Angela, dressed in a native attire complete with a head scarf was rummaging through Brenda’s office when Brenda walks in and startled her by screaming what she is looking for?
Sho visits Salewa and asks for her lecture note. Salewa asks what she was doing during lectures? She was responding to phone calls during the lecture. Salewa passes her notes to Sho. Sho thanks her but tells her that she needs to up her dressing or no one will want to be her friend. With her family connections, a star mum, a super hero dad who killed a rapist, the Ade-Williams family, she should be at the top of the food chain and two of them can rule the school. Salewa tells her that it is because she has not found a friend in school that is why she is falling back to her. Sho says she is choosing her friend’s carefully!
Angela tells Brenda that she wants what she stole from her. Brenda wonders how she got in? She should have Angela arrested for break-in. Angela removes her scarf and tells Brenda that she came in through the door! One of the staff comes in and asks what is going on? Brenda tells her she caught this lunatic trying to steal from her. Angela tells her that all this would not have happened if she had not stolen her medical file. Brenda denies that. Angela tells her that they all have their secrets and she will be willing to dig into that. Brenda welcomes her to try.
Amaka comes back to meet Yahimba who confirms that Toochi is okay and did not give any trouble. She asks that Hope is back but she asked her to take a break and she will be called in when she is needed. Amaka thanks her and is willing to drop her off. She is not in a hurry and sits down with Amaka. The only person she gets to interact these days is Freddy!She asks if Amaka intends to have another baby? Amaka is not sure and Yahimba says she does not mean to pry but Tochi may need another sibling to avoid being lonely like Freddy who has turned out to be a bright young man with fertile imagination. Amaka asks what stories he has been telling? Yahimba tells her it is about some mystery woman that stayed in Fred’s room, Fred behaving strangely, his being kept away from seeing Fred and some Laide woman who claims to have a baby by Fred. Amaka tells her that Freddy was not making up the story. Yahimba wonders what she means? Has Fred been up to some mischief? Amaka who feels she has let out too much says it is not like that. She will better fill Yahimba in.
Schola comes in for Theatre Arts 101, History of Theatre Arts. She introduces herself as Dr. Nnamani and tells them that this that are not registered for the course will be thrown out and goes ahead to conduct a roll call. Mid-way, she stops and asks Salewa to stand up and introduce herself. Salewa tells her she is Salewa Oladoja. The woman asks if she is not TtK’s daughter and asks if TtK did not tell her who her real father is or does she not know herself? Salewa asks what her mother did to the woman? She says it is nothing. They were in class together and TtK was an attention seeking mediocre student. It was a surprise she graduated and hopes Salewa has enough good sense to be different.
Amaka meets Sheila at home who asks if it is someone’s birthday? Amaka says it is for Yahimba. She helped out with Toochi yesterday. An alarmed Sheila asks if she allowed Yahimba look after her son? Yes, she was afraid at first because of the kidnapping but she was quite good with him. She wonders why Sheila is not happy with people associating with her mum? She wonders if Sheila is afraid of Yahimba letting out some family secrets? Sheila asks if she did? Amaka tells her of the day she went to the park with Yahimba and Sheila asking for an expensive ice cream. Sheila tells her not to take that woman seriously.
Emile walks into Sankey’s office and she asks what he is looking for again. Is his girlfriend not back? Her phone rings and she asks Emile to help her find Segun. Emile asks if she thinks he is a messenger or something? She takes her call and politely asks what he wants? He has credible information about Alhaji Abubakar. Sankey asks where the information is from! He should probably join the force. He says he should probably be talking to her superiors after refusing to disclose the source of his credible information. She tells him that Alhaji Abubakar has been sentenced to prison for three years and Angela is back to him. What else does he want? He wants Alhaji Abubakar put away for good. As they were talking, Segun runs in to report a robbery in Yaba. Sankey abandons Emile and takes off with him.
Dr. Nnamani asks a question in class and when no one volunteers to answer, she asks Salewa who provides the answer. She asks if TtK told Salewa that? Salewa says she read it up. Dr. Nnamani takes on her for attracting attention to herself. Is she not the one that is always in the news? Is she not the one that held a demonstration in front of the prison to free her father and several radio and Tv programs? So? Salewa asks. She thinks it is the quest for cheap publicity that brought Salewa to theatre arts. Salewa asks what she has against her family? Te whole class watches in horror! She asks after her father! Salewa wants to know what she has with him? Schola says it is not always that you have a murderer freed. Salewa tells her he was pardoned. She wonders what Fred has to do with it. Salewa takes her on fully!
Amaka gives Yahimba her gift. Yahimba tells her Toochi was a delight to watch over and she will be available to care for him next time. As Amaka leaves for the office, Sheila comes in to ask Yahimba why she is telling Amaka stories about her? She tells Sheila that she is still her mum and she will tell whatever stories she wants. Sheila tells her that she is happy she has Amaka wrapped around her little fingers. Yahimba tells her if she is as comfortable as Laide? Sheila is taken aback and asks how she heard that? Yahimba is disappointed that she could allow another woman into her own home, have a baby with her husband, and leaves with the baby? She thinks Sheila left home too early! Sheila tells her she will not be judged by someone who does not understand the full story. She asks Sheila what she is doing to rectify the situation? Sheila does not know what she is talking about. She tells Sheila she is not a fan of this marriage but since she has decided to pitch her tent with these people, what has she done to solidify her position? Where is her child?
Brenda calls to tell Emile that he could be arrested for stealing that file. He asks her to have him arrested then. He went to see Sankey and she did not want to discuss with him. All he wanted was to know what Angela was thinking. She asks him to give her the file but he would rather hand it over to Angela. She tells him that Angela will never talk to him once she realizes he took the file.
Sheika laughs at Yahimba. She tells her that maybe the fruit does not fall far from the tree because at that time, she thought of having a child for Fred. Yahimba asks what stopped her? Sheila tells her that it was a cheap & desperate thing to do. Yahimba is happy to be of service. Sheila says but she did not do that. Yahimba tells her that her position is shaky in the house. She tells Sheila that the children become leeches at the end of the day. Sometimes she wonders if Sheila came from her womb. Sheila asks if she wants to hear why she has refused to have a child? Yahimba does not mind. She had decided not to have a baby because she does not want to go through the same thing she is suffering with Yahimba with another child and she does not want to bear a boy like her father!
Salewa tells Dr. Nnamani that she does not have the right to talk about her family like that. Grace tries to restrain her but she will not listen. Dr. Nnamani does not even know them. Dr. Nnamani says she does. They are always I the news. She orders Salewa out of her class for insubordination and asks her to consider the course a failed one.
Brenda asks Angela if she has found her file? Angela tells her that she has not given it back. Brenda says she may have given it back after she has discovered what is going on in Angela’s twisted mind. She does not have them but she knows who does. Who? Angela asks. Your little boy-toy! Brenda tells her. Emile? She mouths as Brenda sweeps out.
Sheila asks Yahimba what she is crying for? Yahimba jumps up from the chair and tells her that she is not crying for pain but for regret for bringing such a wretch as Sheila to the world. Sheila tells her that she did not ask to be brought to the world by her. She also regrets being brought to the world by Yahimba. Yahimba says she tried to mould Sheila into something the world will notice but she fell apart, ran away and ended up here, the childless wife of an ageing relic. She says Sheila made the right choice by refusing to have a child by that her delusional husband of her’s. She tells Sheila that the charade will end one day. The doorbell will ring one day and Sheila will wonder if it is Laide. Sheila tells her to stop it but she says no. Sheila needs to hear it all.