TTK asks whether Salewa has started looking for trouble before starting school. Salewa tells her that the teacher insulted her and everyone in her family. TTK asks her to tell her blow-by-blow account of what happened. Sho enters and Salewa asks her to tell TTK what happened. They recount the long stories and TTK tells them she will take it up to the highest authority. They beg her not to as Dr. Nnamani is the HOD and can poison the other lecturers against her. She agrees but says Salewa will not quit. Salewa hopes she will leave the matter where it is? They will see. Sho asks her if they are still going to the party or not?
Segun reports back to Sankey. He followed Angela to the house and she entered and did not come out. He went inside to search for her, he says. Sankey lashes at him and asks if Angela hit his head and threw juju powder into his face? She asks him to go and look for her boyfriend and ensure he keeps an eye on him. Segun promises that it will not happen again but Sankey does not believe him. He goes out and comes back to ask which of the boyfriends? Masters or the pikin? Sankey reminds him that Masters is locked away.
Sheila is pacing the room trying to reach Phillip. Fred comes in and she tells him that Phillip came to the house to hear her side of the story. He asks her which story and why will he leave his film premiere to come and discuss with her? She says he saw something in her mum and wanted to find out more. Fred asks when she was going to tell him about the visit? She says she knew he was going to overreact and she has been proved right. He almost strangled his son. Fred tells her that he forgave her the last time and this time… She tells him they did not jump into each other’s arms. Phillip is the only one that is willing to listen to her story. Fred tells her that Yahimba is right. She is a spoilt child who insists on having everything her way. She wonders how Fred believes a woman he knows so little of instead of his wife. He thinks she can no longer be trusted.
Angela gets to the hotel room and looks around and after a while, she goes to the safe. After a while, someone comes in and asks her to stand against the wall.
He asks who she is and she tells the guy that if he is from Masters he should know that if he hurts a hair of her hair, he will be accountable to Masters. He asks how she got there, she tells him about meeting Masters and being sent to a groundnut seller who directed her to the room and some guy and the guy confirms he is the one and lowers the gun.
Amaka comes to meet Fred but Fred will not talk to her. She refuses to go away and kept asking. He asks if she is not supposed to be at work? She cannot go away like that. she tells him that Phillip’s movie did very well. The critics loved it. She is surprised that he is leaving so fast as he was to stay back for a while. Fred asks if he has left? She says yes, straight to the airport. Fred screams that maybe he has learnt that actions have repercussions.
Salewa greets Dr.Nnamani and she asks if she has been given permission to return to class? Salewa came to apologize. Dr. Nnamani launches into another round of tirade and the other girls asks that she allow Salewa apologize. She asks that the apology be made two, one for her and one for the class. TTK comes rushing and says she is just on time.
Angela and the guy discuss further. Angela asks if he greets everyone with a gun? The guy asks for an identification. She gives him a ring and the guy looks at it and says it is very special to Masters. She asks how? He says that Masters never allowed anyone come near it. He asks her to go home. He needs to carry out his orders and verify some things. As he runs out, she calls after him but he was gone.
Dr. Nnamani asks TTK if she has given her permission to come back to class? TTK tells her that she is right. She has realized that she is doing these young people a disservice for trying to teach them without learning first. Dr. Nnamani is happy that she has learnt. TTK tells her that she is there to attend all her classes and take copious notes on how the class is conducted. Notes their sponsor Chief Gbadebo will be delighted to read. She actually has a recorder to record all the lectures!
Kwame is on the phone when Sheila drives in. She asks after Phillip but Kwame says he has gone off to Ghana. Sheila asks for his contact number and Kwame provides also the email address but warns that when Phillip draws the shutters, it is difficult to get through to him. She asks if they discussed before Phillip left? Kwame says they did, but it was nothing personal. She tells him to help pass a message to Phillip. She wants to thank him for trying to help and she is sorry if it got him into trouble. He asks for specifics but she will not provide any further details.
Amaka comes in to meet Fred and as she starts to talk to Fred, he snaps that he thought he made it clear that he does not want to talk. She says she came to ask if she can take Freddy home for once. It has been a while. He is okay with it so long as he does his homework and Smiley is secured. Sheila enters, looks at them and walks into the room. You will think she is the wronged one here, Fred spits. Amaka asks him how? She asks him why Sheila his wife will suddenly start lying to him? That got through to his thick skull!
The class is over and TTK thanks Dr. Nnamani for the wonderful lecture. She enjoyed every bit of it and looks forward to more. Dr. Nnamani tells her that there is no further need for that. TTK tells her that she hopes that Salewa will attend the classes now without being harassed. Dr. Nnamani says no one is being harassed.
Angela gets home and digs around her room. She checks her account online and is shocked to discover that her balance has suddenly grown fat!
Amaka gets home with Freddy and tells him that she thinks they need to spend some time together. He is happy as he will get to spend time with Toochi. She sits him down and reminds him of whn he said he was not sure he liked Yahimba. She asks what his impression is now that he has seen more of her? He stutters and she encourages him to speak up. He says that everyone tells him the same thing, yet they do not believe him. She asks him to say his mind on whether he likes Yahimba or not? He says he does not like her. She makes him tell her about other people, things he does not want to talk about and she is mean when other people are not around!

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Yahimba asks Freddy what he and Amaka talked about? He tells her that he will not tell her other people’s secrets. She asks who is talking of secrets? They are simply discussing. He tells her she will not get any stories out of him and when next she gets him into the cupboard, he will be ready!