Amaka asks if everything is ready for the board meeting? Funmi says all is set. Hope calls to tell Amaka that she wants to go to the hospital. She is feeling pains all over her body. Amaka asks her to wait as she needs to sort some things out. Hope agrees but starts coughing. Amaka then asks her to go to the hospital then. She asks if she can drop Toochi at the Ade-Williams’? she says no. Toochi can be brought to the office. She drops and tells Funmi that she will need help.
Soji and Salewa visits Chuks and Chuks asks if they came together? They met on the way. They exchange pleasantries and then proceed to ask Chuks what the invitation is for? He tells them that he has his wife’s permission to inform them that they are pregnant! Soji and Salewa cheer and hail him but as they shout, he tells them to keep it down. They do not want their neighbours to hear. If Bimpe hears, the whole world has heard. He asks them to promote him that. Soji has no problem with that. Salewa says she promises and Bimpe walks in and asks what they are promising to do? Everyone goes quiet.
Brenda calls Sankey to complain that Angela is back at work and spreading her good cheer. Sankey wonders what is wrong with that? now that she is back to work, things will get better. Brenda reminds her that she wants Angela out of her life. She even bought her a first class ticket to Maldives. Sankey tells her it is clear that she does not like Angela. She responds that she cannot be held to her promise to go through with the support for Angela so long as Angela crosses her paths. She drops the phone as Odun walks in.
Hope comes into the board room and meet Funmi and Amaka setting the place up for the meeting. Amaka acknowledges that she does look ill. Hope informs her that she left Toochi with the receptionist as she asked. Hope starts coughing again as the board members start coming in. as they walk around her, Amaka hears a baby’s cry and rushes out of the board room with Hope and Funmi in her wake. The board members wonder what is going on?
Bimpe asks Chuks and everyone what is happening? Where is the party? They tell her there is no party. Salewa and Soji just got into the house together. He asks her how things are with her? She says all is okay. She has been attending some auditions and she just started on some diet and have lost some weight. She asks for confirmation that she has slimmed down. They quickly assure her that she has as Soji gets up and leaves. Chuks sees him off and immediately they get out, Bimpe asks Salewa to tell her the truth about what is going on. Salewa says nothing but Bimpe does not believe her. She pushes but Salewa concentrates on her phone.
Odun tells Brenda that the staff are not comfortable with the new project. She wonders who these staff are? He lets out that the other shareholder is not comfortable with the numbers. Brenda confirms that the other shareholder is Angela. Odun appeals to her to find a way of patching things up with Angela. They can do with less drama in the office as it is.
Amaka calls the meeting to order. She reads them a letter from Fred Ade-Williams apologizing for not coming to the meeting. She is here to canvass their support and goes ahead to read them the email from Alex detailing the lapses that have been showing in Reel Studios since Fred Ade-Williams handed over to the new generation. He suggests a change of leadership in Reel Studios or World Movies seek alternative partners.
Chuks calls Ene to inform her that he informed Soji and Ene about her pregnancy and how excited they were. Salewa almost pushed him down and he could see Soji’s excitement. She wished she was there to witness it but reminds him not to inform another person. As she drops, Feke comes into the room and sits down. Ene notices she is working on Brenda’s schedule and insists that it is her task as the senior PA. Feke reminds her that she has been coming late of late and the schedule cannot wait for her. Ene accuses her of being a busybody and says that is why no one likes her. Feke is not bothered so long as the boss is happy with her. She calls Ene an under-achiever and Ene attcks her. As they fight with the files, Brenda walks in.
The interrogators show Sankey the video they made of their session with Masters. Sankey wonders why they are using their only witness?
Amaka discusses with the board. She wants their support and to show World Movies that they cannot be dictated to. One of the shareholders shouts that he does not care whether she is an Ade-Williams but he bought the shares with his money. Dr. Gyang reminds her that they are having this meeting because someone did not do his job well. The manuscript was put in Phillip’s care but as he was not interested in the company, he did not take good care of the manuscript.
Brenda asks them what is going on? The girls scream at each other till Brenda screams at them to stop. She wonders why they are fighting with their files? She will leave them to resolve this among themselves as she has bigger fish than the shrimps to fry as she walks out on them.
Amaka apologizes for the lapses in the handling of the Flood Journals. Dr. Gyang tells her that they should not just walk away from World Movies as the business they bring will not only hurt Reel Studios but it will also benefit the competition if they abandon it now. They decide to break and review their position in the next two weeks.
Brenda meets Angela on her way out and asks why she did not come to see her as she asked? She reminds Brenda that she told her PA that they know where to find her. Brenda smirks at her flaunting this her new-found authority. Angela tells her that she is tired of fighting and they have a business to run. Brenda insists that the business is hers before Angela cheated her way into it. She does not believe this I love him and I am feeling bad I betrayed him business. Angela makes to leave but Brenda blocks her way and continues to insult her. At some point, Angela tries to slap her but she holds onto Angela’s hand.
Ene and Feke are scrambling to re-assemble the documents they scattered from the file. They accuse each other of being the cause of the problem and then try to find out what to do to resolve it? Brenda asked them to decide who should remain behind but Feke thinks that Ene should do them a favour and leave. Ene wonders why? She says that Ene is the one that runs off to her husband in the evening and finds it difficult to leave him in the morning. She on the other hand has the characteristics required by the boss. Ene asks what these qualities are? She is tough, efficient and does not take prisoners. Ene reminds her that she is the one that is spreading rumours about her not doing her job well. Feke asks if that is a lie?
Brenda finally releases Angela’s hand and tells her to remember to seek her permission when next she decides to invite her staff for a meeting. Angela tells her to check who owns the property before she decides to build a multi-million studio the next time. That got Brenda’s attention.