Amaka asks what Freddy means by what other people don’t want to talk about? He tells her about Laide and Phillip and Sheila. Amaka wants to dig deeper but stops. She asks what Freddy means by saying she forced him to tell what he does not want? He tells her that she reminds him of the day he got stuck in the cupboard. Amaka does not think it was Yahimba but when Freddy begs her not to tell Yahimba he spoke with her, she suggests he spends more time in her house. He asks who will take care of Smiley? She suggests he goes home, does his home work and she comes to get him.
Brenda asks Angela what happened the previous day. She was away and the office was almost like the old days. She asks if Angela is keeping a low profile because of the stories in the press? She is not a fan of low profiles. She had a crazy day yesterday but gives no further details.
Sho, and Salewa are gisting when Angela joins them. They commend TTK for putting Schola in her place yesterday and ask each other about the leadership program? They have both signed up. Salewa wonders if you are not supposed to be asked first? They tell her you sign on yourself. They also both discover that they both chose TTK as their mentor. Salewa is not happy that they are encouraging TTK but they insist on keeping their mentor after the way she handles Dr. Nnamani.
Brenda gives Cosmo instructions on housework. He worries that it is a lot and she reminds him that they are short-staffed. She however welcomes him back and tells him he was missed. Fred comes out as she is about to leave for work and tries to make conversation. She tells him that Cosmo will make his breakfast. He asks when she will be back from work but she says she does not know. Yahimba joins them and Fred greets her very stiffly and excuses himself to go talk to Cosmo. Yahimba tells Sheila that she has noticed that she is intent on destroying her marriage. Sheila tells her to leave if she does not like what is going on. She will not leave as she likes it here. However, if Sheila wants her to leave, she knows what to do. Sheila tells her that she will not apologize or do anything of such anymore!
Emile stops his car and comes to knock on Segun’s window to ask if he is being stalked now? Segun asks what stalking is? Emile calls Sankey and Sankey asks what she wants with him as Segun is in his office. She says he may be trying to make a movie. Emile asks if she will call her guard dog off if he returns the file? She tells him that if he calls Segun a dog again, that dog will arrest him. He drops the phone on her and tells Segun that Sankey says he should take the day off. She says that this child is playing with her.
Amaka brings Freddy back and asks Fred to allow him spend one more night with her. He agrees and as Freddy goes to get ready, Cosmo asks who will be taking care of the snake? Amaka tells him that Freddy will be coming home every day after school to feed Smiley. Amaka sits with Fred and asks how Sheila is doing? He tells her she went to work. She asks after Yahimba? He has not seen much of her. She tells Fred that Freddy does not like Yahimba. He tells Fred that they need to be a bit more careful with Yahimba as they know quite little about her other than that she is Sheila’s mum. Fred is intrigued at her change of heart and she says it is a different way of looking at things. She insists that they need to exercise caution, seeing how Sheila loathes Yahimba.
Angela calls Akpokpo and asks him to try and make it to the office in 30 minutes. She is ready to make him an offer.
Angela comes back to report that the key to the lecture room TTK and the students are waiting for cannot be found and there is no other free classroom. TTK can see Dr. Nnamani’s hands in this. She asks the students what to do in the face of adversity? Salewa says she should cancel the class. Others suggest they hold it in the sun. she tells them that as aspiring actresses, they should not subject their skins to the scorching effects of the sunlight. Now, if Dr. Nnamani will not allow her come to them, they can come to her. She invites them to come hold the lecture in her house. They all agree except a distressed Salewa.
Yahimba calls out when she heard footfalls for Cosmas and when she saw it was Amaka, she calls her to ask what she is doing in the house in the middle of the day? Amaka looking differently at her tells her she came to collect Freddy, who is very good with Toochi. Yahimba reminds her that they need to get Toochi new clothes and wonders whether all these visits will not affect Freddy? Amaka says he is comfortable in her house. He will not feel all the tension in the house as she walks away with her face averted.
Akpokpo visits and Mimi directs her to Angela’s office. Brenda walks out as he goes in and asks Mimi if the did not throw that vagrant out of the office? She says they did but the last time he visited, Angela took him in. Brenda asks why she was not told? She asks Mimi to get Odun for her.
Freddy comes out and sees Yahimba instead of Amaka. He asks after Amaka, Yahimba says she asks her to wait in the car. She asks Freddy what they discussed? With Toochi? Freddy asks. Yahimba tells him it is Amaka. He says they discussed school, films, etc. Yahimba asks what Amaka said about her? Freddy tells her that he will not tell her anyone’s secrets again. She wonders why Freddy is becoming recalcitrant all over? He tells her that he will be ready for her when she puts him in the cupboard again.
Salewa is not happy that TTK is bringing the mentoring session home. She argues with TTK about the invasion of her privacy and TTK tells her to stay in her room if she does not want to be a part of the mentoring. She asks Carol to speed up the refreshments and as the doorbell rings, she goes to welcome the first set of students but Dr. Nnamani was with them. She heard some corridor chatter and offered the students a ride. TTK tells her it is her home and she is not welcome there. She replies that her home has just been converted to a mentoring venue and she is there to supervise the session. She is sure that the sponsor of the program will like to hear that the session has been moved to a private home. TTK welcomes her and tells her to expect to be dazzled.
Angela and Akpokpo agree on the terms and she transfers the funds to his account via online banking. He gets an alert immediately and is surprised at how fast the deal was concluded and goes ahead to sign the contract. She thanks him and is happy to have met him.

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The breaking news is that Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyers have succeeded in reducing his sentence by half. Dan and Emile listen in astonishment.