Sheila meets Yahimba in an eatery. She asks her to join her for breakfast & is happy Sheila could come. Sheila asks why she bought the magazine? She needs something to keep her brain going. The writing may not be top class but it is entertaining. Sheila wonders why she made them believe she was broke when she had money to throw around. She wonders whether Sheila and Fred would have accommodated her if they knew the truth? Sheila has issues with her spending that blood money which belongs to the people. Yahimba tells her that she has lost her husband and her daughter. She is not going to give away her retirement money. Sheila reminds her that she is wanted & the other magazines may be interested in knowing who she really is. Yahimba wonders if the same blood flows in both her & Sheila. She asks how many Ade-Williams’ stories have been broken by Tinsel Town?
Feke brings some documents to Brenda to sign and talks about how everyone is talking about how brave Angela was. The staff are wondering when she will be back to work? Brenda wonders what work? Feke grabs her document and flees! Harriet calls Benda to ask for her reaction that her partner is the biggest story of the day.
TTK is not picking her calls while guzzling drinks. Salewa comes in as she checks the window again and asks if she has been at the window all day? She rails about the paparazzi and wonders why they will not leave her alone? Salewa asks why she is fighting with Dan? She says Dan was unfeeling and all Ade-William. He wants her to tell the whole world she did not attend NOUN! Salewa thinks it is the right thing to do. TTK orders her to leave as she is on her fathers side.
Sheila thinks Yahimba wouldn’t dare to reveal the secrets of the Ae-Williams. Yahimba agrees, after all she came all the way to find Sheila. She reminds Sheila to stay away from her and she will return the favour. Sheila rails at her under-handed approach in everything. She reminds Sheila that it takes one to know one. She thinks the while world will be interested in knowing what Sheila and Phillip has been getting up to; why Phillip is in self-imposed exile. Sheila threatens her and just then, Fred walks into the restaurant. She asks Sheika what Fred is doing there? Sheila turns in surprise.
Kwame tells Brenda, whose face is buried in the current episode of Tinsel Town, Angela’s story that there are reporters outside. Brenda is not happy about always getting caught up in Angela’s drama. Kwame says there awesome around the house too. He tells her that everyone thinks she is a hero. She is not happy that even Kwame is joining them. She is not happy that everyone is happy with Angela. Very soon, they will be holding a parade for her and declaring a public holiday in her honor! After all the mess Angela made of herself at the awards, now everyone is happy with her. Kwame understands that Brenda is not happy at all the works she has done is now undone.
Salewa calls Dan who leaves her on the phone and chews Frank for everything. Salewa tries to get him to calm down as he tears at Frank but he continues. He orders Frank out of the office before getting back to Salewa. He brusquely asks her why she is not in school? She tells him to chill. They both know that it is not the staff he is angry at. He apologizes to her for witnessing their issue and agrees that it is TTK and says their coming together was a mistake he should not allowed to happen. She encourages him to make peace but he is not up to it. TTK asked him to get out and he will do just that. She pushes and he orders her off to school.
Yahimba digs at Sheila for getting Fred to back her up because she could with deal with her old mother. Fred is appalled at that. Sheila tells her that she is oozing poison from every pore. She would not even be surprised if Yahimba burnt down their house. She will take credit for that if it makes Sheila happy. She tells the waiter to ensure that her guests have everything they need. She gives them her card and says they are welcome to visit her. Sheila asks if Fred followed her? He says he does not trust that woman and wants to ensure she is okay. She looks a the card and gasped. Yahimba moved into the same street with them.
Salewa tells Helen about her parents’ fight. Helen wonders if she is angry that they are back together? As they discuss, Sho comes and apologizes for her mother’s plight. Salewa says she is happy. Sho shows her posters going around the campus saying that TTK is not an alumnus of the school. Salewa asks if she is the one making the posters? Sho says no. Salewa thinks it must be Dr. Nnamani. Sho says at least Dr. Nnamani is not fake. Salewa grabs her hair and they had to be held off from tearing at each other!
Sheila is not happy that Yahimba is their neighbour. Fred calls the previous landlord of the address to ask if there is a chance the lease will be reversed? Sheila looks on expectantly. No. Yahimba paid in full. Sheila believes that she will pollute the whole neighborhood!
Kwame sympathizes with Brenda at Angela’s seeming good fortune. He thinks Brenda should be more careful handling the famous Angela now. Brenda thinks that the fickle journalists will soon turn on her. The only good thing about the whole thing she thinks is that Angela has been absent from the office. Kwame suggests that she makes a movie out of the whole debacle! Brenda thought he is done making his trashy movies. He is romantic! Brenda says the real Angela is more sordid than that. She thinks he is a hopeless romantic. He says he probably has experienced life more than others. She asks him to go and experience life with Angela. She wants her company back!
Salewa’s friends sympathize with her at the fight and tell her they do not believe that TTK did not attend the university. They think TTK is cool and want to come and visit her especially at this her low moment. Salewa thanks them but thinks they should wait for TTK to agree to the visit.
Kwame and Brenda discuss Angela and Masters. Kwame asks what Brenda knows about Angela? Has Brenda spoken with her? Brenda says you never know with Angela. One minute he is abducting her, the next minute they are together, the next minute he killed her, no, she is alive and owns half of her company! He wonders whether Angela was a part of the prison break? Brenda does not know especially with Angela, one never knows. He wonders if they were in a relationship? She says they were too close for comfort. Yet she turned him in? Brenda wonders if he is admiring her? He admits to being a romantic. He wonders where she is now? Brenda thinks it must be a very dark and dangerous place. Kwame asks if she means dangerous to Angela or herself?
TTK shows the students her notes and other evidence that she attended the university. She advises them to get their characters moulded properly now they are in school and all. They thank her for the is it and hope she will allow them to come back. The students leave and she hugs Salewa for bringing the students. Just then, she gets a text telling her that her involvement in the mentorship program is suspended.
Sheila rues Yahimba’s re-entrance into her life. Fred gets her a drink and tells her that Yahimba craves attention and they must not give her that. Sheila disagrees but he tells her that she may have money and a new house but she does not have people around her. She suggests that they may have to take a trip. He thinks it is not too late. Even if they do not travel, they need to have some quality time together. She enquires after their discussion about having a baby and asks if he is still up to it? He sits beside her and asks her to try him!
Masters is marched into his narrow cell in Guantanamo style, the difference being his blue uniform. His arms and legs shackled, he was safely locked inside before the warder removed the arm and ankle manacles and the hood. He turns around and stares defiantly!

Next in Tinsel
Sankey leaves a message on Sheila’s line. If Sheila wants this to end soon, they need to meet again!