Zaza joins the meeting and asks why Phillip is not there. She thought he is a part of the interview panel. Amaka tells her it is not an interview, at least not the type she likes. She has their manuscripts and they want it back same day as it got into her hands in error. Zaza asks if it is “The Flood Diaries”? She bought it for 5 bucks and when she got home, she realized why Phillip sold it that cheap; the story is disjointed, the character unrealizable, the writer must have been drunk when he wrote the work. Amaka cuts her off and asks her to hand the manuscript over. Zaza says no it will cost them.
Angela interrupts her knitting and calls Sankey who is sleeping on duty to ask how Masters’s wound is? Sankey tells her to go shopping or just go out. Angela asks if she did the right thing? Sankey tells her to think of all the children who Master’s drugs would have rendered useless. Angela asks how he is doing? Sankey will not tell. Sankey asks if it is she cannot or does not? Both, Sankey says and asks Angela to go shopping or to work or whatever before she clicks off. When Angela realizes that Sankey is no longer there, she becomes quite agitated.
Fred meets Sheila where she is lying on a pool side mat. She wonders what he wants? He tells her that Dan & TTK are getting married. Sheila is shocked but recollects herself and says that is completely unexpected. Fred says Dan just told him & he thinks it is a bad idea. Sheila tells him this is a decision Dan is capable of making and suggests that they allow them be. Fred thinks he is being impetuous but Sheila reminds him that you can never know anybody completely. Fred is worried that TTK who he thinks is the most high-maintenance woman he knows & is worried that her marrying Dan makes her a part of his family but Sheila reminds him that she became a part of his family long ago by virtue of being Salewa’s mum. Dan just came out of prison and is getting married? Sheila tells him that TTK forced herself on their marriage and now it is her turn.
Amaka tells Zaza that she does not have all day. Zaza has all the time in the world. It is not everyday that a big studio wants her manuscript. Amaka asks her to name her price. She says it is 100. When she notices their confusion, she tells them that she does not mean N100. She wants N100,000 and not a dime less, she says with a girlish wave of her hand. Amaka thanks her & says they will revert to her before the end of the day. As she leaves, the whole room bursts into laughter. Amaka instructs the finance woman to get the cheque ready same day before she changes her mind. Funmi comes in and tells Amaka that Alex is around and he does not look happy.
Vince is following Angela. He makes a call and screams at the person on the other end to ask for how long he will follow her and not finish her off? Must they wait for Masters? He eventually agrees to continue the follow follow.
Dan and TTK discuss informing Salewa and change of names. He suggests she keeps her name as it is her professional name but she thinks it is time for a change, or does he not want her to be his wife? He says she will always be his rose. Salewa comes in and as she makes to go in, they stop her and apologize to her for catching them in the “act” earlier. She is not interested. They finally tell her that they will finally be a proper family as they both plan to get married. She asks them if she can go out now and then walks out on them.
Amaka tells Alex that if he asks questions one after the other, she can answer them one by one. He cannot come in here shouting at everybody. He calms down and asks why he has not received the manuscript? She tells him that he will get it same day. He asks if it will get to him in 5 minutes, 10 minutes? She tells him that the manuscript is not physically in the building. He wonders why and she tells him that it got into the wrong hand via Phillip, who sold it to a friend of his. Alex has never seen such incompetence, which he blames on Amaka spending time she should have spent at work on looking after her child! Amaka is not sure she heard right.
Sankey wonders what Angela is doing in her office? Angela says she came as Sankey refused to talk on the phone. Sankey thinks she should have gone to her therapist and the saloon. She asks when Angela is resuming work? Angela says it is not about Faisal nene is thinking of leaving town. Sankey says it is not possible or she will be forced to arrest Angela. Angela wonders if that is possible? Can Sankey arrest someone who is already in prison? Angela asks her about Faisal? She responds that considering that he made the while national guards and prison officials look ordinary, he is in good shape!
TTK wonders what is still wrong with Salewa now that they are getting married? Dan thinks that it maybe that she thinks that they are not suitable for each other. TTK thinks he is being ridiculous. Who could be better for her than her blood parents? She will not want to get married without her blessing? Dan tells her not to worry, Salewa will come around. He suggests they spend the time they have in a movie or… She quickly chooses the movie.
Amaka asks Alex to withdraw the statement. He asks her to cut off the histrionics. She wonders where he got his impression from and he says it is from experience. He cites the case of Angela and Amaka winders how he is judging everyone based on one experience? He reminds her that she was just in her early days as a mother when she lost the manuscript and if Mrs. Haruna did her job, she should have asked for a copy of the manuscript earlier. He asks for the manuscript and Amaka reminds him that it is not in the building. He tells her that she dropped the ball as the CEO!
TTK gets ready for the movies and as Dan admires her beauty, Salewa comes in. TTK asks where she has been? She she refuses to answer and as Dan reminds her of the question, Salewa tells them she is tired of this. TTK will have none of her children to talk to her father like that! Dan tries to wade in but Salewa bites him off and tells him to go home. She wonders how many times she will catch them like that? TTK asks catch them like how? This is her dad and it is her house and he has the right to be there. Dan suggests they go to the movie some other time. He is doing what is best for them.
Angela stuffs stuff into a bin bag in her sitting room. She stumbles on the ticket Brenda gave her and pauses. After a while, she shreds it and stuffs it where other things are. She tries to call Dr. Ibrahim but gets his voice mail. She gets up and heads out the door again.
TTK asks Salewa to sit down and tells her she knows she is is unnerved but she is over reacting. She wonders if it is easier for Salewa if they were married? They are getting married anyway. Salewa tells her that their getting married is not easier & wonders why they did not discuss it with her earlier? TTK tells her that they do not need her permission to get married. Salewa reminds her that families are meant to discuss things together and gets up and leaves as TTK tells her she is getting too big for her breeches.
Alex signs a document and as he finishes, Amaka asks when he changed? How did he hide his chauvinistic part so well? Alex tells her not to be emotional. He asks her to join him in doing a Maths. How much time does she spend at work and at home with her baby? Amaka will not answer that. He reminds her of the mistake with the script. As he leaves, he tells her that he is not a chauvinist, but a realist and as someone who sees her from the outside, it may be time for her to make he hard decisions.
A warder comes to Masters’s solitary cell and slips in a plate containing a tiny slice of bread.

Next on Tinsel
Majek comes to meet Amaka and as he asks how the meeting went, she asks him if she strikes him as someone that is overwhelmed, harried & unfocussed?