Bimpe and Soji records another episode of Bimji. Harriet asks them to get a bit more serious. Bimpe spills the drink all over Soji. He asks Harriet not to worry. He will fix it. Bimpe claims she is nervous. She is worried about what Ohakanu can do to her. Soji assures her that nothing will happen to her in his presence. They try to start again but she stops the shooting and tells them that she is scared of the text Ohakanu sent her saying that he is watching her. Soji asks for her phone so that he tells Ohakanu off but she begs him not to to avoid aggravating him.
Brenda agrees that Fred is right. It is his marriage and he has a right to decide how it goes. He asks if that means she will stop? She says it is done. Amaka comes in and asks if she is interrupting something? He says he is getting to an understanding with Brenda. Brenda leaves after eyeing Amaka. Amaka asks Fred if they discussed? He tells her that they have had a discussion and she promised to stop. Amaka hopes Fred will keep an eye on their agreement. Fred asks her to stop it. He is trying to get to know Brenda but Amaka tells him that he knows how Brenda operates. She is a Mensah and her values are different. Fred orders her to stop as she has her own faults. She insists that she will not lie to Fred to his face. He refuses to condemn Brenda without proof.
Angela asks Emile to hurry as she has work to do. He tells her to relax and have a beer. She says she will have a beer and Emile’s eyes widen and she tells him yes, beer. Do you have a problem with that?
Harriet asks Soji and Bimpe to give her some romantic scenes to round things off. The cameraman suggests a kiss. They roll camera and round off with a very romantic kiss. Harriet calls a stop and Bimpe and Soji reluctantly break it off. Bimpe takes off quickly and Soji makes to rush after her but Hariet tells him to stop.
Amaka meets Majek to ask after the investigation. She is surprised that Brenda called off the investigation without any question. It is out of character and Majek agrees with her that it is odd considering what he makes of Brenda. He advises that she tries to think like Brenda to be able to find out what Brenda is thinking.
Dan meets Angela and Emile at the restaurant. He asks how she is and she says she is good. They catch up briefly and he leaves. Emile offers to buy her another beer.
Bimpe tells Ohakanu that if Soji comes out there, she will scream like he is beating her up. He asks her why? She does not have time to explain. He offers to take her home and she wonders who gives a drunk a car, let alone a driving license? He promises to get her home in one piece.
Amaka tells Dan it is strange to see him outside Ziggy. They chat a bit and she goes to the reason for the visit and ask him after the film Brenda wanted to make about his life. He wonders why she is interested in a rested project? She wants to know where things stopped with the film? He is not sure, they had a treatment and the writer had a first draft. He dies not know if there is a script out there. For all he cares, the project is dead.
Emile asks Angela for the report on the places they have seen. She asks what for? He wants to use it to make a case to Kehinde for the places they have seen. She shows him where she made her own contributions and suggestions for saving costs. He thanks her for bein so thorough and she thanks him for being understanding nhe calls for a truce and apologizes for treating her badly. They agree to start over as friends.
Ohakanu brings Bimpe home in his jalopy. He apologizes for the jalopy which he got from a friend. She deserves something more elegant. He tries to unlock her seatbelt and nearly wounds her. She screams at him and understands why Telema left the country if that is how he treated her. she asks for her own army like he raised for Telema. He asks for her blessings and he will raise one. She tells him that she is giving him one more chance. He screams happily and kisses every part of her body he could reach especially her arms as she nlocks the door and flees the car.
Brenda discusses behind closed doors with Odun, Mimi, and Nnenna. She tells them about Angela’s case and that they should keep information about the office from Angela. She does not want her to know things about the office and she also wants Angela’s presence in the company kept from the public. Mimi asks what to do if Angela insists? Brenda tells them to refer Angela to her and she will deal with her. The door opens, and Angela asks deal with who, as she saunters in!
Amaka briefs Fred on her discussions about the movie on Dan’s life. Fred tells her that the film is rested. Her informants say otherwise. The writer if the script is still at work. It is possible that she is working on it on her own but two of them do not believe that to be the truth.