Sheila asks why Fred is still staring at the pictures. There must be other interesting things like the book she gave him. He is just fascinated at what she looks like a child. As she gets up to leave him in the hut, he tells her that he has an idea about what the rift between her and her father was. He simply bought she will have more faith in him. He tells her about how children idolize their parents and when parents ask for unusual things from their children… She tells him he has lost her. He tells her that whatever happened between her and her father is okay.
Odun is reading from a paper & Angela asks him to stop & tell her why he is really there? She does not believe him. She wants to find out why Brenda is foisting him on her. He does not mind being foisted. He invites Angela out for a drink but she says no. He tells her that she may find it easier settling in if she is less abrasive.
Bimpe calls Ene to ask her what Soji is saying to the press? Ene tells her that Soji as usual is trying to save her honor. She tells Ene to listen to the interview and asks her how she should play that? Ene tells her not to play it any other way but as it is. There is no meaning to it but as it is. Bimpe goes silent on her.
Sheila tells Fred that what he is thinking never happened. Her father never asked her for anything unusual. He then asks after her relationship with her mother which she spoke of earlier? She tells him that her mother has a way of inventing her own reality and whoever does not fit not her idea of good gets punished. He tells her that he has also had a difficult relationship with Phillip but they have managed to patch it up. She tells him that his relationship with Phillip is different from what she has with her mum but he advises that she gives it time and some patience and everything will be alright.
Emile harasses Toks and Toks yabs him about his relationship with Sho. Emile asks after Salewa and Toks tells him that they are cool. He is playing it carefully as girls can be tricky. He plans to give her a surprise visit someday. He asks Emile about work, about filming with Angela? Emile still has feelings for Angela but he says he is trying to find out what she is feeling. Toks asks if she is still crazy? Emile says she has gone through so much. Toks suggests that he talks to Angela’s friends. He tells him that he is Angela’s only friend right now.
Bimpe asks what Ene means? Ene tells her that the fact that Soji has done one nice thing for her does not mean he wants to get back with her. She reminds Bimpe of the pain she felt when they broke up & encourages her to let him be. Bimpe asks her why she is causing her pain right now but she insists that Bimpe should grow up. Bimpe tells her that she will do something nice. She will leave Soji alone.
Yahimba asks Sheila if she is still enjoying the find memories of yesteryears? She answers that some of he memories are fonder than others. Yahimba thinks that Fred seems enamored of the pictures. He loves seeing her as a child. Sheila says she was just doing fine before she showed up. Yahimba notes that they seem to have bonded better since the pictures. Sheila asks if she is disappointed?
Emile comes in and meets Angela he brought her the file with Kehinde’s recommendations. She reminds him that he could have sent it via email. He tells her he was around the office and invites her out for a drink. She agrees and he happily leaves.
Sheila tells Yahimba that she removed those pictures because she is a coward and wondered how she got so scared of Yahimba? Yahimba reminds her of the rules and as she moves to leave the sitting room, Yahimba orders her to stop and stands in her path to remind her of the old rules! A visibly-scared Sheila mutters that she is not scared under her breath!
Yahimba has been patient and long-suffering with Sheila and her patience is running thin and she will soon stop being nice. Sheila tells her she is no longer a ten year old. Yahimba raises her hand to touch Sheila’s cheek & Sheila clinches. Yahimba reminds her hat she used to so sensitive. Sheila recites I am no longer afraid of you as a mantra but runs out visibly scared!
Angela comes in to meet Brenda who tells her to go out & come back when she learns o knock. She will knock next time or… She has the report from Kehinde. Brenda stretches her hands for it but Angela sits down. Brenda tells her that she will read the report herself. Angela tells her that the report re-iterates her concerns. brenda tells her that when she needs her opinion, she will disregard it. Angela tells her that the comments from Kehinde confirms her concern that things need to be shaken up in the company. They are wasting too much money! Brenda tells her that she will not let her run amok on her company. Our company, Angela reminds her. She tells Brenda that if she says it long enough, it may begging to sink in!
Soji joins Bimpe in the hotel room where they shoot. He is not hungry and does not want food ordered for him. He asks if she has talked to Harriet? Yes, she has. She is busy and cannot join them. He says she is probably busy trying to clean up the mess he made. Bimpe assures him that he did nothing wrong. She is the one that started it. She goes ahead and makes a speech and con vices him that she has realized that forcing someone to love you is not the right thing. She has finally gotten over him and they can now start on a fresh note as just friends. They share a friendly hug.
Angela and Emile are having their drinks when Odun comes in and stops over at their table to greet Angela. Emile notices that she does not like him and she confirms that it is because Brenda sent him to spy on her. He wonders why she still works at Odyssey with all the shared bad blood? She reminds h. That she used to work with his mother. She leaves the table and Emile rifles through her bag and collects her therapy file & leaves the restaurant as a befuddled Odun watches!

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TTK haughtily tells Schola that she was chosen for the mentorship program and she has a class to attend, please. School tells her that she has to meet with her supervisor first and she is that supervisor!