Amaka meets with a screen writer and they discuss their kids before they came around to discussing The Flood Journals. Amaka forgot about the script and instructs Tayo to get Alex off her back by liaising with Funmi, the new office manager. Tayo grumbles about the party he did not attend. Amaka thanks him for agreeing to work with them. As he leaves, Funmi comes in to tell her that it is gone. They have searched everywhere including the safe but the manuscript is not there.
Angela calls her father to assure him that she is okay. He doubts her and she tells him that the newspapers exaggerate sometimes. Abubakar is back in jail where he belongs. She promises to call him back.
TTK scatters papers in the house and Salewa comes in to ask what is going on? She says she has to apologize to Scholastica and other lecturers for deceiving them. She needs to start the process for getting back to school. Salewa wonders what she means? She informs her that she has Schola’s permission to attend her class from tomorrow. Salewa is surprised. TTK tells her that she will be as quiet as a mouse and will stay away from her if need be. Salewa tells her that she is her mother and if they need to walk side by side, she will do that. TTK thanks her for the support.
Amaka and Funmi meet with Majek who tells them that no one tampered with the safe. Whoever took the document had the right codes. He asks if that is the only copy? Amaka says yes, though she asked someone to scan a copy and save but she has not received anything. Majek asks what the document is and she explains that it is Late Chris Okereke’s work that was never published. Majek informs them that whoever took the original may have taken the e-copy. He asks who has seen the manuscript? It suddenly occurs to Amaka to check with Phillip. She instructs Funmi to try all Phillip’s known contact.
Salewa urges TTK to go home after the long day. TTK insists on continuing. Salewa snatches off posters from the notice board as she tries to convince TTK that the admissions people do not have the right to insult her as they did. TTK agrees but says she gave them the right to do so. Salewa suggests she checks into another school. She agrees to consider that but thinks she will not be setting the right examples for Salewa if she runs away. Salewa says she will stay by her side and if anyone starts anything, she will finish it for the person. TTK says she will do no such thing. She walks into the classroom and Salewa hears applause!
Angela is still walking around the house morosely. She picks up the shawl Abubakar gave her and cuddles it.
Funmi tells Amaka that she has not had any success. She has not been able to reach Phillip anywhere. She suggests they tell Alex the truth but Amaka says that will make them incompetent. She asks Funmi to continue trying. She calls Kwame but he did not pick the phone. She leaves him a message to call her as she has been trying to reach Phillip.
TTK is in Dr. Nnamani’s office when Salewa and two other students walk in. they hail her for beating the system back in the days. They think that is the way to survive in Lagos. She tells them that it is not the lesson she is trying to pass on to them. She is going to be taking the entrance exams and be one of them soon. They are happy and will be willing to hang out with her when she is in school. Dr. Nnamani walks in and asks if the girls do not have any other class to attend? As they leave, she asks TTK not to make her regret allowing her to attend her classes.
Dr. Ibrahim calls Angela who picks the call finally after avoiding the first ring. He has been reading her stories and asks if she is okay? She says she is fine. He is calling to check on her and is willing to re-arrange his schedule if she wants to talk. She thanks him. When he asks if she has been taking her drugs, she tells him to ask what he wants. He tells her that her condition does not handle stress well and she should get back to her medication. She agrees to do so. He says that he knows that Masters still has a hold on her but she tells him not now and drops the phone.
Funmi comes in to tell Amaka that Alex sent someone to collect the manuscript. Amaka tells her to tell Alex that they will send him a handwritten manuscript shortly. As a grateful Funmi leaves, she calls Kwame and he tells her that he just spoke with Phillip. She wonders why he did not return her calls? She is willing to fly down to Ghana to find him. He tells her that he is in a bar near his office and she might want to hear this face to face.
TTK is still in Dr. Nnamani’s office as students come in to drop their assignments. As Dr. Nnamani steps out to take a call, the students invite TTK to their party. She agrees to come as it will give her a chance to practice her azonto but she will pass up on this one. They ask Salewa and she brusquely tells them she does not like partying. They wonder if she is her mother’s child? TTK tells them she took after her father. Dr. Nnamani comes in and the students scurry away. She asks Salewa to come outside and have a word with her. As they step out, TTK wonders what is going on.
Sheila asks Sankey why she is the only one there? Sankey tells her they are expecting the others. Just then, Brenda walks in and Sankey gets a text saying she won’t be able to make it. They ask why they are there? Sankey tells them they are there because they are all in Masters’ bad book. They agree but wonders what the issue is now as he is behind bars? Sankey confirms that Masters is in solitary confinement. They wonder what they are doing there then? Sankey tells them that they are trying to arrange new charges for Masters; attempted murder, etc. Yes? However, Angela is their only witness right now and she does not like Angela’s state of mind. They agree that for once, Angela did the right thing. However, Sankey is not sure that Angela is convinced she did the right thing! Brenda blows up and says she is not ready to go through this guilt trip again. Sankey reminds them that Masters escaped and started with Emile. Who knows who else he would have moved on to next? That got the other women listening!
Amaka meets Kwame in the bar and as he tries to play a good host, she asks for his answer as she is in a hurry. Kwame tells her that Phillip cannot be reached, there is no internet where he is. What of the manuscript? Phillip took it as it was willed to him by Chris Okereke. Amaka wonders why he will take a manuscript he passed onto Reel? Kwame tells her that Phillip does not remember that. she wonders what he is talking about? Kwame tells her that Phillip sold the manuscript to his PA who he was sleeping with at that time for N5,000!

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Brenda says she is not ready to midwife Angela, who connived with a criminal to take away 49% of her company again. Sankey reminds her that if Masters escapes again, he will be coming for the remaining 51%. She agrees to do everything necessary to ensure that Angela testifies but she has a condition.