Amaka wonders what rights Alex has to make speculations about her character? He tells her that his opinion came out of working with Brenda, Angela, Mrs. Haruna, and now Amaka. Amaka threatens that his superiors will hear about it. He tells her that they have already heard it. That is why it is in a mail. She wonders whether he is suddenly afraid of getting into trouble? He accuses her of trying to make another decision based on sentiments. If he has his way, he will walk away from the production.
Kwame tells Brenda that he saw Angela last night, in her underwear. Brenda suddenly pecks up but Kwame clarifies that Angela was wearing her nightgown. She was looking to get a beer! Brenda gloats that Angela is close to falling off the wagon. He reminds her that she promised the others that she will look after Angela. Brenda wonders whether she is expected to tuck Angela into bed at night? Kwame reminds her that Angela is still a shareholder in the company and whatever she does reflects on the company. Brenda snatches up her phone and relays the news to a shocked Sheila. She sits back smugly after the call.
Ene is searching for her earrings when Chuks comes in. she asks him for it and will not be one of those women who use pregnancy as an excuse. She finally finds the earrings and happily announces that they are gold. Chuks tells her that she is the real gold. She wonders whether he is okay but he tells her that they are happy and having a baby. She reminds him that she is the one having the baby. He will only strut at the background like in his okuko days. He points at her stomach and tells her that no okuko can do that. he wonders why they cannot tell their friends? Ene says no. What if she has a miscarriage or something? They can only tell their family. What of friends? Chuks asks. Soji and Salewa? Ene asks. Chuks suggests Telema but Ene will have none of that as Telema abandoned her in the past. As she makes to leave for work, Chuks goes to bid the baby goodbye.
The interrogators could still not get a word out of Masters. They taunt him with Angela asking whether they should get her to interrogate him? They have a good laugh over how she dealt with him. His face turns to a hideous mask.
Amaka tries to reach the World Movies representative on location. He is not there and she does not want to talk to Alex. She calls World Movies to get Mrs. Haruna’s contact details. They do not have it. After a frustrating discussion, she hangs up angry.
Chuks calls his mum to tell her that Ene is three months pregnant. His mum cries at the memory of Ziggy and Chuks tells her it is a time to be happy, not sober. She asks to come down but Chuks tells her it is not necessary. They will also be informing Ene’s parents same day.
Sheila wakes Angela up by knocking and announcing herself. Angela asks her to go away but she tells her she will not go away till she opens up. Angela opens the door and Sheila asks the last time she had a meal? She goes to clean up the room but Angela asks what she is doing? Cleaning up the room and after that, she intends to clean up Angela and take her to the hairdresser and the spa. Angela says she cannot do that but she responds that she is not asking, she is telling her. She sits down resignedly.
Majek walks into Amaka’s office and asksif all is well? She hurriedly cleans her face and tells him that she has had a lot to deal with. World Movies has given Reel a week to decide whether they want to keep Amaka as their CEO and lose all World Movies business. Majek wonders why they are doing that? Amaka asks who Alex thinks he is?
Chuks and Ene walk into her father’s house and Ene’s father notices that Chuks’ handshake has changed. He asks if Chuks has come into a new employment? Chuks says no, but they have something to discuss. Ene’s mum notices that she looks different and has added some weight. They greet her gladly and Chuks smiles.
Amaka gripes about the World Movies ultimatum and Majek asks her if she wants him to do anything? She says she wants someone to break Alex’s legs and make him see reason. He tells her that can be arranged but she quickly says she is joking. He tells her that he knows and breaking legs is not a part of his job description. He advises her t keep her head up and do what she needs to do. Immediately he leaves, she calls Funmi and asks her to prepare letters to all the board members and the topic of discussion is termination of all relationships with World Movies.
Ene’s father asks what they came to discuss with them? Chuks attempts to tell them what he wants to say in Igbo and ends up messing it up. He would have spoken the language he understands but they will not understand Hausa. He starts a proverb and Ene’s father concludes that for him. Ene’s sister, Amarachi, asks what he means and he tells her another proverb that the dowry on the head of the man who a proverb is explained to is wasted. Ene’s father asks if he is there to insult them and orders him to leave the house. Ene’s mum and everyone intervenes and they ask Chuks to say what he has to say. He asks whether Ene should say it? He finally blurts out that himself and Ene are expecting a baby! Everyone explodes in excitement.
Sheila tells Angela that she is a strong woman and the bravest she knows. She tells Angela that she did the right thing by turning Masters in. Angela wonders why she feels empty if everyone thinks she did the right thing? Sheila tells her that she needs to get her wits around her as she needs to be in control of her faculties if she is to testify against Masters.
Ene’smum asks for how long they have known about the baby? Three months and she is surprised that they are just telling her now. Her father thinks it is of no consequence. At that point, her mum asks Ene and Amarachi to join her inside for a discussion. As they leave, Mr. Obi tells Chuks it is time for man-to-man discussion. He first of all asks Chuks to call him grandpa.
Sheila gets home and meets Fred in the sitting room. He asks how Angela is doing and Sheila tells him she is very afraid and she will need to keep an eye on her. Fred thinks it is justified. She asks if there is any good thing on TV but he thinks they should go out to town and enjoy themselves. She cuddles up to him and says she does not feel like it and has a good DVD to watch and spend time with her husband. He tells her that she feels like an old woman. Cosmo brings them mails and they open them to see invites for the emergency meeting at Reel Studios.
Brenda is pitching a three picture movie to members of her team and Odun thinks that the budget is too high. She reminds him that action movies cost a bit. He asks if they can afford that now? She asks him to allow her finish the pitch before they get to the figures. He replies that you always need to know where the money is coming from. Angela shocks them by walking in and agreeing that you always need to know where the money is coming from.

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Ene asks Feke when she will get another job different from monitoring her tasks? Feke agrees that they were talking about her but since she does not want to share her work ethics with them, why should they share their concerns with her? What concerns? Ene asks Nnenna? She tells her that Brenda is planning to lay off some staff.