TTK argues with Salewa about going off to campus. She does not want her to stay in the hostel. Does she know how messy the toilets are? Salewa tells her that she does not want to get into traffic. They get into a shouting match and Salewa says she will not go to school again and storms out as Carol rushes in with a newspaper. The admission list is out. TTK snatches the paper and checks but Salewa’s name is not there!
Dan tries to console Yahimba as Fred comes in. he asks what is going on and Dan tells him that he heard shouting from the kitchen and as he rushes in, Sheila rushed out. Fred asks Yahimba if she is okay? She says she is okay and asks him to check on his wife. Fred goes to check on Sheila and while Dan goes to get Yahimba some water, Yahimba grimaces.
Sankey welcomes Emile. He is not happy that she did not tell him about Masters’ sentence. He had to read it in the newspaper. He complains about the short sentence and Sankey asks if he knew all the eople that worked hard to get Masters locked up at all? Angela, Bartholomew, etc. she tells him that they cannot keep Masters away for longer than that.
Fred meets Sheila in the hut and asks her what is going on? She turns back and screams that she warned him about this. He asks her to slow down and tell him what is happening? She tells him that that woman always gets under her skin and when she eventually reacts, she appears to be the bad person. He tells her that she has an hour to cool down and settle whatever issues she has with her mother as adults!
TTK frets at the newspaper as Salewa rushes in to meet her. She is bothered about the non-appearance of Salewa’s name on the list. Salewa tells her that if she cannot get into National University of Nigeria, she can always go to another school. TTK insists that she must go to NUN or abroad. Salewa asks her with which money? She calls Dan and Dan tells her that he cannot talk now. He will call her later. She insists that nothing can be more important than Salewa’s future but Dan insists that he will call her back as soon as possible and drops. TTK gets on the phone with the school and Sho calls Salewa to tell her that she has been accepted into a school in Hawaii. Salewa asks her that she thought she was going to Harvard? TTK hears that and assumes that Sho is going to Harvard and gets so worked up that she goes to lie down.
Mrs. Haruna comes into her office and is surprised to meet Emile.
Fred sits down with Yahimba. Yahimba tells him that she must be a terrible mother but he tells her not to worry. She asks what her daughter said? Just then, Brenda comes in and asks what she walked into? Fred tells her that it is not a good time. She insists that she is family and sits down. Dan comes out with Freddie but says he will have to go out. Fred asks Yahimba what happened and as she starts to talk, Sheila comes out and says that she will speak for herself.
Peju calls TTK to ask for a quote on Salewa’s missing name from the admission list. TTK shouts her down and tells her that it must be a mistake from the school computers. She will expect an apology from Peju when the error is corrected soon for calling her a liar. She then calls Dan and shouts at him to come immediately.
Mrs. Haruna tells Emile that it is good that Masters has finally been convicted. Emile says it is not long enough considering what he did to Angela. She tries to encourage him to concentrate on his work at the company but he reminds her that he has his own business to run, though he enjoys working there. She talks about the fellow that has replaced Angela, who thinks that Emile is doing a good job in the office.
Fred asks Yahimba to enlighten them on what happened. She goes into a long-winding story about her no longer understanding the ways of the world. In the past, whatever mothers did was for the love of their children. She must have provoked Sheila to do that. To do what? Fred asks. When she will not say, Fred asks Freddie what happened? He says he does not know but he came in and saw Sheila with a knife! Everyone gasps. Sheila claps for her and says bravo. Fred asks Sheila what she was doing with a knife? She refuses to say anything and Fred asks if Yahimba is okay but she tells them that they should not worry about her but about the poor boy who will be traumatized. Freddie says he does not know… as Yahimba keeps going on, Brenda tells her that they have heard enough of this boy. Fred tells her not to interfere.
Mrs. Haruna meets Emile trying to go out. He wants to get breakfast. His mum tells him to wait. She wants him to meet someone, a friend’s niece. He asks if she has hooked him up again? She says she has not. She asks that he waits a while because if she cancels the meeting, the girl and her mother will be offended. Emile tells her to tell the girl to meet him at Ziggy’s in fifteen minutes. His mum is bothered that 15 minutes is too short for her to get there. He tells her that that will determine how much she wants to meet him.
Dan asks TTK if that is why she dragged him down there? She wonders if Salewa’s future is not good enough? He asks what she expects him to do about this? She suggests that he goes to the school to correct the mistake or get Fred to call someone to intervene. Dan reminds her that he does not feel very comfortable asking Fred for favours. She also mentions that she had told Peju that Salewa is going to be admitted to NUN and it was aired last night. Peju is now calling to find out why Salewa’s name is missing from the list. Dan wonders whether they are still worrying about Salewa or TTK?
Emile meets Sho who prattles on about herself and wonders how she made it to the bar so fast? She says she does not live very far and is shopping in a shoe shop down the road. She lets go that she will soon be going to the university. He sees an outlet there and asks how soon she will be leaving but she says she still have some time. It suddenly occurs to her that she has seen his face before and wonders where she knew him from? He tells her that he is not famous. She fishes out her blackberry and sees his picture with Titan. Emile swears that he will kill Titan. Sho tells him that she used to like his music but he is no longer her type. She still thinks that she knew him from somewhere and as she racks her brain, she recalls that he has a famous girlfriend and she tries to recall who it is, she sees Angela behind him and calls her name. he follows her line of sight and sees her!
Fred demands an explanation from Sheila for what happened? She refuses to talk at first but eventually tells them that she was provoked. Yahimba says it is true but wonders if it is enough to warrant waving a knife at your mother? Fred asks Sheila for an answer to that? Brenda did not think that Sheila had it in her but wants to hear the reason. Sheila storms off without saying anything. While they were wondering what was going on and Yahimba has a gloat on her face, Sheila storms back in with the knife and the plate of oranges and wonders how she is being interrogated in her house for waving a knife while peeling oranges. She dumps the orange and peels on the floor and leaves. Fred wonders what is going on!

Next on Tinsel
Salewa and Titan are in his car and she tells him that maybe they should forget all this book things for a while and talk about something else like music. He tells her excitedly that he will help her. She can come into his studio and they can do a duet. He has been thinking of setting up a record label and he can make her a star. She can even open his shows for him. She tells him to stop now if he is joking!