Everyone in the house, Yahimba, Freddy, Amaka and Fred are enjoying a game of cards when Sheila comes home. They try to get her to join in but she is not interested after seeing that Yahimba is winning over and again. She leaves them and goes into the room.
Chuks and Ene tell Karen that she needs to leave but she tells them it won’t happen. She is there to stay till her rent expires.
Freddy comes to meet Sheila outside in the hut. She asks if the game is over? He says no. He got tired of it. She wonders if he has been losing? He says it is Ma Mba. What about her? Sheila asks. He tells her that you don’t know if she is serious about what she is talking about. Sheila agrees.
Karen is on the phone with her friend while Chuks and Ene are huddled in one corner. They think she is enjoying their discomfort. She has to go, they agree. When she is off the phone, they attack her. They are ready to refund her rent but she says no. They need the rent more than she does. She tells Ene to stop seeing her as a home wrecker as Chuks is not her type. Chuks wonders what she means? Ene asks whether he wants to be her type? His phone rings and it is Uncle Tony. Ene tells him that he needs to talk to him at some point. He is not ready to answer questions about being deported.
Brenda is seated in Angela’s office and asks her whether she has sorted out her issues with her boyfriend? She replies that she is going ahead with the review of the internal processes in the company. Odun can help her, or she can get external help. She however does not think that Brenda will want external eyes in the company considering she had issues with laundering money for Masters. Brenda advises her to use all that time she is wasting in sorting out her life.
Yahimba meets Freddy on the way out to school. She wonders why he has not gone to school yet? He is waiting for Uncle Dan to take him. Yahimba reminds him of what he told her about Laide? Is there any further gists like that? Freddy does not know what she is talking about. She encourages him to tell her anything he knows. It may be beneficial.
Chuks tells Karen that he knows what she is thinking. She wonders if he has become a mind reader? He says he can see it in her eyes. She hopes he will not ask her to close her eyes. He tells her he is hiding at home to avoid trouble. It is not like he is lazy. She laughs at him and tells him to please go out there and live his life as no one knows or cares about him.
Sheila gets to Amaka’s house and Hope, the nanny greets her. Amaka has gone to work, but Sheila says she came to see Toochi. She asks Hope about Ma Mba and Toochi, who is sleeping. Hope says Ma Mba has been coming around and she is friendly with Toochi who knows her now. Sheila hands her his present and says she will call Amaka. On her way out, she asks Hope if Toochi has been I’ll or something? Hope says he is okay.
Karen is humming and Chuks had to scream to get her to stop to allow him complete his sketch. Karen sits down and tells him that she knows hat he was deported for dealing drugs in London. He says it is not true. Karen tells him that his secret is safe with her. She calls him Chuksy & he tells her not to call her that again. She asks if it is only Ene that can use that name? She asks Jim to tell her how they met. It must have been at a dry people’s convention! He concentrates on his sketch and begs her to allow him concentrate on his sketch. She asks to see the sketch but he says no. She gets up and they struggle for the sketch when the door opens and Soji walks in with Chuks looking like he has been caught pants-down with her.
Amaka calls Hope to enquire after Toochi? He is okay. As she is about to drop, Hope asks if Sheila called her? She says no. She reports that Sheila came by the house. Amaka wonders what for? She says that she came asking after Yahimba and Toochi and that she wanted to know if Toochi was ill after Yahimba visits.