Fred is opening all the drawers in their kitchen as Cosmo watches. Sheila comes in and tells him that he should have asked for food, which will soon be ready rather than tinkering with the kitchen. Their discussion turn to her relationship with Phillip & she insists that she turned to Phillip because he was the only one who was clear-eyed enough to see her mother for who she really is. All these could have been avoided if he had believed her from e beginning. He tells her that he wants to trust her but when such a thing happens, he loses his trust. He reminds her that she said she slept with Phillip & she tells him hat she said so because she felt hurt. Besides, Freddy was there. He replies that Freddy was nit there with them all the time except if she was talking about another time or something she wishes she had done.
Chuks asks Ene what she thinks of his spring-cleaning? He dusted the entire house & he almost broke his legs while he was doing that. She tells him really? Thank God he did not wound himself. He tells her that she can see her image in the kitchen! He is on the run for husband of the year. She is not sure he did all he claims he did. She rubs her fingers on the table and feels dust. Se chews him for forgetting to clean the table. She will clean the place herself but he tells her not to bother. She will do that himself.
Angela gets home and curls up on the couch as Sankey calls. She has something to tell Angela & wonders if Angela can come immediately? Angela cannot so Sankey says she will come. Angela is not up to it but Sankey insists that she will come as it has to do with Masters.
Sheila is furious that Fred is accusing her of such a thing! Fred asks if she thinks he is happy saying these things? She says that she has answered this countless times but it seems only a yes will satisfy him. She means to leave but he pulls her back & asks if she has communicated with Phillip since he left? She says no but he replies that she will not tell him if she had. she tells him that he cannot imagine how insecure he is sounding now. He tells her that once a man suspects a woman of infidelity, he will never see her the same way. She tells him that she got in touch with Phillip but it was to try & fix things between Fred & Phillip because she was feeling guilty. He wonders why she is feeling guilty when she did nothing? She tells him that she feels guilty that Phillip left his premiere to come & listen to her when he didn’t! Fd says he does not know how to fix this. It may have to live with them permanently & the mention of a name will bring back the elephant. She tells him that all she did was a drunken kiss. He is the one who got Laide pregnant. He is the one whose fidelity is in question!
Bimpe wonders when Chuks started cleaning the house while Ene sits down and watches? Chuks says he is a modern man. Bimpe does not believe him. He tells her that he is sharing house work with Ene, after all housework does not kill. Bimpe tells him to come and clean her own house when he is through as housework does not kill. He asks if she is his wife? She asks if he is serving punishment for something and tells him to come and clean her own house when he is thru. Ene tells her that she has something to discuss with her husband. Bimpe asks if she is throwing her out because she came to play with them? She tells them that she hopes they resolve their problem as she leaves and Chuks tells her that she is their biggest problem. Ene calls her a pest and Chuks tells her that he knows how to deal with Bimpe. He will triple her rent and that will drive her away. Ene agrees but asks how they will survive without Bimpe’s rent?
Brenda asks the lawyer what he thinks? He tells her that the document is valid & there is no loophole. She tells him that he did not just say that. He confirms that he did. She tells him that what she knows is that she bout the property and it is either Akpokpo Johnson is a fraud or she has been defrauded. The lawyer tells her that for Akpokpo to successfully claim the property, she must have received a notification. She says she did not receive any and asks if the lawyers did? They will both check with their offices. Meanwhile, she asks him to check the agreement for loopholes. He says it is air-tight. She tells him that it cannot be air-tight. He should check the grammar, everything & find a way. All she knows is that she wants her land back. He will try.
Fred tells Sheila that it is unfair of her to use his condition against him. She of all people knows that he would not have done that in his right mind. She tells him that it does not make it any better. She asks if he knew how difficult it was fir her when he was cavorting with Laide. The argument gt quite heated and he tells her that because Phillip and herself kept things from him on more than one occasion, he is right to be suspicious. Sheila tells him that when you accuse someone of something long enough, they may just do what you accuse them of. Fred wonders if she is threatening him?
Ene is on her way out to see someone’s wedding pictures but Chuks tells her that he saw some apartments for rent. She is happy and asks after his one decent suit? He says it must be lying around somewhere. She will help him look for it when she is back. She suddenly sits down and starts playing footsie with him. He wonders what she is doing? She says yes. He has been a good husband. He warns her that it was footsie that got her pregnant. She is not bothered as she cannot get anymore pregnant than she already is. He is still not very enthusiastic & she tells him to relax and go with the flow.
Sankey visits Angela’s house & finds her lying on the couch with the door unlocked. She tells Angela that she should know better than to leave the door unlocked. She wonders why Angela is nit at work and Angela tells her that she is tired of jumping Brenda’s hoops. Sankey tells her to hang in there.
Fred & Sheila continue their shouting match. He reminds her that what she did is abomination & other men would have treated her differently. She replies that he should forget culture as it is only two of them there now. He tells her to forget everything that happened in the past & tell him what kind of relationship she had with Phillip. She asks him what it matters? Is she not married to him? He simply walks away as she realizes what she said & tried to make amends.
Sankey, in her flowing skirt & colorful trainers, informs Angela that Masters has been in solitary since he was released from the hospital. She asks if he is being tortured? Sankey tells her that they are interrogating him but he says nothing till her name is mentioned. Once he hears Angela, then you see the anger! Sankey thinks she is right. Masters will come back for her.
Ene is on her way to work while Chuks is still in bed! She wakes him up & he tells her that it was her & her footsie. She says he is behaving as if he did not enjoy it & tells him to get ready for more hardworking when she is back! As she goes out, she meets Soji at the door. He wonders why Chuks is still in bed? Ene tells him not to mind Chuks as she leaves. Soji wonders why Chuks s just waking up when he should be out job hunting. He also wonders why Ene is so chatty? Chuks tells him that it is Ene. Her hormones are out of control! She has become very demanding. Everyday! Soji tells hi. That it is too much information & he does not wan to hear more. Chuks tells him that the pregnancy is good for them as his performance has gotten better! Soji puts his fingers in his ears & refuses to listen.
Fred meets Dr. Gyang & asks him if all is well? He asks if Fred has seen the magazine? Dr. Gyang is bothered that a quarrel between two companies should not be public information as it weakens Reel Studios. He met with Alex & he made some very valid points. Fred tells him that it is rubbish. Amaka is a single mother & no one expects her to abandon her baby. She is doing just well for the company. Dr. Gyang tells hi. That it may be time to get a more competent outsider to run the company. Is that not why Fred took the company public?
Chuks tells Soji that is nauseous, his stomac and back are paining him, etc. Soji tells him that those are symptoms of pregnancy! Chuks does not believe him. He cannot be pregnant, can he? Soji tells him that he read somewhere that when a man shares the symptoms of pregnancy with his wife, it is called sympathy pain!
Angela assures her father that she is fine. She clicks off & picks up the papers & sees the story on Masters. She calls Barrister Ovie. He wonders why she is calling? She asks how he is? Ovie wonders what business of her’s it is? He is in solitary confinement. She asks if she can get a message to him? He says he can get a message to him but Angela cannot. He asks her not to call his number again. She gets up & goes to the mirror but starts hearing Masters’s being called. She rushes back to the couch & grabs her pills.

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Amaka assures Dr. Gyang that Mr. Ade-Williams still has a nice reputation. He asks her what of Mr. Ade-Williams’s support? Does she still have it? She asks him if Mr. Ade-Williams told him that she does not have his support?