Akpokpo is also happy to have met Angela. She has simplified his life. She is happy to meet him and as he leaves Odun enters. He asks Angela that he can only be a creative writer. He asks what the meeting is all about? Nothing, get out! Angela screams. He leaves.
Freddy tells Yahimba that Amaka is waiting for him. Yahimba tells him that he threatened her. He says he did not. She says that it is like he has been telling others about her but whatever he says does not matter. He reminds her that Amaka is waiting. She tells him that he hopes that they are not keeping secrets from each other. He leaves as she promises to come by and see how he is doing.
Dr. Nnamani tells TTK that the session has time limits. TTK tells her that the session is meant to take place in class but hers was suspiciously locked. As an ice breaker, she is willing to answer questions from the students. They ask what her first day at school was like? She was ready with a book read and rehearsed but realized that whatever she knows was irrelevant. She advises them to grab and learn whatever they can find. Dr. Nnamani reminds her that she will know and asks that she tells the students about the real subject as they grab everything they can find. TTK asks Sho for the next question. Sho wants to know what was the hottest party she had ever attended? TTK says answering that will be telling as she eyes Dr. Nnamani. Dr. Nnamani asks when she attended an industry party last? She says she will tell the students about her hottest audition. They all sit around expectantly.
Odun reports back to Brenda. He did not see much and when he asked, she asked him to leave. He however saw a document which it looked like the man signed but he was not close enough to get a good look. Brenda asks if it looked like an employment contract? He did not see enough. Brenda hopes that Angela did not employ Akpokpo.
TTK tells the students that they need to trust their director and work hard as the theatre is the eye into the soul. Dr. Nnamani interrupts. Sho asks if she ever fell in love with a director? She tells them how the directors got the best out of her. The students now grill TTK about retirement, abandoning Shalewa, fans abandoning her. She tries to shut the session down but Dr. Nnamani insists that she still has thirty minutes. They continue and she answers their questions.
Amaka is on her way out and asks Freddy to be more careful with his spellings. He tells her that he is okay and they jocularly exchange words and as she is about to step out, Yahimba is at the door. She came to drop off something for Freddy. Freddy collects it and thanks her but she asks him thanks who? Thanks, Ma Mba, he responds & runs upstairs. Yahimba wants to stay and look after Freddy but Amaka says no. she tries to stay and take care of Toochi but Amaka reminds her that she does not like grand mothers. She remembers that Titus is waiting and runs off.
Toks calls Emile and asks after Angela’s file. He says he will return the file. The troubles are too much. Toks asks him to return the file today but he says he will do so later. He wants to talk to Angela first.
TTK wraps up the session and the students thank her profusely. Dr. Nnamani takes on her. The last 30 minutes have been excruciating, she says. TTK reminds her that she had stayed. She asks TTK what she is going to do about the excursion? Which excursion? The mentors are required to take the students to get first-hand experience. She wonders what TTK will do? She harangues TTK and asks if she can get the Ade-Williams to allow her use their studio? She believes she can but Dr. Nnamani reminds her that the only thing she has been involved in after the prison scenes was the radio fiasco!
Emile parks his car and calls Angela. She has been meaning to call him. She thinks she may have over-reacted over his taking her file and she wants to apologize. He wants to return the file. She is not in a hurry but they agree to meet and talk.
Amaka visits Sheila in the office and tells her that the premiere went very well. She also met Phillip after but he was not his usual arrogant self. He was like resigned. Sheila, who had gotten up from her chair and was backing Amaka was responding in monosyllables. She asks what the issue was between Fred and Phillip and Sheila tells her to ask Fred. Amaka tells Sheila that Yahimba visited her as she was leaving. Sheila asks if Amaka invited her? She says no and tells Sheila that Freddy is scared of Yahimba. Sheila asks if she found out why? She says no and Sheila says she cannot help.
Amaka apologizes for having been stand-offish and Sheila says she has been cold. Amaka says she has also not been open. She says Sheila has been churlish and that Yahimba has been trying to put her between them. Sheila reminds her that she is the one that has been interfering in her relationship with Yahimba. She tells Sheila how Yahimba told her that Sheila has considered her desperate, etc. Sheila asks her if she believes all those things? She says that Yahimba has her ways of making people believe what she wants. She takes a call and asks the person at the end of the line how soon they can meet? She has things to get out. Amaka asks what she wants to do? She responds that it will soon be over. Amaka wonders what she plans to do? She says she will do what she needed to do. Amaka tries to dig but she tells her to go ahead and live her life. As they say, at the end of the day, you only depend on yourself.
TTK and Dr. Nnamani continue to sass each other. She will leave TTK to her theatrics. TTK asks whay she is sabotaging her efforts? Dr. Nnamani sees it as policing. TTK believes it is because she has no personal life but she says that she has a wonderful Dr. husband and two kids who are doing well in school, one here and the other abroad. TTK asks her to then go home to them. She reminds TTK that she is the one that has nothing to fall back on as she is still not married. TTK tells her that she could have been married if she wanted. She was only concentrating on her career. Dr. Nnamani asks her which carrer as she sweeps out?
Dan walks into the bar and Emile greets him as he orders for his drink. As Dan goes to settle on a corner, there was breaking news on TV. Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyers have succeeded in reducing his sentence by half!
Amaka visits Fred and meets him beside the swimming pool. He asks what she is doing there? She is supposed to be at work. She says she got side-tracked. He reminds her that he dd not employ her to be side-tracked and she responds that she is also not employed to safeguard his relationships. He wonders what she means and she tells him that if he does not do something about Yahimba, he will destroy his marriage.

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Yahimba is lying on the sitting room floor crying for help. Cosmo and Fred rush in and find Smiley, the snake crawling over her hand!