Sho wondered whether she is seeing a ghost. She was sure she read that she is dead. As she prattled on, Emile leaves her and goes over to meet Angela. He asks whether she is alive? She is. He is afraid to even touch her. He eventually touched and hugged her.
TTK asks Dan what his daughter is talking about skipping school? She tells Salewa that she can understand her shock at missing out on the admission but she is not going to allow her be treated as a drop out by Sho and the rest. Dan reminds her that Salewa has not entered school and thus cannot be a drop out. Salewa says she is not abandoning school completely. She wants to defer her admission for a while. TTK will not hear of that and even if it means buying her a place in school, she will do that. He tells her not to do things that will push Salewa away from them. TTK agrees that they will present a united front. Just then, Toks calls and as Salewa mentions his name, TTK grabs the phone and accused him of being the one putting Salewa up to this. Salewa grabs the phone back and tells Toks that they will meet later.
Brenda taunts Fred about Sheila’s meltdown. She thinks that Sheila is being as much a mirage as her spa. She never knew that Sheila had such a wild side as she just displayed. Fred wonders why girls and their mothers are always at each others’ throat? Monica and her mother Anjuola had the same relationship. Brenda tells him that Sheila is not a teenager and she is about to have an apocalypse with her mother! She tries to talk Fred into investigating Sheila but Fred is not up to it.
Sho records Angela and Emile at the Garden Restaurant. Emile is furious at Angela for not contacting him leaving him to mourn her. He searched everywhere for her. She tells him that it is complicated. When that did not satisfy him, she asks that they go and talk it over in her hotel room. He agrees and storms out. Sho calls Harriet to tell her that she will not believe who she just saw at Gardens Restaurant. She asks Harriet to get there quickly with her cheque book.
Toks asks his driver to leave them alone for a moment. He asks Salewa about her parents but she wonders why he still does not know how to drive? He does but does not drive very often. She asks after his father but he does not want to talk about him. He asks what her parents were arguing about? Salewa tells him that they were arguing about her admission and she does not understand TTK’s obsession with the admission. She talks about how she has gone around talking about her being admitted even before the result came out. He tells her that it is the same with his father. Failure is not an option for their generation.
Amaka gets to the spa and meets them closing at midday. She asks what is going on and the girl says Sheila asked them to close. Amaka insists that she has an appointment. She asks where Sheila is and the girl grudgingly reveals that she is in the garden. She looks very unhappy.
Angela and Emile get to Angela’s room. He asks where she has been and that everyone thought she was dead. She reveals that Masters’ men held her captive in a house in Lagos. He wondered why she did not inform him? She tells him that she was not exactly free to go out. He tells her that the police found her blood in a house. She tells him that it happened when she tried to escape. She escaped to Asaba to stay with her father. He flares up that she did not try to contact him.
Toks and Salewa talk some more. She is not sure that she failed the exam. He asks what she meant? She says that she used a different name to enter for the exam. He asks the name she used? Ladoja. It is a name her grandparents gave her when they brought her up. He wonders why? She tells him that she wants to start afresh. She does not want to cope with the drama of being TTK’s daughter. He asks why she is not using her father’s name then? She cannot cope with being the daughter of a convicted murderer. She tells him that people have been harassing her all over the place, even in London. Even his father does not like her because of it and his fans have been tweeting trash about her because of it. He wonders why she is not telling her parents about the name she used so that they can check for it? She may not be ready to go to the university yet.
Amaka meets Sheila where she is resting in the garden and when she greets her, Sheila reminds her that she told them to lock up and leave. When she realizes it is Amaka, she asks if Fred sent her? No. she came for her manicure appointment. They talk for a while and Sheila asks her what her relationship with her mother was like.
Emile is not happy with Angela for not contacting him. He tells her that he went to the Ade-Williams after Masters was convicted and they were having a party. Yes, they were celebrating even though she was still missing. He was the only person that cared. It occurs to him that she came back because Masters has been convicted and he flares up. She tells him that she will not continue to defend herself before him. He leans in to kiss her but she pushes him away and he leaves.
Toks tells Salewa that it is big decision not to go to school. Most of the big people are drop outs. As he reels out their names, she reminds him that it includes him. He did not go to school but he is doing quite well. Maybe she can concentrate on her singing. He brightens up and tells her that they can work together and he will make her a star. He has been thinking of setting up a record label. They can even go on tour together. She tells him not to talk about it if he is not serious about it. He is serious but she tells him that his father will not allow them work together. He tells her that he cannot control everything.
Brenda and Ene come out on her way home. She asks if Ene has found the investigator she asked after? Ene gives her Majek’s contact details and she calls and tells him that he was recommended by her father and she will like to hire him.
Fred meets Yahimba outside and asks her if she has seen Sheila? No and she did not come home last night and her car is not there either. While they are at it, Sheila drives in and they all stop and watch her. Yahimba asks her where she was and she just turns and walks into the house.
Nero calls Angela and asks where she has been? He has been trying to contact her. She apologizes but she just turned on her phone. He asks where she is and she says she had to get back. Back to what? She left him a note but he said he threw the blasted note away. he wonders how she could run back to that town where that horrible man nearly destroyed her? One minute they were planning a trip together, the other minute she disappeared. She tells him that she is now stronger and had to leave. As he continues, she tells him she has to go and clicks off. She throws open her door and is mobbed by a horde of journalists and photographers!