Ene and Bimpe are standing outside Ene’s apartment. Ene hands Bimpe her mascara. Bimpe is still insisting that Ene throws Karen out. Ene says she would do no such thing. Bimpe is disappointed that Ene would turn her down, her own friend. She complains of how Soji was acting around Karen like he had never seen a celebrity before. Ene is fed up and leaves for work.
Brenda Mensah’s office. Brenda has a magazine in her hand. She places a call to detective Sankey and asks her if she has seen the latest edition of Tinsel town magazine. Sankey answers in the affirmative. She said she enjoyed the cartoon column the most. She loved the story about the ghosts. Brenda asks her if she has read the story written about them in the magazine. She reminds Brenda of the way she treated her the last time she was in her office. Brenda in her no nonsense fashion ignores her and goes ahead to read the story to her.
Fred Ade Williams’ residence. Yahimba is shown sitting outdoor. Freddie comes back from school and greets her. He makes to go into the house but Yahimba calls him back. She has a surprise for him. She hands him a key. It is the key to the room where his pet snake is being kept.
He is excited and goes on and on about how fascinating snakes are. He asks if he can go play with the snake. Yahimba says yes. Freddie points out there is one little problem, Granddad would not approve.
Yahimba says something to the effect that snakes are of two kinds, much like human beings; Those who hunt and those who lay in wait for the prey. She asks Freddie which category he belongs to. He says he is a hunter.
She tells him there is a way that he could make his Grandfather allow him keep the snake. She tells him his family believe he is prone to mood swings/ fickle minded ‘One moment he wants this, the next moment he wants that’ He would have to prove himself to them.
The Ade Williams’ sitting room. Brenda, Sheila and Yahimba are sitting in the room. Fred walks in and asks if they have read the interview Angela granted. She has soiled their names, his inclusive.
Ene and Soji are sitting in a restaurant talking about Karen and how frustrating she can be. Enes says she does not know when she is serious and when she is playing a practical joke. She dislikes the ways Karen pokes her and hits her like a punching bag (playfully of course). An announcement is made on tv of some illegal immigrants who were to be deported back to their country. As they watch, Ene’s eyes widen. “Soji, that’s Chuks”. Soji tries to reassure her that it might just be someone who looks like Chuks.
Suspicious, she asks him if he knows anything about it.
She gets a call from her mother who has seen Chuks on the news too. She tells her mother it wasn’t Chuks. “Mummy you too were deceived”
Agitated, Ene goes outside the restaurant and calls Mama London. Mama London says she cannot help her, she has not seen Chuks and does not know his whereabouts. She did not see him on his bed in the morning. She adds that Chuks is foolish. Unconcerned, she tells Ene she has to go, she doesn’t want to miss her bus.
Bimpe has seen the news of the deportation too. She calls Ene to ask how true it is. Ene beats around the bush and eventually denies knowing what Bimpe was talking about.
Ade Williams sitting room. Freddie shows his ‘Family Tree project’ on a projector to an audience of three; Fred, Sheila and Yahimba. They are impressed but Fred comments that Freddie did not get much information on Shiela’s family. Sheila is jittery. Freddie gives a hard copy of the project to Fred and Sheila and leaves the room.
Yahimba says how ‘proud Fred must be of his grandson’ He admits he is.
Sheila asks to be excused and goes out of the room. Stealing the opportunity, Yahimba joins Fred on the three seater and sits a little bit too close for comfort. They talk about Freddie. She stares longingly at Fred prompting him to ask if there was a problem. Oh no! She didn’t even realize she was staring. She was just thinking how handsome Fred must have been during his hey days and how much Freddie must be like him.
He agrees with her. Afterall, Freddie is his blood.
She suggests that Freddie be rewarded for a job well done. Fred contemplates and agrees to let little Freddie keep his pet.
Sheila is sitting by the pool side. She calls Angela and asks to meet up. There is something she needs to tell her. Angela refuses and tells her to say whatever it is over the phone. Sheila pleads and she relents. Sheila says she would send her the address of their meeting point.
Sheila walks back into the Ade Williams living room unexpectedly and finds Fred and Yahimba kissing. (Ha! Just kidding.) She finds them sitting close with Yahimba’s hand placed on Freds’ (A little touchy feely for my liking.)
She asks if she is missing something. Fred tells her of his decision to allow Freddie keep the snake. She is surprised and asks if her mother has anything to do with it. He answers ‘yes’ but the final decision was his. She pursues her lips. She clearly does not like the idea.
Yahimba goes to find Freddie. Sheila wonders aloud when her mother began to have a say in matters concerning Freddie.
The scene is a hotel. Angela knocks on a door and Sankey opens the door to a posh hotel room. Amaka and Brenda are also there. Angela looks at them and exclaims “And there were three” She remarks that she is surprised that Amaka could take time off from watching the Ade Williams family to be there. She asks of Sheila and is told that she isn’t around yet. She says she is going to grab some lunch and leaves the room.
Ene, Bimpe and Karen are walking. They are talking about Chuksy’s deportation and making suggestions to Ene as to how to go about the matter. Karen suggests the Ene goes to the Airport. Bimpe thinks she shouldn’t because of the traffic. She disagrees with all the suggestions Karen makes and they begin to argue. Karen says she knows what she is talking about.
Soon, they arrive at Ene’s apartment. In front of the door is a pair of shoes. They all stop in their track. Ene calls out “Chukwudi….” Chuksy’s full name and Chuks comes out of the room shame faced with his tail between his legs. Ene looks at him, disappointment written all over her face.
Hotel Room. Detective Sankey picks up the hotel menu and marvels at the price of Eba. Sheila arrives and asks after Angela. Brenda berates her for being late. There is a knock on the door. Everyone turns to look at Sankey (she is nearest to the door) and she gets up reluctantly and lets Angela in. Angela saunters into the room, looks at the women and says “Who among you witches wants to go first”
I wrote it half asleep. Forgive me for any inaccuracy.