Angela asks the whole room if an invite to her was that difficult? How many Pas do they have between Reel Studios and World Movies? Amaka asks her to come have a drink while they talk. Angela says the time for talking is over now. She reminds them of her important role in the movie; selecting Reel Studios, keeping Chris Okereke in line, etc. Lydia tries to ask her to stop but she will not. She tells them to enjoy their party and see them at the award ceremony as she storms out. Harriet asks Amaka for a quote on why Angela is not at the party?
Freddy complains that he is sure Smiley was properly secured and insists that someone must have brought it out. Fred tells him that no one is friendly with that snake except him and now, Sheila. Sheila tells him that the snake is harmless if treated gently. The snake catcher comes out with Smiley and Freddy tells Smiley goodbye. He tells Fred that he never wanted him to keep the snake in the first place. Fred blames him for causing someone to end up in the hospital. Sheila tells him that he may have succeeded in removing the wrong snake!
Dan asks TTK why she invited him so early? She tells him that Salewa is tried and retired early. He asks if she is sure and she says she has never been surer of anything. As they hug, Carol comes out and smiling sheepishly asks her, “You and Mr. Dan?”. She warns her not to breathe a word to Salewa as Dan escorts her into the room.
Amaka asks Harriet if it is possible for her not to publish the exchange with Angela, which Harriet recorded. Harriet will only do that if Amaka replaces it with something else, an exclusive. Amaka has nothing else to offer. Harriet will then print her story which she thinks is gold. Amaka thinks it’s ridiculous but Harriet goes away anyway. Mrs. Haruna meets Amaka and informs her that Angela will not be a part of the World Movies team at the awards & she recommends that Reel Studios does the same. They agree on that & she thanks Amaka for a gorgeous evening apart from Angela’s outburst.
TTK comes out and screams what a marvelous night it was. She asks if Salewa had a nice night? Salewa asks if she is okay? She did not sleep well as she kept hearing funny noises and crying! She thinks it was from some cats. Carol confirms that it must be the cats. Salewa gets a text message and Carol thinks it must be all the messages she is receiving that kept her awake. Salewa has 32 messages! Sho must have told others about the test and they are asking her to confirm that TTK has the questions to the test. TTK tells her that she must get back to the students and tell her she has nothing to do with the test. TTK takes a call and says it is the VC asking her to come for a meeting with the senate!
Fred comes out and greets Sheila. She asks if he is not having breakfast? He will and asks if she is coming to the hospital? She says no. he reminds her that she had a reason yesterday? She says she does not need a reason. In a battle with snakes, she will put her money on her mother to come out tops! He tells her that that is an old woman he would have thrown out because of her!
Brenda watches a clip of Angela’s display at the Reel Studios party on TV with glee and chuckles at the ticking time bomb. She asks if Ene has seen it and Ene says yes. It is online. She smiles and tells Ene that she does not know which side she is on but she had better decide fast. As long as Angela is in the office, she expects Ene to tell her everything about Angela.
Sho tries to convince Salewa that Helen is fishing for Robert as they watch Helen make a call. Salewa says it is not possible. As they approach her, Helen tells the person on the other line named Robert that he promised and she expects him to keep his side of the bargain. She gets off the phone and asks them about the test? They tell her she is not supposed to know about it as Dr. Nnamani passes. She stops and reminds Salewa that her mother is in the office and will soon be thrown out of the mentorship program. Salewa calls Dan to ask him to come immediately as TTK may be in big trouble.
Sheila asks if Fred was going to throw Yahimba out? He says not throw her out. He was going to explore other options. He tells her that he will eat breakfast and she will join him to the hospital to see her money. She laughs and asks if she has to come along just because he says so? She asks when he started treating her like a child? He tells her that it is since she started to behave differently especially towards her mother. She tries to make light of the whole thing but he walks out.
Frank and Afi discuss Angela as she approaches them. He tells Afi that Angela’s issue has started again. Afi wonders why they did not just invite her to the party? Frank justifies her exclusion because of her craze. Angela gets to them and aggressively asks them when they plan to go back to the bar as she wants to have a chapman? Afi turns back without talking to her and she runs after Afi and stops her screaming at her for being rude. A couple who were walking towards them recognize her as the woman from the TV. She faces up to them and tells them that it is her. The big woman puts mouth and she faces her. The defiant woman tells her that she is not afraid of her and the two-bit magazines that love to write about her. Angela is not fazed too. As she truns to Afi again, the woman fishes out her phone and was recording as she rants at Afi and Frank begs her that they have a cold chapman for her. She turns back and snatches the woman’s phone and threatens to smash it till she was restrained. Afi asks Frank to call Dan as they all turn back for the bar!
TTK and Salewa wait for the outcome of the senate meeting. She will hold Salewa responsible if it turns out to be about the test. As they wait, Dr. Nnamani comes in to taunt TTK about being thrown off the mentorship program. TTK knows she is a part of the problem but Dr. Nnamani tells her she did it all by herself this time. They are about to get physical with each other when Dan comes in and orders them apart. As they sit down obediently still seething, his phone rings and it is Frank asking him to come to the bar immediately. He tells Salewa to sit between the two women while he goes to find out what is wrong at the bar. He tells TTK that whatever happens, she will be fine before he rushes out.
Sheila asks Fred what he is going to do as he walks out with a bag. She asks if he is going to camp out at Yahimba’s bed side? He says he has been thinking about it. She asks what he plans to do? He says he is going to see Yahimba and after that, he will stay at Amaka’s place. He plans to stay there as she has refused to let him into whatever is the issue between her and her mother. Sheila thinks it is ridiculous and wonders if this is because she will not play Yahimba’s game? He tells her it is because she has shut him out and her hardness at everything that has to do with Yahimba.
Dr. Nnamani asks the secretary how long the senate is going to take to come out? Just then, TTK comes out smiling. They ask her what happened? Smiling, she tells them that the VC himself just informed her that she has been chosen as the face of the mentorship program! Dr. Nnamani cannot believe her ears.
Dan asks Angela if she is okay now? Has she calmed down? She says she is okay. He asks why she is shouting at his waitress? She tells him that she shouted at a disrespectful customer. He thinks that her problem is with the reduced sentence just given to Masters. He knows first-hand that what Masters did to her can take time to heal but there are professionals that can help. She wonders what he is talking about and tells him that Faisal did a lot more for her than any therapist can do!
Fred walks into Amaka’s office and asks her for her house keys. She wonders what is going on? He has packed a bag and is staying away from Sheila. She says he is startling her. He tells her that he is just coming from the hospital where Yahimba is being treated but Sheila is not bothered except joking about caring for snakes. He says that he no longer recognizes Sheila. She has pushed him to the edge and he is thinking of the unthinkable. Amaka wonders what he is talking about? What if she did it? He asks.

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TTK demonstrates how the VC told her that she is the face of the program. She says he held her hand like this and demonstrates with Salewa’s hand and looking into her face said in his husky voice, Ms. Kagbesioye, the program is nothing without you! Dr. Nnamani says he could not have said that!