Phillip mulls this new step-grand mother business and finds it strange. He asks Sheila what it all means and she tells him that these people will hear will do a good job telling him what t is all about as she walks inside. Yahimba remarks that it looks like she just came back from the dead and also leaves him and Amaka and Fred to catch up on old times. Amaka tells him that Sheila’s mum re-appeared when everyone thought she was dead. Fred explains that apparently, Sheila had a bad relationship with her father and left home early. There are still some gaps in the story, though, which he will like to get answers to. Phillip wonders why no one is asking for those answers? He wonders what happened? Was Sheila running away from a child marriage? Was she betrothed to the son of the village butcher or she went in search of Hollywood? Fred orders him to stop. He replies that it is not really his business. He only came to inform them of the premiere and to invite them.
The spa girl comes back to report to Emile that his card was rejected again. Emile tells her to try again as the card has a lot of money on it. As she goes to try again, Angela walks into the gym and orders Emile to come. He steps down from the treadmill and comes before her majesty. She asks who he has been talking to and he pretends he does not know what she is talking about. She confronts him with Harriet’s story and why he went running his mouth? He tells her that he did not give Harriet any evidence and did not pass on her file. Harriet wanted an interview but he changed his mind and did not go through with the interview. Angela asks him for her file but he tells her that it is in a safe place and he will only hand it over when he is ready. She threatens to press charges.
Ene comes home before Chuks and smiles at the new cartons in the house. Chuks comes in as she was admiring them and she coos up to him but asks how he paid for the items? Paid? Chuks says he did not pay for anything. It suddenly dawns on them that it must be Karen’s!
Kwame meets Phillip who is staring at some document and after trying to get his attention on activities for their movie premiere, he asks Phillip if it was Tare? Phillip wonders what he means? He is bothered that he could not get Phillip interested in the progress of the premiere of their first major work! Phillip says it is amazing how you think you know someone and suddenly you realize you don’t. As Kwame asks for further details, he tells him to forget it.
Chuks and Ene agree that the electronics is good quality and Karen is generous and has class. However, they remember that awoof dey run belle and agrees that Karen has to leave. Karen walks in just then and gaily asks if they like what she got? She also tells them that someone is coming to change the curtains the next day. Ene frowns and says they like the curtains as they are. Karen tells her not to be ridiculous and moves on.
Sankey wonders what Harriet is doing sitting comfortably in her office? She wonders if Harriet has information that will aid her investigation? Harriet came to get confirmation! She has information that Sankey and Angela used illegal methods to try and convict Alhaji Abubakar! Sankey orders her to leave the office. she asks if that U’s a confirmation? Sankey tells her that she can be arrested for loitering and Harriet counters that she cannot be loitering in Sankey’s office! Sankey gets up and shouts for Segun. Harriet carries her bag and takes off. Immediately she leaves, Sankey calls Angela & tells her to cancel all her meetings.
Sheila tells Cosmo that as he can see, Smiley has not killed them all. He says he will resume the next week and she tells him to also tell the other staff to return or their jobs will no longer be available. He says he will try. As he turns to leave, Fred comes in and Cosmo greets him and tells him he is resuming the next week. Fred says that is so much for loyalty! Sheila thinks that is a lot coming from him. As he asks what she means, she gets up and leaves the room.
Bimpe wakes Chuks up from sleep & when he opens the door, he wonders when Bimpe started knocking before entering? Bimpe tells him that she did not want to disturb anyone. She admires the cartons and says she brought a mail which belongs to Karen and is on her way out. Chuks is worried that Karen is now using their house as her mailing address. Bimpe asks him if she does not leave there? As she turns to leave, Chuks begs her to help him get Karen to leave their apartment. Bimpe tells him to simply refund her rent. He tells her that it is not that simple. She suggests that hey seize all her make up and shoes. Chuks asks if they can hide the shoes and make-up in her flat? She let’s out that she heard Karen once say that she does not like seeing married couples making out. Chuks wonders how that is possible as she was in Big Brother. Married couple, Bimpe tells him! She says it makes her feel like walking into her parents making out! Bimpe however guesses that Karen is joking as she has been staying a cuddling couple without complain! Chuks quickly pretends that they have been couply!
Sankey bounces into Angela’s office and meets her getting ready to go out for a meeting. She asks Angela about Harriet’s story and Angela quickly let’s out that it is Emile. He stole her file. Sankey tells her that all she needs to do is file a complaint and she will take care of the rest. Angela tells her that it has not reached that level yet. Sankey wonders what O’s in the file Angela is hiding from her? Angela says there is nothing to hide. She does not just want her personal property appear as a part of public records. She tells Angela to “clear it out or your personal property could put us all in trouble”!
Fred confronts Sheila who asks him to prove his loyalty to her after all she did to accommodate him with Laide’s issue and all. He tells her that he suddenly has his wife’s family thrust on him two years into his marriage and says he has done a good job of being loyal. Sheila asks if he wants a medal? He wants answers and tells her he hopes she will be civil to Yahimba at the premiere. Sheila is surprised that Yahimba is attending & tells him that there is no reason for him to be apprehensive as she is not going to attend!
Sankey blocks Emile as he gets out if his car. He wonders what the problem is and she tells him that she hoped that he was more mature than he is currently showing. He tells her to get out of his way as he has work to do. She tells him that she is arresting him for holding someone else’s medical file!
Chuks and Ene agree to throw Karen out once she shows up. Chuks tells Ene to ensure that she does not become soft as usual & change her mind when Karen comes in & thanks God that Chuks is around! Karen walks in as they were discussing and Chuks tells him that they have decided that she should leave as the flat is too small for them all. She asks them if this is because of the curtains? She was even hurrying in to have Chuks amend her dress which she urgently needs for a photo shoot. She gives Chuks an enevlope. When Cuks sees the contents of the envelope, he quickly changes his mind and asks Karen to bring the dress as Chuks has never shied away from any fashion challenge!
Kwame compliments Brenda’s looks and she finds it amazing coming from him. She asks him to tell her why he is complimenting her? She also thinks that he is well-turned out. She has calls to make and asks if she can make those calls in the car? It is her call, he reminds her. She tells him that his grand schemes with Angela’s file has now backfired as the file is now with a third party and Harriet is sniffing around! He does not see any problems! She tells him that this is not the time for mouthing plaudits and to tell her clearly how he thinks this can be resolved. He tells her that the only way to stop Harriet from publishing what she has is to give her another nudist story about Angela! Brenda calls Harriet to meet with her at the premiere.
Phillip is putting finishing touches to his outfit when Fred comes out & compliments his looks as an accomplished film maker. Phillip says he should have bought the suit earlier. Fred tells him that it is not just the suit. It also includes the man wearing the suit. Yahimba comes out & joins them & when Phillip asks after the others, Fred says Amaka will join them at the event while Sheila is not coming. Yahimba says she forgot her shawl & Phillip goes to get it as Fred & Yahimba step out.

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Brenda corners Harriet at the event & goes to whisper some tales to her ears!