Angela Dede’s hotel room. Angela browses on her laptop and sees unsavory comments about herself online. Clearly dejected, she places a call to Harriet and asks her how soon she can run her story.
Chuks and Ene’s apartment.(And by apartment I mean the bench she has been squatting on.)
Ene tells Soji she has found a room mate but tells him not to tell Chuks. He says that is a big thing she is asking him to do.
He asks who the room mate is. He hopes it is not a man because he would have a problem with that. (As if he is her husband, mtwssss)
Karen comes out and Soji stares at her with his mouth agape.
The Ade Williams residence. Sheila and Yahimba (with Amaka present) question Freddie on why he brought rats into the house, he says his Grandad said he should have a pet. (Not so sure if that was what he said)
Angela grants an interview to Harriet. In her interview, she says she just wants to make it clear that she was never at any time in danger. She says the experience has made her put her life in perspective. She says she paid a heavy price trying to please people who betrayed her. She gives no names.
Karen Igho fawns over Soji. She asks Ene where she has been hiding him. Soji asks Karen about her experience in the BB house. She tells him it was hard with all the cameras 2/47. She goes further to say she is staying with Ene as part of a research to see how people live.
Bimpe walks in and makes it clear to Karen that Soji is hers. Soji gets up and says he is leaving, Karen asks for his phone number. He gives it to her. Karen goes into the room and comes out with a picture of herself which she hands to Soji to remember her by.
Sheila places a call to Philip and asks if he is out of his mind to send a snake to Freddie. Sheila and Amaka berate him.
Yahimba in her overbearing nature joins in, Philip asks who the heck she is and she introduces herself. He tells them the snake is not poisonous. He is no fool to send a harmful snake to his nephew. He thanks them for the vote of confidence and ends the call.
Harriet continues her interview with Angela. She asks for names, Angela refuses to mention any but reiterates that she came to no harm.
Sheila asks Freddie why he would want a snake. He says he likes snakes since he started reading about them.
Sheila threatens to have the snake killed and calls out for Cosmos. Freddie begs her not to.
DAW’s office. Frank asks Dan what happened to Ota. He asks him not to worry about Ota and go back to work.
Dan places a call to Sheila and asks her for Angela Dede’s number.
Ene and Bimpe. Ene says Karen is a big problem. Bimpe asks her to kick her out. Ene says it is not possible because Karen has paid her rent. Bimpe asks her to choose between her and Karen. She is disappointed that Ene would choose Karen over her after knowing her longer and even asking her to be her bridesmaid. Ene reminds her she invited herself to the wedding.
Yahimba tells Freddie she would help him take care of his pet snake if he sticks for the rule. Freddie asks “nothing goes for nothing?”
Dan meets with Angela and they discuss Masters. He tells her about his experience with Masters in prison. He admits he missed playing chess with him. He tells her Masters is evil and advices her to stay away from him.
Angela does not agree with him.
Masters is brought to the prison waiting room to meet with his lawyer but the lawyer is not there. A warden tells him his lawyer has gone out to make a call. Master picks up a magazine with Angela’s face of the cover. He looks at it and smiles.
The end. Next. Soji and Ene watch tv. It is announced that some illegal immigrants were to be deported. Ene shouts “Soji, Chuks”