Fred and Cosmo rush to the aid of a groaning Yahimba while Sheila watches in doubt. Yahimba says she must have startled the snake and it bit her. Fred screams that they get Yahimba to the hospital but Sheila remind him that the snake is not poisonous. He is still worried about infections and asks Cosmo to catch the snake while he gets the driver. Sheila is not ready to come to the hospital with them. Fred and Cosmo grabs Yahimba and takes off to the hospital while Sheila watches.
Mrs. Haruna meets Amaka and asks when the press will be let in? in half an hour. Mrs. Haruna asks whether Fred is coming? No, he has a diary clash but he sent his regards. Mrs. Haruna tells her to send the regards back. She asks after the publisher? Akinlolu? Amaka says he is not coming for the program. Mrs. Haruna is happy he is not coming. She called him a turncoat. Emile comes in and Amaka asks what happened to his face? It is not important. Amaka asks after Angela? Mrs. Haruna says she is not invited. She does not want Angela there. Amaka reminds them that Angela is the supervising producer but Mrs. Haruna says she has lost her mind. Amaka agrees.
Robert asks TTK what her relationship with Dan is? She says they have mutual interests. They have a daughter together. Robert remembers that he had not done much since he left the prison except run a bar. TTK says Odyssey was meant to make a movie of his life which she was to star in but he changed his mind. They keep discussing till Salewa barges in on them. TTK asks why she is creeping in on them? She reminds her that she just came in, so no creeping. TTK informs her of a test the next day.
Harriet calls Angela to ask for a quote but Angela is not in the mood. Harriet asks her opinion on the Masquerade movie awards? Harmattan Diaries is up for Best Movie Awards. Angela says her mind has been on other things. Harriet tells her she is off to the party at Reel Studios as it is clear she is not invited. She drops the phone with a smirk.
Yahimba is escorted into the hospital and Fred tells the doctor that he does not know how it happened. It looks like she startled the snake or sat on it. The doctor tells him that she is in good hands and if it will keep his mind at rest, they will keep her over night. He agrees to pick up the bill.
TTK tells Salewa that she should not take the discussion about the exams as cheating. Salewa agrees. She asks TTK what she was discussing with Robert? TTK covers up and tells her that she is giving back to the society and this and that till she runs away to her room. Sho calls her to ask after Helen. She wants to know what is going on between Robert and Helen? Salewa does not understand what is going on. She says she does not have time for this gist about Robert now as she has a test to study for. Sho asks which test while TTK asks which Robert?
Angela calls Mrs. Haruna to ask why she was not told about the nomination for the award? Mrs. Haruna pretends that she cannot hear her clearly till Angela starts screaming. She wants to know why she was not told about the award when it was announced when she came back to town. She produced the movie, it is her movie but Mrs. Haruna tells her that it is her own movie. Fred calls Amaka to tell her that he cannot make the party as he is in the hospital. She asks what happened and he tells her that Yahimba was bitten by Smiley. Amaka reminds him that Smiley is not poisonous but she will come to the hospital. He asks her not to come but she insists that she will come with Freddy as it is not far. As she is about to leave? Mrs. Haruna stops her to say that she just took a call from Angela. Amaka tells her that she is in a hurry and will get back to her.
TTK cannot believe that there is anything going on between Helen and Robert. She will prompt her next time she sees her but Salewa insists that she cannot ask any of them about it. As they were talking, Dan comes back and TTK announces that Salewa’s father is around. Salewa jumps into his arms but he says he came to talk to TTK so they send Salewa off to her room. TTK asks if he has come to apologize? He says he has no need to apologize. She also does not see why she should apologize. He accuses her of making everything about herself and if they must get better at this, they need to learn to communicate with each other. She attacks him as she thinks he is saying the obvious but eventually stops and listens to him.
The doctor tells Fred that Yahimba is not recovering as fast as she expects and thinks it may be the shock. They will keep her for another night. Amaka and Freddy enters as she was telling Fred that the shock of a snake bite in her house must have been too much for an old woman. She asks that they keep the pets safe if they must keep the snake. She tells Freddy that he may have to consider getting the goldfish back. As she leaves, Freddy does not understand how Smiley could have gone to the Ante-Room. Ferd promises to get to the bottom of it all.
Brenda toasts their nomination for the Masquerade Awards as Angela comes in. She tells Angela they were nominated for the award before she joined them. Angela asks after Akinolu and they tell her he left for the real party. Brenda asks why Angela is not at the party for The Harmattan Diaries? She was not invited. Brenda guesses they do not want her there then.
Dan explains to TTK that he did not kill Varere for Thelma as she said. He went to confront Varere as Thelma’s manager but he taunted him to the point where he attacked him. He did not realize he had that dark part of him. TTK tells him that he does not need to rationalize. He tells her that she needs to know that if what they have will progress, she needs to know that there will be three of them, two of them plust the ghost of that man. When he is through, she asks him to stay for the night. He agrees but is worried about Salewa. She tells him that they will pretend that he has left and then he can come back after.
Fred and Freddy comes back to meet Sheila comfortably drinking. Fred asks where Smiley is? Sheila tells him that he is in his vivarium. Fred asks whether Sheila put it back there after catching it? She tells him that she did so without getting bitten. Fred asks why she is not bothered about her mum’s state? She does not have any comments. She is carrying on with Freddy who she asks after Amaka and asks him to stay the night. Just then, Cosmo comes in with a snake man. Sheila asks what that is for? Fred says he called from the hospital. The snake needs to go. Freddy reminds him that Smiley is his and is not poisonous. He insists that they cannot take Smiley away but Fred tells him that Smiley bit Ma Mba and they can no longer keep him.
Amaka gets back to the party and Harriet accosts her to ask after Angela’s absence at the party. She says Angela has her reasons for being absent. Mrs. Haruna reminds Emile that there will be speculations when the pictures hit the press tomorrow. She asks what happened to his face? She likes being kept in the loop when there are nasty surprises. He tells her that it was an accident. Which type? She asks. The type he did not see coming. Just then, the door opens and Angela walks in and asks everyone; is this what they call being fashionably late?

Next on Tinsel
Dan and TTK are locked in an embrace and he asks her if she is sure and she responds that she has never been surer of anything in her life. The door opens and Carol walks in on them and asks her “you and Mr. Dan?” she tells her not to breathe a word of it to Francesca and Carol nods in agreement.