Yahimba tries to take the book from Freddy who refuses saying she is not his aunt or grand mum. She stops and tells him it is admirable that he stood fir his right and he is right. She is not his relative and should not tell Jim what to read but the book does not belong to him and he cannot have it. He insists that he is nit taking the book but wants to read. She collects it from him all the same and he leaves the sitting room after a while.
Sankey tells Angela that Brenda says she insists on working there. Angela asks her if they are BFFs now? She says it is not funny. Angela agrees but tells her to leave as she has work to do. She reminds Angela that she was not too busy to talk to Harriet. Angela asks her what else she is missing? Her meds or vegetables? Sankey tells her that she is back to where Masters manipulated her. She tells Sankey that she is there because of her shares and she obviously does not think it is better for the shares to be in Masters’s hands. Sankey asks her if this is about revenge? She recounts all the times she has been taken advantage if by Sankey, by Brenda, etc. She asks Sankey to ask Brenda who made Odyssey competitive? She was the one that spied on Odyssey and had her reputation ruined.
TTK is fretting and shouting at Salewa to give her her earrings, etc. Dan comes in and asks her what the issue is? He heard their voices from outside. She complains that it is Salewa and she is running late for her meeting. he down-plays the whole thing and tells her how beautiful she is. She tells him to stop joking as she is not ready for her interview. He tells her to take it easy and she will do well under pressure. That’s why she is TTK! As TTk leaves, Dan asks Salewa to tell her side of the story.
Fred and Sheila are relaxing and Yahimba commends the lunch they just had. Fd agrees and when Freddy joins, Yahimba cuts him off. She remarks that the atmosphere in the Hiuse has changed. Fred asks how? She says that himself and Sheila are more comfortable with each other now. She shows them the book which she claims she found. Freddy remarks that it was on the table. Fred opens the book and Sheila notices that the pictures have been torn off. Yahimba tells them that it is what happens when you buy used books. Fred does not mind so long as the text is not affected but Sheila is not all ok.
Fred says the text is okay and tells them that as a young man, if he finds missing pages in a book, he will create the stories himself. Sheila tells him to take the book upstairs. He says he also needs to catch some rest. Sheila says she will come with him. As they leave, Yahimba eyes them and asks Freddy how the homework is going? He tells here has a lot to do. She asks whether he is trying to avoid her?
Brenda gets off the phone and Angela comes in to remind Brenda that she is to be contacted for every major decision in he company. Brenda tells her to mind her own business and that she is the major shareholder and owes her nothing. Angela says that is what she is doing; minding her own business. She reminds Brenda that she has only 1 percent more than her. She is supposed to share information about any major business decision. She has not even gone to the profit that Brenda is owing her. Brenda says she is owing nothing and tells Angela to leave her office. Angela tells her that she will get the company tied-up long enough in court if that happens again. She will tie it up for so long that she will not be able to pay for anything. Brenda tells her to bring it on.
Dan asks Salewa what is wrong with her for tampering with her mother’s alarm? He chews her for trying to spoil things fir her mum. She apologizes but asks why he no longer supports her? He tells her that it is not about supporting anyone. TTK is a grown woman so it will be difficult to get her to change. However, he expects Salewa to get better.
Odun brings Angela the latest document on Faceless. She opens it and asks him why he thinks Brenda is giving her that project? She hinks that she will eventually cave in and then Brenda comes forward to claim the glory. He wonders why she is telling him all these? She tells him that he works in the office. Se invites him for lunch but he has eaten. She offers drinks to enable them have a little chat. He agrees for 4.30pm to discuss Brenda.
TTK comes in and meets Dan and Salewa playing. She is ecstatic as she has been accepted by the school as a mentor. As she shouts excitedly, Salewa gets up and leave. She wonders what is wrong with her? Dan tells her that they are happy for her but she will not use the mentorship program to infringe on Salewa’s school. If she does that, he will personally ensure that she is removed from the program.
Freddy finishes talking to his friend on the phone and Yahimba asks him what he is doing? Homework, he says it is computer studies and boring stuff. She tells him a story about a young boy who died and was left in a dark box. The boy struggles and the bottom of the box falls off and the boy falls off to the damp earth. Some animals run after him and when he could run no more, they scattered him, limb for limb. Freddy looks like he swallowed a large animal!
Angela and Odun discuss the job at the restaurant. He tells her about the office and the investigation of the company account. He thinks that the company can do with the injection of new ideas. She asks if he is happy she came? He covers her hands with his and says he is happy she came. She asks if he is one of those who likes a little fraternizing in the office. he says no!
Salewa and Toks are on the phone sharing information about her school. He is disappointed that she is not going to stay in the hostel so that he can be coming to see her. She tells him that she does not want a repeat of their picture that was splashed all over the magazines. He thinks she is avoiding him now because he did not go to the university? She tells him to stop being an enemy of progress but he is shocked at that.
Angela and Odun get back to meetBrenda in her office waiting for them. She asks them if the outing went well? Odun mentioned it and she encouraged him to go to foster good employee relations. Odun runs away and Angela asks Brenda if she is still as mosey as ever? Brenda accuses her of being naive and fluttering her eyelids. She tells Brenda that she is an asset to the company. Brenda wonders when Angela is an asset to any company?
Freddy asks Yahimba why she told him that story? He is sure that it is not real. She asks if he had rather believe that? He says that it does not scare him. He thinks that she made it up to scare him. She agrees that it is true. It just came to her out of the blue.

Next on Tinsel
Angela asks Brenda what she is doing there? Brenda claims it is a friendly visit. Angela tells her to get out. She tells Angela that she has her psychiatric details and it may not be very nice if it gets into the wrong hands.