attempt ended. She is seeking for a way to destroy Angela without affecting the reputation of Odyssey. They consider various options and Brenda insists that her line of action will include getting back her shares, attacking Angela’s ownership of the property and getting Angela institutionalized!
Chuks asks Ene what is wrong with her? She tells him she is okay. She gasped at something she saw online. It is about the couple’s game show she told him about. They are asking for entries. All she needs to do is upload a good picture of them and she will say some secret about herself. Chuks tells her that the secret about him is that he is feeling pain and he is not going for any game show. Ene insists that they must go and he says it is a ploy to increase someone’s pocket. Ene tells him that there is no entry fee. He asks her to send him a link for him to examine.
Barrister Haruna comes back to meet Brenda ad says he has identified a flaw in the documents. He has seen that Brenda bought the land from the wrong people. Brenda reminds him that she was told not to deal with some claimants when she bought the place. Haruna says that once Akpokpo filed his claim, she must have been notified. She says she did not get any notification. He asks her to check her office as he has already started checking his office. She says that if it is an internal slip-up, someone will pay. She calls Feke to join her in a little witch-hunt and tells Haruna to come back at 3.30.
Dr. Gyang inspects the book and when he is through, Amaka tells him that he is looking at the rough book and it may be better to wait for the final report as she suggested. He says he has seen enough and their share prices have been plummeting and there is no likelihood that it will change soon. She insists that they are going through a rough patch but their fundamentals are still strong. He tells her to call an emergency meeting where a vote of confidence will be taken on her leadership.
Chuks calls Ene and tells her that he has checked the game show and it is not real. She asks what is wrong with him or has his back pain stopped? He says it is film trick as all the people look like actors. Ene insists that it is real and the other day, the winning couple were presented with a new car. He asks her how much the price money is? N1 million. He asks her to submit an entry immediately as they need the money for the baby and a new house. She asks him to slow down on spending the money as they have not been selected yet.
Majek comes into Amaka’s office and she attacks him by asking why there are so many leaks in the office? He asks her to calm down but she screams that she has so many leaks in the office as the press reports have suggested. One of her board members met with Alex and that has made her seat very hot. He advises her to calm down and approach the issue in a calm and calculated manner to avoid making a mistake.
Chuks and Soji discuss his latest interview and he says that his child will not go through the same problem. Ohakanu came to meet them with his drink and they ask what he wants? He could not help over-hearing their discussion about a baby. He goes ahead to tell them how difficult it is to raise a baby. When he is through, they ask him if that is why he drinks too much? Chuks says he did not realize that Ohakanu has a child. He says no, he does not have one before he runs off.
Sankey comes in with Angela and asks Angela where she has been? She says she went out. Sankey asks if she thinks that is wise? She tells Sankey that she is not a prisoner. Sankey asks if she has considered their discussion? She will not mind if Angela skipped town. She would lose a valuable witness but it is better than spilling more blood. Angela asks how she will manage the case? She replies that they will depend on Emile Haruna and evidence from the crime scene. They will ask for the death penalty. Death penalty? Angela asks. Yes, Sankey confirms. He is a killer and deserves the death penalty. Angela’s mien changes.

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One of the shareholders tell Amaka that he agrees with Dr. Gyang. It may be time to seek for a new person at the helm.