Brenda asks Odun if he is sure that Emile took the file? He is sure. he saw him take it. She collects Emile’s number from Odun and tells him that here is no need to tell Angela of the file as they contain historical records. As he leaves, she calls Emile but says nothing when he picks.
Yahimba welcomes Fred and hopes that he does not mind her borrowing a book from his library. He does not kind and tells her that the book she has is quite interesting. She tells him that her husband likes books so much and he says she must miss him terribly. She tells him how Shela grieved for her dad and when he asked why she is not with her at that moment? She tells him to leave her for now. Just then, Sheila storms out and insists on collecting her key from Fred and goes out.
Dan comes to the house and sees Salewa who is reading. He tells her about his days in school as a swot. At the rate she is reading, he expects her to come out with a 4 point grade. She tells him TTk is nt back yet from school. She asks where they are going to and he tells her that TtK has been good to him and he wants to just take her out and say thank you. Salewa goes into the room to continue her reading and TTK walks in and collapses into Dan’s hands.
brenda asks Emile to hand over Angela’s file to her. He does not know what she is talking about? She tells him that he was seeing taking a file from Angela’s bag. He asks if she is accusing him of stealing she says no but he should hand over the file as it is fragile. He eventually tells her that Angela told him about her and he would rather keep the file.
Yahimba catches Freddy, who was running away after seeing her and invites him to come and take a bite of the cake she baked for him. she takes him to the hut and sets up the cake and goes to get him a drink. She tells him that it is an old family recipe. She is sure that Sheila must have baked him tons of pies. Not really, he says. She baked once when Aunty Laide was around. Aunty Laide? Is she in one of those family albums? Yahimba asks. Freddy tells her that Laide is a friend of Fred’s. She used to sleep in Fred’s room. Yahimba feeds him another piece of cake.
Brenda tells Emile that he does not know what he is playing with. He says he does. Brenda says she will report to his mum that he stole a client’s file. He tells her that it is her word against his. Plus that of a witness, she reminds him.
Salewa rushes out to find TTk lying on the sofa while Carol waves a fan at her. They asks her what happened? She tells them about her day with Scholastica, her mentor. Scholastica expects her to prepare lecture notes. Dan wonders why? Salewa hopes she is quitting because of the lecture notes. She bites Carol for stopping the fanning. She spent the whole day in the library and even went to buy the books she could not find in the library. She intends to present Schola with a well-prepared and bound report.
Yahimba pumps Freddy fro information in Laide. He tells her that though he is not supposed to know, but he hears people walking about and saw Laide going into Fred’s room once or twice. Yahimba asks if she is young and whether this was before or after Fred married Sheika? Freddy knows next to nothing. Amaka joins them and commends the cake.
Carol comes out and meets a tiredTtK sleeping on the couch. She wakes TTk up and advises her to rest but she will have nothing of it. She will not give up and orders Carol to get her energy drink.
Emile calls Angela. He wants to talk to her about something but she says she has bigger things and clicks off. She confronts Odun and asks for her file but Odun tells her to talk to Brenda as he walks away. She creams his name!
Amaka walks in to meet Yahimba as she takes a call from her nanny. Yahimba wonders what is going on? Her nanny has issues to sort out. Amaka says she will call Sheila to help her take care of Toochi as she has a late meeting in the office. Yahimba offers to take care of him but Amaka says no. Yahimba insists and she agrees.
Amaka gives Yahimba instructions on how to take care of Toochi and as Yahimba makes to carry him, she holds back and Yahimba asks her what is wrong? She tells Yahimba that she is afraid as Toochi’s grand mum kidnapped him once. Yahimba tells her that is scary. She commends Amaka on doing a good job on bringing Toochi up all alone. Amaka says it can be difficult sometimes. yahimba says mothers do their best and leaves the best to God. She should be having this conversation with Sheila. Amaka suggests she talks to Sheila. Yahimba asks abou what? Amaka apologizes and says nothing.
Toks asks Emile about Angela. Emile tells him that he took Angela’s file and tells Toks how Angela described Alhaji Abubakar in glowing terms in the file. Toks warns him to be careful about the Alhaji who is a killer!