Amaka meets Fred who flexes his back from loading the washing machine. He complains about the work. Amaka asks whether they have not been able to get other staff. Fred says no one knew a snake could cause such trouble. She promises him that Sheila will rub his back when she is back. That is if she is free, he says. Amaka hears a sound and asks what it is from? Fred says it must be the tv. The sound comes again and Yahimba runs in and tells them there is no cause for alarm. Freddy locked himself in a cupboard. As Fred wonders what is going on, Freddy runs in screaming that Yahimba locked him in the cupboard.
TTK comes into the room and tells Salewa that they need to talk about what makes her uncomfortable in school. Salewa does not want her to talk to her in school, or befriend any of her teachers or mentor her class. She walks away from TTK.
Amaka asks Freddy why Yahimba will lock him in the cupboard? Yahimba claims that the door jammed but Freddy thinks otherwise. The door was locked from outside and when he waited for about an hour for help, he panicked and started screaming. Fred wonders why he will wait for an hour before shouting for help? Yahimba claims that it is all her fault. She told Freddy scary stories earlier. Fred and Amaka leave them and go out.
Kwame meets Brenda who just finished a meeting. He asks whether she could not find another staff to hire Angela? She says that it is not like she wanted Angela. He tells her that usually she fires people she does not want around her! She says it is not that easy. He thinks it is but she tells him that you cannot fire your business partner, at least not that easily.
Dan gets in and meets TTK forcing herself not a tiny outfit. he asks if she is sure that she can breathe in that outfit? She is sorting for an outfit for school. It is important she makes a good impression. She asks Salewa to show her what she will wear tomorrow. Salewa reminds her that she promised not to interfere. she asks why Salewa wants to deny her the joy of seeing what she will wear? Salewa relents when she promises not to say anything.
Amaka wishes Sheila good night. It’s been a hectic day. She tells Sheila that she missed all the excitement n the house as she leaves. Sheila asks what she meant? Yahimba tells her that Freddy’s imagination got a little wild. She looks worryingly at Freddy and then Yahimba.
Brenda tells Kwame that she has no time for lawyers as Angela has threatened litigation so it is easier to shove her in an office till she can get stuff to get rid of Angela. Kwame advises that she gets dirty and think like a Mensah. She asks Kwame to get specific or get out. Kwame reminds her about when he had issues with Angela and how he took care of it?
Salewa shows TTK her outfit. TTK pretends that all is well but immediately she leaves, she grabs Dan and asks whether he will stay there and watch Salewa commit that fashion crime? Dan reminds her that she promised not to interfere? she will not allow Salewa to make the wrong impression for now. He wonders who she thinks Salewa will meet in school? He asks TTk to relax and take it easy and they will probably go out for drinks at an expensive place. She may accept his offer but asks him when they should tell Francesca? He tells her that there is no hurry. Francesca needs to concentrate on her school for now.
Sheila asks Fred to come upstairs with her. Fred asks why Freddy is not in bed? He says he is doing his homework. They try to convince him to go upstairs but he insists that he is okay. Yahimba promises to take care of him but immediately they leave, Freddy looks on plaintively.
Dan and TTK tiptoe into Salewa’s room when she has gone to the bathroom and pack all her clothes with them after she makes him promise not to talk about it. As TTk shuffles through the clothes, Dan ogles her but she tells him to focus! They will chuk all the clothes in the washing machine and dry them n another part of the house where Salewa will not find them.
Brenda asks Kwame what he meant when he talked about a solution to Angela’s problem? He asks whether she needs his help now? She says she may have need for it but he insists that she begs. She spells it out and he tells her that he is talking if Angela’s psychiatric records. She reminds him that Angela got the file back. He tells her to lie to Angela that he made copies of the file!
A tired Freddy gets up from the floor where he is lying and tells Yahimba that he is sorry. She tells him that she cannot hear. He apologizes again and she goes into a speech about Freddy not being nice after all the help she rendered to him. She finally allows him to go to bed.
Angela is reading her script when Brenda visits. She wonders why Brenda is visiting? Brenda claims she is on a friendly visit. Angela asks her what she wants? She tells Angela that she has a copy of her file. Angela tells her that she took care of the file. Brenda claims that Kwame made a copy of the file. She tells Brenda that the contents of the file matters little. Brenda reminds her hat she can achieve so much by releasing selective information. Angela calls her bluff. She tells Angela that her file was obtained once and who says it cannot happen again? Angela tells her it is illegal. Illegal, if she gets it herself. Dr. Ibrahim has a number of patients and any of them can break in and take other people’s files. She threatens to show Angela not to truffle with what belongs to her and storms out. Angela’s face breaks not a twitch!