Sheila and Phillip discuss Yahimba and he asks if she can forgive Yahimba? Never, not after what she made her do. Kwame calls him to ask where he is? Tunde Kelani congratulates him while he is making the call. He tells Kwame that he is on his way back. Sheila asks Phillip if he thinks she should talk to Fred? He does not know how to handle such heavy stuff.
Angela discusses her father. It is okay. She just wanted to run things by him. She calls Mr. Olajide for a loan. He agrees. She will get her documentation ready.
Chuks and Ene are happy they were able to get rid of Karen. They cannot believe they got rid of her and her shoes and dry laughter. It is time for him to go look for a job. He cannot hide from the world forever. Ene says it is time to get back to work before Brenda returns.
The journalists come after Phillip to get his views on the action scenes on Lake Pirate. He gives them a line and they run after Majid. Fred wonders where he has been? He had something to take care of. As Fred was wondering what that could be, Yahimba comes out and compliments his directorial skills. She was on the edge of her seat, she says. It runs in the family, she understands. Phillip tells her that her acting skills are also excellent. She wonders at his way of responding to questions. He tells her that she has a way of raising children. Fred looks at two of them.
Brenda is back to work. Asks after Ene and was told that she went home as she was not feeling too well. Nnenna tells her that her picture is very glamorous in the premiere. She wants a copy of the magazine when it comes out.
Soji and Chuks share gist about how they got Karen out of their house. He tells Spji he is ready to go back to work. He is here to talk to his old boss. He meets the man and apologizes for running away. the man gives him the chicken suit to wear in the restaurant. He is shocked but the man insists that he has show that he is serious. Chuks wears the costume but the man insists that he dance to show how he will attract customers. Chuks dances to the delight and amusement of everyone in the restaurant. When he finishes, he asks if he has his job back? The man says no. He abuses Chuks for abandoning the job and going to London to disgrace himself. He calls Chuks a criminal and will not allow such a criminal to disgrace his brand. He asks the man who will mind when he will be wearing this suit.
Fred and Yahimba and Freddy came back home from the event and they all agree they had fun. Fred goes to look for Sheila and Yahimba asks Freddy how he enjoyed the program? He had fun. As he tries to leave too, Yahimba sees another invite on the table and asks Freddy if it is his own? No, he has his own. Yahimba asks him if Sheila and Phillip are close?
Angela finds Brenda sitting in her chair and asks her what she is doing there? Brenda reminds her that she found her snooping in her office once. Angela orders her to get up from her chair. She gingerly does that and smiles at Angela as she walks out. A very-worried Angela quickly rushes to her table.
Chuks gets home to see Ene lying tiredly on the sofa. He wonders what she is doing at home? He worries that Brenda has sacked her and goes arambling about how he will apologize and make up for it by getting a job. Ene tries to stop him but he kept going on and on and on. She finally manages to get a word in. She is pregnant!
Yahimba insists that Freddy tells her what happened between Sheila and Phillip. Freddy tells her how he saw Phillip kiss Sheila, how Fred got angry, they held a big family meeting and Sheila moved out of the house. As they were talking, Fred comes out and Yahimba makes a zipping sign with her mouth to Freddy. As Freddy leaves, Fred says he cannot find Sheila. Yahimba tells him she must be avoiding her. He tells Fred about Phillip disappearing during his premiere and while everyone was looking for him, he was in the house with Sheila. Fred does not believe it. She shows him the invitation left behind by Phillip.
Chuks is enthralled at the thought of having a baby. That Cletus made him do a chicken dance but now he feels like dancing. Ene asks where he saw the guy? He tells her how he went to ask for his old job. Now, no son of his, or daughter, Ene corrects will see his father wearing that suit. He reminds himself that he will soon be a father! The Chuks of yesterday has now become Chuks the father! He asks when she knew? In the office. She felt ill and went to run a test in the hospital. He wonders why she did not tell him? She wanted to keep it a secret and in fact planned to cook him his favourite meal. He asks her to relax and let Daddy Chuks take care of things.
Dan meets Angela in the bar and tells her it is a rough town and she agrees. He tells her that he saw the article online and wonders if she is taking it seriously? She tells him to stay back. She is a time bomb and will soon explode. He tells her not to take things too seriously. He has had all sorts written about him before but it does not matter. He asks her if she heard that Masters’ lawyers have launched an appeal on his behalf? He wonders where all the money is coming from? Masters should be broke by now, he thinks. Angela is no longer listening.
Fred asks Yahimba how she knew that the invite is Phillip’s? she tells him that it is an educated guess. Fred thinks it may be Freddy’s but Yahimba tells him that she asked Freddy. He has gone to bed early but Fred can ask him tomorrow. He however sees no reason to. Yahimba tells him that it is good that Sheila and Phillip are close. She thinks that it is difficult for someone to acquire a step-mum and one so close to one’s age. Fred wonders what age has got to do with it? She tells him that however he looks at it, the young ones these days no longer care for age, it is beauty that matters first, and at the end of the day, they only take care of themselves!
Masters asks Angela that she cannot stay away from him, can she? He asks what she wants and she tells him that she wants money!

Next on Tinsel
Fred threatens Phillip and he tells him that if he finds out, what with will happen? He has told him that they only talked and maybe he should go talk to Sheila instead of suspecting everything and everyone. Fred rushes him and they grapple with each other before Fred pushes Phillip into the swimming pool!