TTK breaks off from Dan and gushes that it is marvelous news and they can now breathe a sigh of relief. She picks up her glass and tells him that the drink has lost its sparkle. He tells her that he was enjoying the sparkle. He proposes a toast to 3 years as he gives her the look. She asks what is wrong with him whether he cannot speak again? He tells her that she was so elated by the news that she kissed him on the cheeks. She tells him that it was a friendly gesture. She leaves the table and tells him to meet her in the car.
Bimpe is in front of the camera talking about her fans when a call comes in and she says she does not know who it is. She picks the call and it is Ohakanu who goes ahead to praise her for being there for their fans unlike Telema who he called all sorts of names. If Telema was a hand grenade, Bimpe is an atom bomb. He is going home to remove the shrine he built for Telema and replace that with one for Bimpe. That got Bimpe worried and she drops the phone. Harriet asks who that is and whether the person is okay?
Amaka meets Fred to talk about Sheila. Fred asks whether she showed any form of grief? Amaka did not notice any. Fred talks about how he knows nothing about Sheila and when Amaka asks what he will do next, he tells her that Brenda suggested that he investigates Sheila. He is considering it. That does not sit very well with Amaka.
An elated Sankey walks into the station and tells Segun that they did it. They have put Alhaji Abubakar away for 3 years. She asks Segun who does not seem to share her enthusiasm to order some drinks. Segun then asks if she does not think that 3 years is too little for Alhaji Abubakar? He will soon be out of the prison. Sankey tells him that she plans to find further reasons to keep him there for as long as possible. Segun laments that if they had been able to find Angela? Sankey orders him to stop dampening her mood and go get the drinks. As he leaves, she tells Bartholomew that they did it, but lamented that he is not there to see it.
Bimpe meets Ene in her office and Ene asks if she is there to see her old boss? Bimpe asks if she is around? Ene says yes and as she tries to run away, Ene tells her she is joking. She asks what Bimpe is doing there? Bimpe claims that she finished early and stopped by. She gets a message and is worried at the barrage of messages she is getting from Ohakanu. Ene asks what is wrong and she shows her the messages all talking about how she is better than Telema. Ene looks at the messages and recognizes Ohakanu. Bimpe says that at least he recognizes talent.
Segun comes back to the station and tells Sankey that the drinks will be there shortly. He however notices that she is bent in thought. He asks if she is okay? She says she is but needs to make a phone call. She wants to call Brenda and tell her the news about the verdict. She changes her mind and decides to do that in person.
Amaka thinks that investigating Sheila is a big decision. She asks if Sheila’s past could pose any dangers to the family? He does not know what to think. She asks if he is going to use Majek? Yes, he will and that way, whatever he fishes out will stay within the family. Amaka tells him that sometimes keeping your past away may be the best. She draws a corollary from her past when she met Nero and had to keep the story of her pregnancy away for a while. Fred tells her that Sheila hid away her family from him.
Sankey goes to meet Brenda and tells her about the conviction of Alhaji Abubakar for three years. Brenda is surprised that three years is all they could come up with. Sankey tells her that they probably could have done better if she had cooperated with them. Brenda asks her if she was expecting her to do police work for her? Sankey tells her that they should all go out and have a girls night-out to celebrate. Celebrate? With you? Brenda asks. Sankey asks her what is wrong with that? Is her dressing not good enough for Brenda’s fashion sense? Brenda is not very enthusiastic. Sankey tells her that she will come back to her the next time she needs help with Masters. She may even need help to save her company. Brenda calls Ene to come and see Sankey out of the office!
Ene sees Sankey off who stalks away angrily as Bimpe smiles at another message. Ene asks if it is also from her admirer? Just then, Brenda storms out of her office and Bimpe scampers into the next room. Brenda tells Ene she is leaving and when Ene asks what she would have her do, she instructs her to check her diary and mail her any changes. As she leaves, Bimpe comes back out listening to a song from Ohakanu on the phone. Ene joins her but warns her to take it easy with that guy.
Brenda meets Fred and tells him about the sentencing of Alhaji Abubakar. He has heard and wonders why she came to see him so early? He was expecting her to hold grudges over Dan’s film. She says she may be a new person. He tells her that he has accepted her advice to investigate Sheila. She asks what made him change his mind? He tells her about the death of her father and how she has been treating her mother. She tells him that he has taken a brave decision and the result will be a whiff of fresh air.
Ene asks Bimpe why Ohakanu is fussing over her? She tells Bimpe that Ohakanu is not okay. He is a drunk and has some loose screws in his head. Bimpe thinks that Ene is hating because she has a stalker. Ene tells her that the guy used to camp in front of Telema’s house doing nothing. She thinks that he may be using that as an opportunity to get back at Bimpe for stealing Telema’s man. Bimpe tells her that she is envious of her having a stalker. All celebrities have stalkers. Ene asks her not to encourage Ohakanu.
Fred asks Brenda to draw from her own experience and tell him what could have made Sheila turn her back on her family? She says that it depends on what Sheila considers unforgivable. She thought that Sheila would have opened up to Fred. Fred confesses that he knows nothing about her. She encourages him to go ahead and find out as much as he can.
Bimpe get shome and Ohakanu calls her. She tells him to take it easy as people may think he is stalking her. He tells her that stalking is such a strong word. She asks why he is following her all over the place? He tells her that it is not very different from people following her on Twitter. He tells her to check her door. He did a little research and found out that all she eats is Indomie. He does not think that it is healthy. He also found out that she does not drink enough water. She asks if he has been digging through her thrash? He says it is just this one time. She warns him to stop and he asks if he should come and take the grocery back? For where? She tells him to ensure that he gets better vegetables the next time and to ask them to cut it into smaller pieces. Also, he should not call her phone again that day. He is killing her battery. He salutes as she clips off.
Fred calls Majek to set up a meeting. He wants him to take up another job. Dan comes in and he tells him that he is having Sheila investigated. Dan asks him if he is ready to live with what he will find out? You don’t open Pandora’s box except if you are ready to live with the contents.
Sankey calles Mr. Mukoro to tell him that Alhaji Abubakar has been sentenced to jail for three years. He tells her it is okay and drops the call as someone walks into the room behind him. Sankey is baffled at the speed with which he fobbed her off and tells Segun so. Nero however turns to Angela to tell her that he has been sent to jail. She asks for how long? Three years he says as he cuddles her!

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Yahimba yells at her knife-wielding daughter not to go ahead with it. Freddie screams as he walks into Sheila threatening her mother with a knife.