Brenda claps for Angela and thanks her for honoring them with her presence. She asks if Angela is staying? Of course, or does Brenda have an issue with that? No, Brenda says. She only was not sure Angela can cope considering her recent brush with the law. She continues. They were discussing the finances? Finances for what! Angela asks. Odun passes her the file. She wonders why she was not told about this major investment? Brenda tells her that she should have checked her email & insinuates that she can even check her email in her nightgown! Angela smiles & thanks her for the heads up and asks for the meeting to continue. Brenda says she will not waste her time briefing Angela if she will not come to work like every other person. The meeting is over, she declares.
Sheila tries to get Fred away from the letter he is reading. Se fixed him a salad, etc but he keeps griping about the suddenness of it all. He calls World Movies & is surprised to learn that Mrs. Haruna is on vacation & cannot be reached. He asks to speak to whoever is in charge. As they put him through, Sheila takes the phone off his hands and asks him if he must fix everything? Can’t he for once allow things to take care of themselves?
Ene’s mum gives Ene various drugs and tells her what to avoid, etc. She tells Ene about her birth stories, how she was brought home, and how nervous her father was when the first test result came out. Ene is worried that she will be late for work. They regale her and Chuks about the story the circle of life & Ene reminds them that she needs to leave before she joins the circle of the unemployed. Her father asks Chuks to stay so that they can swap fatherhood stories. Ene cannot believe she is hearing right but her mum thinks it is a grand idea and sees Ene off with her tablets & other conditions to stop morning sickness.
Sheila apologizes for taking Fred’s phone. He asks her what she wants & she tells him it is not important. He reminds her that it was important enough for her to cu him off an important call. She says he was still talking to the receptionist. She tells him that thee will always be one crisis or the other to fix and says he can go ahead and attend the meeting but she will not attend with him. He tells her he is listening. She tells him that they just came out of a very difficult patch in their marriage and for some strange reason, they are thinking of having a baby & she thinks they should spend some quality time together.