A fuller-figured Angela and Nero discuss their work on mentally-disturbed patients in their centre. He asks for her opinion on the news from Lagos. She thinks there is nothing to discuss. He thinks that 3 years seems to be a slap on the wrist for the man. Maybe if she had testified, he would have been put away for a longer period. She still thinks there is nothing to discuss even after he reminds her that he abducted her and disrupted her life. When he asks after his goons that. Have watched her since she arrived there, she excuses herself from the dining table.
Yahimba meets Freddy and asks if he had a good dinner? She asks what he is doing on his laptop? He is chatting with a friend. She finds it difficult the way today’s youths have replaced civilized discussions with chats, etc. He believes that it is easier and she quarrels with their penchant for making things easier and losing the substance and aesthetics. As he Googles aesthetic, she asks if he is listening to her? In their days, they wen out to dance, etc. Freddy dies not dance. She tells him that he should as she still dances even at her age.
Peju calls TTK to ask after Salewa. She wants to ge Salewa’s views on the pardon of her father as she was quite vocal during the protests for his freedom. TTK tells her that Salewa is quite happy but is busy preparing to go to the university. She is goin to be attending the National University of Nigeria to study theatre arts just like her mother. Peju is impressed but wonders how tha happens as the list is not even out yet. TTK insists that she is sure of her facts and can be quoted on that.
Angela opens the door and calls Masters’s man and tells him that he has a call from Masters. When Malik enters, she tells him that Masters has been sent to jail for 3 years. Hep is job is done so he can leave now.
Yahimba teaches Freddy who knows next to nothing about dancing how to dance. She is surprised that Fred, who is a great man of culture had not taught Freddy how to dance. Freddy wants to go to a real club one day. Sheika walks in in them and Yahimba tells him about Sheila’s first dance and the fine dress she wore that day.
Salewa’s friend’s congratulate her on the conviction of Masters. They are happy at Salewa’s fathers testimony which helped to convict the man. Sho wants to take a picture with him so that she can publish it on Twitter. Salewa asks after admissions. Some of them are finding it rough but Now it is over for one of them. Salewa tells her that she is lucky but Sho says she is not lucky as her school is not even in Lagos. The others do not mind. Sho tells them she is going to school n America. She has applied to John Hopkins and Harvard and will have to choose.
Nero asks Angela if she thinks that they have seen the last of Malik? He thinks that now that Masters has been sent to jail, it will give her some closure. He asks her to ell him everything that happened to her. She insists that she has told him everything. he reminds her that she arrived injured and bleeding and insisted that he does not rep or to the authorities. She reminded him that he promised not to ask all these questions. He promised back then because it was clear she was in all sorts of trouble. She did not want the authorities to know she was there. He tells her that they only wanted her to testify. She tells him that as long as she stayed out of sight, nothing would have happened. He wonders why she could have avoided testifying against a man who tried to kill her. In the past, she reminds him. He wonders if she is defending him now?
Salewa and her friend’s, who are having a night-in discuss admissions, how they met, the possibilities of ending up n different universities and the possible demise of Shally’s Angels. TTK breezes in and jumps on the bed like a teenager to Salewa’s horror!
Nero asks Angela to start from the beginning. When she does not talk, he asks her to start from the day she got there and walk backwards. She insists ha he will not understand as he was not there. He grieves for not being there for her when she needed him. She assures him that it was not his fault. He insists that he should have come to Lagos the day she called to ask if he has been kidnapped. She tells him that if he had interfered with Masters, he would have been dead now. That got his attention.
TTK insists that they should do the sleepiness more often. Salewa who does not agree with her asks if she will carry herself and her pajamas to Sho’s house if they are doing it there? She thinks they should then do it only in her house. The girls tell her that apart from Bimbo, the rest are worried about the admission. Sho says she is not. TTK tells them that Salewa is going to NUN. Sho patronizes her, telling her she speaks so well it is difficult to believe she schooled in Nigeria. She gushes at that and says it is the result of rigorous work and frequent trips abroad.
Yahimba joins Sheila who is peeling oranges in the pal our and asks her what is for breakfast? Sheila tells her to ask Cosmas. She asks whether Sheila is going to work? Sheila says nothing. She asks how long the cold shoulder will last for? Sheila asks her aboutbher school dance. Yahimba recounts the day in details though Sheila disagrees with some of her account. She wonders what became of her date that day? Sheila tells her that he is dead.
TTK comes out to meet Salewa seeing her friend’s off and gushes at them. She sends them off & asks TTK whether she is okay? Se is not normally this happy. TTK will discountenance that insult and asks Salewa to go and get ready for shopping. Salewa asks whatbthey are shopping for? Her school things. She wonders why they are going shopping when her name is not on the list yet? TTK tells her to get going. She asks whether she can get an electric cooker? For what? TTK asks? She tells Salewa that she will be going to school from that house. Salewa quarrels with that decision.
Yahimba tells Shela that the older you get, the more people you see die and it reminds you if your own mortality. Death has claimed so many people,including her father. Sheila does not miss a beat. Yahimba asks her why se is not interested in knowing where her father is buried so that she can go and pay her last respect? Sheila is not interested but Yahimba insists that she must go and pay her las respect or her father’s memory will haunt her.
Nero asks why Angela is not going to work? She has so much to do. He suggests that they take a trip together to Ecuador now that Masters U’s behind bars. They can get some work done with other NGOs there.
Sheila asks if Yahimba is seriously that delusional? Yahimba reminds her that if she does not go to visit her father’s grave, the guilt will catch up with her. She reminds Sheila that he is her father and she cannot deny that. Sheila flares up at hat and waving the knife she is using to peel the oranges, accuses Yahimba of being delusional now as she was then. Yahimba insists that it is n the past now. As they argue and Sheila wave her knife hand, Freddy comes in and alarmed, screams Aunty Sheila! Yahimba sees him and suddenly changes to please my daughter, don’t kill me!