The journalists rush questions at Angela but she insists that she has no comments and pushes her door closed.
Freddy tells Yahimba who is arranging flowers that he is off to work. It is his last day at work. He stops and comes back to ask why she insisted hat Sheila had a knife at her neck yesterday? It is different from what he saw when he came to the patio. Yahimba says she was right but Freddy insists he saw a different thing. She then thanks God that he did not see what she did just before he came in. Sheila frightened her so much…she claims.
Salewa sees TTK off. She comments on how dressed-up TTK is and TTK tells her that she is taking control of their destinies. Salewa wonders if she has given up on her not making the admission list. TTK is going to ensure that she goes to that school one way or the other. Salewa is worried and hopes that she is not going to go and pay someone to get her admitted to school.
Sankey waltzes into Angela’s room in her green T-shirt, flowing multi-colored skirt and trainers and goes ahead to sift through Angela’s handbag. She snatches it away from her & Sankey ends up on the bed & grabs the nearest object to her as she starts asking where Angela has been etc. Angela says that it looks like she still has some loose nuts in her head. She wants to know where Angela has been & why she did not turn up earlier? Angela tells her that she is tired & just going out to get some breakfast. Sankey relaxes deeper on the bed. Angela wonders what she is doing? She is waiting for breakfast & asks Angela to order some room service. When Angela will not do that, she gets up & asks her to stop by the police station when she can as she waltzes out!
Salewa tries to stop TTK from leaving their palatial compound. TTK tells her not to ask too many questions or she will hear lies. Salewa asks what she is going to do? Every school has a second list & she will try and get her on it. Salewa begs her not to worry. She will probably go not music and has discussed same with Tokunbo. TTK tells her to perish the thought. She must go to university as she storms off.
Freddie runs in excitedly & Yahimba stops him & asks what he has that he is excited about? He has a DVD of Uncle Philip’s new movie! He is going to watch that on his laptop. Yahimba sits him down and asks him after his work in the studio and what he finds interesting there? Freddy tells her it was awesome and describes the equipment.
Mrs. Haruna is furious with Emile for abandoning that poor girl at a public bar. She has been spending the last 20 minutes apologizing to her mum. Emile is sorry & asks her to apologize on his behalf. She will do no such thing. He will have to call them himself. He will find time and do that but Mrs. H insists that he must do so today. She asks him what came over him? He tells her Angela! Mrs. H drops her voice and reminds him that it is time to let go and move on. He insists that she was there and they left the place together! Mrs. H tells him that it is time for him to leave her whether dead or alive. He surprises her by agreeing with her and says that she is not worth it!
Salewa and Carol discuss her school as they dress their bed. Salewa is not bothered about school but Carol insists that it is the right thing. A lot of kids will readily switch places with her. She says that they can have her place. Jus then Carol goes to get the door and insists that whoever is there cannot come in. He insists that he will only be a while and Toks walks in. Salewa tells Carol that it is ok. Toks comes n & Salewa tells him that her mum insists hat she must go to the university. He agrees that t is the right decision. She is not happy with him & thinks he could not convince his father but it is not that. She needs to get her education. She wonders what will happen to their plans for shows, etc? He tells her hat they can always do hat when she is through with school. He is however bothered that he will not be seeing much of her if she leaves. She reminds him hat she has not been seeing so much of him but suggests that they both go to the university. He thinks about it but says no. He is a teen pop star & can only be relevant now. Carol comes in and reminds Salewa that she will be in trouble if TTK comes in. She tells Toks to come with her to the park. He tells her to go check for her name on the school website and when she asks what will happen if her name is not there? He thinks it is then a sign that she should not go.
Fred meets Freddy watching Phillip’s movie on his laptop. He asks if Freddy is on the Internet? Fiddle tells him what he is doing. Fred tells him he can spend two hours daily on the Internet to help him with his homework. He asks what Freddy is doing? Freddy excitedly talks about the clips Phillip sent. He even included some behind the scene shots. Fd asks what he thinks? He talks excitedly about what he learnt. He found it so cool especially the note Pjillip sent him explaining everything. Fred asks if Phillip said when he is coming back? No.
Sankey meets Angela n a neutral place as she refused to come to the police station. She starts the interview which she is recording by saying who they are and the purpose of the interview. She asks where Angela has been for the past 6 months? She does not know. She answers all the questions aggressively. She does not know who held her but she was held against her will. She just got back yesterday. Was she held by Alhaji Abubakar’s men? No answer. Sankey asks after her blood that was found at an apartment? She got injured while trying to escape. By Alhaji Abubakar’s men? No answer. Sankey ells her that she has to give her more than that.
Yahimba and Freddy flip through the Ade-Williams family album as Fred enters. She tells him how they have been enjoying the colorful pictures. He asks her if she has pictures of her family? She pretends she does not know what he is asking after but Freddie reminds her. Fred asks where the pictures are? She does not know where they are. She has been moving so much that she does not know where they might be. He asks if she has been running from something? Of course not. He suggests that the pictures might be in the last house she stayed in with her late husband. She agrees that it may be there. he tells her that they have a reliable courier company who will pick up the album. He will call them immediately.
Sankey asks Angela that she thought they were on the same side working to bring Masters down. She wonders what has changed? Angela insists that nothing has changed. Sankey asks why she did not contact her when she escaped? Maybe she wanted to be on her own. Sankey reminds her that if she had testified, Masters could have been put away for ten instead of three years. She threatens to have Angela arrested and she asks her for what? Obstruction of justice, Sankey claims. Angela reminds her that she left and came back and dares her to go ahead with the arrest as she picks her bag, adjusts her dainty short blue dress and sashays out on a hapless Sankey.
Toks and Salewa sit in the car and tries to get to the school site on his smart phone. As he gets there & asks her to open the site, she insists that he does so. her phone rings and TTK asks her to get her identity card for her. Salewa wounds why she did not go out with it? TTK clarifies that she wants Salewa to get her films she acted in. Some people here do not believe who she says she is. Salewa asks where she should bring the films to? Her school. She is being detained here.
Sheila turns back when she sees Yahimba sitting in the hut. Yahimba stops her by telling her that a situation which she might want to handle herself has arisen. She tells Yahimba to cook up a lie herself as she always does. Fred wants to see their family picture. Sheila is not bothered and thinks that it is time Fred learns the truth Yahimba reminds her that she has as much to lose if the truth comes out.

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Yahimba warns a defiant Sheila not to come out the truth. She should wait until she looks into Fred’s eyes to realize how difficult it is!