Sheila tells Yahimba that she has nothing to thank her for. You and that man took so much from me. Yahimba insists that Sheila did not know the sacrifices they made for her. She says she can read & always go online and see what they did to her. Yahimba insists that they were all lies. Sheila tells her that she is foolish to expect her to apologize. Yahimba insists that there is nothing to apologize for. to leave her house. She insists that she is not going anywhere as Fred invited her and she is comfortable there. Sheila asks why and she replies that it is in Sheila’s interest. Sheila tells her that she will no longer be disciplined and Yahimba tells her not to make her discipline her then.
Angela does not believe that Emile took her file. She asks Brenda to give back her records. Bend a tells her to ask herself why she should be pointing a finger at Emile? He was seen stealing the file from her bag. She asks Angela to ask Emile. Angela wonders what Emile will want from her file? Brenda tells her to ask Emile, instead of asking her! Immediately she leaves, Angela picks her phone.
A dejected Salewa is standing under a tree and Sho comes to tell her that there is good news and there is bad news. The way she stuck up for herself has made her reputation go up. Everyone wants to know her. She also has invites from a 300 level guy inviting them to the hottest party in town. The bad news? Messing with that Scholar woman is bad news because she will poison other lecturers against Salewa. Another student walks up to them and asks Salewa to apologize to the woman. Salewa and Sho remind her that the woman was sassing Salewa’s family. The girl simply thinks she should apologize to avoid further trouble.
Emile and Toks are eating when Emile’s phone buzzes with a message. Angela wants to meet. Toks advises him to just hand over her file and walk away. He is not ready to give up yet. Angela needs to know what she is up against. Toks thinks she already does know. Emile says she has been brain-washed by Alhaji Abubakar and now Brenda wants the file. Angela needs protection, he concludes. Toks asks if he is the one to provide the protection? Emile will go and hear what she has to say.
Sheila goes to chew Yahimba for her cooking spread and tells her to check the number of people around before she goes on her cooking spree. Amaka comes in and looks unapprovingly at her!
Dan asks TTK how to spell enthusiastic? She points out the alphabets for him and asks when last he had his eyes checked? He tells her that he got a call earlier in the day. TTK says it must be Schola trying to denigrate her. Dan tells her that it is from the PR department. They heard she is a part of the mentoring program and want to know if she is ready to serve as the face of the university. They thought he was still her manager. She asks if he is no longer her manager? Salewa comes in just then and greets them. They ask if she is through with her lectures? She says yes and excuses herself and runs into the room. TTK fishes out Salewa’s time table which she had photocopied and discovers that Salewa still has lectures.
Ene and Nnenna are looking at an online news and she is bothered that Masters’s lawyer is trying to reduce his sentence. She is worried that the man that killed Uncle Ziggy could be out within one year. Just then, Angela comes out and hearing that, snatches the phone from them. Ene asks her if she is bothered that Masters should be out soon? She says nothing scares her anymore!
Yahimba thanks Amaka for the CDs. Amaka says it is okay she enjoyed the classical highlife music she suggests that Yahimba and Sheila can listen to the same CDs for old times sake. They share gust about Toochi and Yahimba offers to baby-sit him whenever she needs a helping hand. She suggests that Yahimba should come to the studio one of these days to see how movies are made. She asks what Sheila thinks and Sheila tells her she could do whatever she wants. Amaka says she will ask Fred for permission.
Dan and TTk argue about finding out what Salewa is up to. she wants to find out if Salewa is playing truant and Dan tells her to ask Salewa directly rather than snooping around in her bag! He makes to call Salewa but TTk stops him.
Fred asks Sheila what is between her and Yahimba again? He thinks they should get to an understanding. Sheila says they have come to an understanding. They know each other and he only person tha dies not know is Fred. Yahimba enters and Sheila leaves to do some more cleaning. Yahimba tells Fred that she made something nice and asks to be told when he wants lunch. Fred asks her to maybe tell him what the issue is? Yahimba says they exchanged words and she has had about enough of Sheila’s insolence. Fred asks for specifics but Yahimba says no. Fred asks if there is a chance at reconciliation? Yahimba says maybe if Sheila apologizes for all the cold shoulder and insolence. Fred does not think Sheila should be given an ultimatum.
TTK asks Salewa to run to the supermarket down the road and buy something. Salewa asks if it is urgent and she insists that it is. As she leaves, Dan wonders what she is trying ti achieve. She asks Carol to bring her Salewa’s school bag and asks her not to bathe a word of it to Salewa. as she rummages through the bag, Dan wonders what she is hoping to find and orders her to stop. She brings out the invitation and tells Dan about it. Dan tells her that Salewa is in school and should get involved in socials. She is very happy that her daughter is mixing up. Who knows? She may win Miss Camus and get mentioned in the school magazine, not the academic type!
Emile asks Angela what she wants to talk about? He has something to tell her. She asks if it has something to do with stealing something from her? She would not have believed it if they had told her. He says he wanted to find out what she is thinking. She says he should have asked her. He says that she would not have told him the truth. He tells her about what he read and she says they are true. Masters lit a fire in her life. He understands her as a woman. Emile asks about himself? She says he is a child and he proved it by stealing her file. He tries to tell her how bad Masters is and he still has feelings for her. She does not care. She has no feelings for him anymore. She asks him to hand her file over and get out of her life.
Sheila and Fred are in the hut with Fred eating. Sheila asks what he will say if she tells him that Yahimba is no longer interested in reconciling with her? Fred tells her that he job became more difficult. Sheila tells him that the feeling is mutual and it is time Yahimba leaves their house. Fred wonders why their silence should be cause to throw Yahimba out? They argue about it and Sheila wonders why Fred always sides Yahimba that does not even like him? She asks Fred who he will choose between two of them? Fred asks if she is giving him an ultimatum? That is beneath her, he believes.
Emile tries to reason with Angela but she asks him for her file. She asks him to hand over her file and leave. When he tries to reason further, she does her “Angela” eyes and screams at him to hand over the file before she goes to his mother. He tells her that her file is safe but he is going to keep it. He will show her, and show all of them as he leaves?

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Amaka accuses Sheila of causing pains to an old woman. Sheila tells her that she knows nothing about what she is talking about.