Freddy greets Yahimba and she chews him for lying around instead of doing his homework. He has only one and she insists that he does that. When he answers yes, ma, she chews him for calling her ma. She wants him to call her something else like grand ma. He protests that she is not his grand ma and she agrees. They eventually agreed on Ma Mba as her friends call her. He calls her mamba as the snake but she seizes his phone. He agrees to the new name.
Angela meets Masters who has been expecting her to come earlier. They discuss her escape and he apologizes for the wound on her leg. She does not hold it against him. He asks how she got to Asaba and she tells him. She asks how he has been coping in prison and what could have made him lose his nerves and stab Dan Ade-Williams. He asks her what she wants? She has feelings for him and she knows that he has feelings for her and asks him to accept it.
Karen and Ene come out of her room. She likes the place and asks Ene why she has been avoiding her calls? Did she change her mind? Ene says no. Karen wants to see the toilet and Ene insists that they work. She will see to it for a moment. She will be staying for a month and asks Ene for the rent and she says it is N50,000. Karen hands her an envelope saying it has N100,000. Half for the length and the other to get her to keep her gossip friends away from the flat. She does not want the place to turn to a tourist resort because Karen Igho stays there.
Majek meets Brenda finally and is happy to finally meet his client. She asks what he has got on Sheila but Majek has a question first. He wants to know whether Fred really seeks the investigation as Brenda claims. Brenda bluffs and says that Fred asked her to dig into Sheila and report to him on a need to know basis only. His health does not allow him cover everything. Majek refuses to agree that the Fred he saw recently is frail in health. Brenda snatches the file and starts reading as Majek asks if she will tell him the truth or should he call fred and tell him that Brenda is digging into his wife’s past in his name?
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Masters asks Angela why she ran from his protective custody if she had feelings for him? She had everything she wanted. She agrees but says she did not have her freedom. He asks why she came back to prison now that she is free? She came to tell him that she has seen his business, all the women and children. He says they are compensated for their efforts. She tells him about the travails of the people. One of them swallowed a bag of heroin and it burst in her stomach. He is hearing of it for the first time but will take care of it as that is not good for both business and morale.
Karen tells Ene to remove her load and make space for her. Ene asks how much of her things she is bringing in and when she is moving in? she will bring only a what she needs and she is moving in immediately. She also needs her set of keys and asks Ene to come and help her move some of her properties!
Brenda asks Majek to keep down his phone and accepts that Fred is not in on the investigation. She thinks that he may be in trouble with Sheila. He tells her that she is not known for her magnanimity. She asks of his opinion on Sheila and he tells her that Sheila may have baggage but Brenda is not any better. She agrees he is perceptive. He asks her to tell him everything she knows if she wants him to work with her. She tells him about her concerns about Sheila, her mother turning up, her many marriages, etc. She wants him to help dig it all up.
Angela says she came to thank Masters for all he has taught her. He has made her a stronger person. She has never met a more honest person but he has taught her so much. He asks her why she did not testify against him in court? He accuses her of being selfish again. She tells him that she thought they had future but this is the last time she is coming here. He tells her that he thought that she is through with lying to herself. She insists that she will never come back but hesitates. He continues to tell her that she is not telling herself the truth. As she is leaving, he tells her that only one of them is free!
Ene complains of the load in Karen’s bag and asks what is in the bag? She says it is only her make-up. Ene thinks she is joking but Karen tells her that in this industry, it is all about packaging. She asks Ene about the picture she saw in her flat and asks if that is her brother or boyfriend? Ene says it is her husband. Karen is surprised that she is staying alone and asks what happened? Are they separated or what? Ene says he has to travel. Karen tells her that when she marries, she will not allow her husband to stay away from her for one day. Ene tells her to be patient. It will soon be her turn. She tells Ene that she has been searching for Mr. right for so long and can no lonegr wait for him to show up. Meanwhile, she is tried and wants to take a nap and hopes that Ene will help her bring in the rest of the property from the car. Meanwhile, she hopes the couch will not be too hard on Ene as she is going to sleep on the bed! Ene protests but Karen tells her that she must be kidding if she thinks Karen Igho will sleep on a couch!
Brenda asks Majek what he has found out? There is a Sheila Davenport that stood trial for killing her husband but she claimed it was euthanasia and was acquitted. Majek looks like, so? She asks why he did not tell Fred about it? Majek tells her that Fred aready knows. She wonders why he did not do anything and Majek reminds her that Sheila was acquitted!
Tinsel, Proudly Connected by Airtel.
Angela bounces into Dr. Ibrahim’s office and thanks him for seeing her. He tells her that she forced a cancellation but had to see her because he feels that her meeting did not go as expected. She insists that it went well. She loves the man and she knows he loves her but she has to stop seeing him. Dr. Ibrahim thinks it is for the best. She wonders why it feels sad and he reminds her that their relationship was extreme.
Amaka wonders how Sheila is settling into the new house, etc. Sheila tells her she is fine. Yahimba comes in and Amaka greets her and she asks if they mind an old lady sitting in on their discussion? Sheila says if she insists. Freddy comes in and Amaka takes her to go and get some drinks. Yahimba asks Freddy if he has finished his homework? He tells her yes, Ma Mba. As he leaves with Amaka, Sheila asks her what he just called her? She explains that Freddy will not call her Grand Ma so they arrived at a middle ground. Sheila laughs at how she has made a nickname out of a name that was not hers in the first place? Yahimba says it works just as well as Sheila!
Ene insists that she will not sleep on the couch. Karen insists that she has been scammed. Ene is surprised at what she is saying and as she makes to step away from Karen, she blocks her way and tells her that she cannot be scammed! She holds onto a shaking Ene and tells her that she cannot be scammed. As a Warri girl, Ene cannot cheat her after all the money she paid. She suddenly starts laughing and tells Ene that she needed to see her face. She looked like she was about to pee herself! She was only joking!
Angela tells Dr. Ibrahim how Masters keeps her on her toes, etc. he tells her these are symptoms of… She tells him that she has read of all the symptoms of Stockholm’s Syndrome. She thinks she fell in love with him before he held her hostage. He tells her that she needs counseling but she will not continue talking. It is time for action! She packs her bags and leaves.