Dan confronts Ota over the stealing. He is shocked that Ota can steal from him after all they went through. Ota asks what they went through? Accuses Dan of taking advantage of him by paying him that paltry salary. Dan wonders why Ota put the blame on the bank the first time he asked after the fraud? Ota grabs his things to go but Dan will not let him go till he refunds every penny he stole from them. He fights with Dan.
Sheila is ready to leave for the spa and asks Cosmo for Fred. Cosmo tells him that Fred has gone out to see a friend and Dan but called to say he is going to the sports club. Sheila tells him to tell Fred then when he is back. Cosmo lets out that Yahimba was around when Fred called and she spoke with him. She said that it has been a while since played golf and went out to join him.
Dan knocks Ota to the floor. Ota asks him to go ahead and finish him off like he killed Varere. Dan leaves him and tells him that he expects to see him at work the next day.
Peju wraps up her interview with Kwame and tells Kwame that it went well. Kwame ribs her that it is unusual with her shows. She asks him about a rumour she has been hearing that Bimpe and Soji never came back together after Kenya. Kwame denies that it is true. Peju presses on and refers to the blow out Bimpe and Soji had at Tripple Crown. The story is all over social media. Kwame denies it but Peju tells him that she smells a scoop and will keep digging. Kwame calls Harriet and asks for a meeting in half an hour.
Yahimba and Fred share a story about their golf game on their way home. Fred complains that he has not been able to get Sheila interested in golf. Yahimba commends his game and the discussion devolves to his charming ways. Yahimba wonders how he managed to snag her pretty daughter.
TTK meets Dan re-arranging the up-turned chairs in the office and asks what happened. Kaneng walks in to meet them and TTK tells her that the office is meant for only staff! Kaneng came to inform Dan that the verdict in the case against Masters will be delivered the next day and ask him to attend the court sitting. Dan is not very keen on that.
Kwame meets Harriet and discusses the relationship between Soji and Bimpe. Harriet tells him that they are shooting a make-up scene for the couple. She reminds him that couples always fight in real life. He tells Harriet that Bimpe is sniffing around the relationship and orders her to fix the relationship.
Yahimba and Fred gets home and share a gist about the game. As they were discussing, Sheila joins them and Yahimba leaves them. She asks him what his game is? He tells her it is golf. Her mum was bored and he took her out. She does not know that his job description now includes entertaining bored women. He tells her that he is forced to spend time with Yahimba because she is avoiding her. He is not used to treating old women shabbily and is too old to learn new tricks.
Kaneng thinks that Dan will benefit from being at the delivery of the verdict tomorrow. He will consider that. She asks him to get a doctor to look at his lips and leaves. TTK tells him that that woman will do everything to be with him. She could have had the discussion on the phone. Dan is surprised that she is making it about herself. He tells her that the verdict could be not guilty and Masters could be out on the streets as early as tomorrow! She tells him that it will never happen. Masters is going to be put away this time around. They take a bet that if Masters is convicted, Dan will take TTK out to lunch or dinner. Brenda calls and asks if Dan has come to his senses and is ready to continue with the movie? He tells her he was in his right senses when he said no.
Soji tells Bimpe that the photographer has gone and it is time for him to go too. She wonders how he will get home? It is already late but he tells her he can take care of himself. She wonders why he finds staying in the same room with her so abhorrent he is ready to risk his life! He is free to leave and she will have the room to herself. She curls into bed and he asks what the sleeping arrangement will be? She is lying on the bed; he is invited to share if he wants or sleep on the couch!
Soji gets home to meet Salem in their kitchen. He slept in the hotel and Salem hopes that things are better on that side. Soji insists that there is nothing like that. It was the paparazzi that stopped them from leaving. Salem gives him a package that Harriet brought for him. It is about some endorsement deals. Soji wonders whether she slept at all. As he examines the documents, Salem commends the pictures of Bimpe that he took. He tells Salem that they are just there. Salem shows him the beauty of the pictures and how he captured various moods. He finally sees it Salem’s way. Salem leaves for the gym.
Yahimba meets Sheila at the hut and wonders why she is still not at work? She asks Yahimba about the other members of the family? Does she have contact details? Yahimba wonders why she is asking? Sheila tells her it may be time for olive branches. Yahimba tells her that she has improved her lying techniques but she has never been able to get things past her mum.
Harriet meets Peju and is late for the meeting. Peju is miffed at the delay which is affecting her prepping for the show. They get to the point quickly and Harriet tells Peju that there is no story to the quarrel between Bimpe and Soji. Peju wonders why she is worried if there is no story? Harriet tells her that couples quarrel normally and there is no substance to the buzz on social media. Peju asks her if she would have kept the story under wraps if the shoe was on the other leg? Harriet tells her that the story will damage the image they are creating for the show. Peju tells her that destruction of people is Harriet’s forte. She however agrees to hold off on the story because she does not have facts yet. She will however do that on the condition that she interviews the happy couple. Harriet will agree to that if Peju agrees to the use of the footage on Bimji. Peju will agree so long as her branding is fully exposed on the clips used.
Brenda meets Fred to complain about Dan’s refusal. She thinks that Fred knew about the change of hearts before her. Fred says he does not. Dan is an adult and is allowed to change his mind. Brenda is not happy that everyone is happy at the turn of things except her. She has paid Dan an advance and made production arrangements. Fred tells her that the advance can be sorted out and there are always risks with production until it is completed. She tells him that Dan is not allowed to change his kind where he gave her a verbal agreement. Otherwise she will sue him for not keeping to his words.
Sheila asks what lies Yahimba thinks she is trying to get past her? Yahimba tells her that she is trying to find out whether other family members exist so that she can ship her off to them. Sheila reminds her that she is the one that conned her husband into accepting her in the house with some story about a dingy hotel. Sheila asks Yahimba to go back to her husband and Yahimba tells her that she is clearly not up to date. Her father has passed on.

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Fred asks if there are any other family members left? Sheila tells him that there are cousins, and other relations and maybe they should get out DNA testing kits!