Brenda asks Dan to take sometime & think about what he just said. He tells him he is certain. Brenda reminds him about the contract & advance payment. He tells her that he somehow forgot to return the signed contract. He assumes he never really wanted to make the movie. Brenda calls Ene to ask where Dan’s contract is? Ene confirms he has nit returned it. Brenda orders her out of the office. Dan tells her that she does not have to take it out on Ene. Brenda takes him she is through with him. When he is through, he should return the contract and read the second treatment in front of him.
Amaka gives Fred the update on the breach of their systems. Majek found out from Freddie that he was asked to target certain systems. Fred asks if it is possible that their systems may be vulnerable? She is not sure but they will watch out for it. Soji apologizes to Bimpe for shouting on her& Bimpe accepts the apology. He gives her an envelope containing her pictures. She likes them and they kiss to make up. The kiss last for a while till Harriet asks them to cut! Soji jumps off the bed & runs off while Bimpe asks for a re-shoot but Harriet will have none of it. The room is already costing them a lot. Bimpe asks if they can order room service?
Fred is on the phone when Yahimba comes back. Fred did not even know that she went out. She says it was spur of the moment. She went to see what Sheila gets up to at work. Fred asks how it went and she tells him that fence mending between them is work-in-progress.
Dan comes back and tells Fred that he is no longer going through with the film fred is not expecting it but thanks him all the same for putting family first. Dan says it is about him, not the family. Fred offers to assist break the news to Brenda but Dan says he has already done that. He only needs to refund Brenda’s advance. Fred offers to assist but he says no. He will get a place and pay for it himself. Fred reminds him that at the rate they are going, they will run short of accommodation soon.
Brenda discusses ways of suing Dan for breach of contract on the phone. TTK comes in to demonstrate her character while Brenda tries to stop her. She brings out a metal grill to use to demonstrate her visit to Dan in prison. Brenda screams at her to stop. The is no film. Dan is no longer going through with the film! A shocked TtK is ordered out of Brenda’s office.
Te food arrives & Bimpe complains that they did not bring her pepper soup. Harriet tells her they will re-order the pepper soup. She tells Bimpe of the buzz already on around Bimji. Bimpe however prefers it when she is not fighting with Soji. Harriet tells her to come and eat. She will need all the energy tomorrow.
Brenda arrives Fred’s and does not want anything from Cosmo. Yahimba comes out from the kitchen & Brenda tells her she wants nothing. Yahimba wonders what she is talking about? Brenda says okay, she will have whatever Yahimba is baking. It smells nice though. Yahimba calls Cosmo to fetch Brenda some cookies.
TTK meets Dan & screams at him for not picking his calls last night? He made her make a mess of herself before Brenda. Dan tells her that he wanted to sleep last night. That is why he did not pick the call. Besides, he knows they will be having this conversation about now anyway. She asks if there is a way she can convince him? No. They had better concentrate on the bar then, she tells him. Something has to pay their daughter’s school fees.
Bimpe asks Ene why she is still at home? She says she has to submit some form at an agency and they are not open till ten. Bimpe is late for a shoot in a hotel and worries that Soji will not be happy she is late. Ene is happy that she is getting somewhere with Soji. Bimpe tells her of the apology & the pictures. Ene asks if it was while the camera was rolling or after? She reminds Bimpe that it was make believe and will stop once the camera stops rolling. Then the camera had better not stop rolling, Bimpe says.
Brenda asks Yahimba if she came with the new house? Yahimba says she thought the same thing of her too. She asks if Brenda came to deliver some message? Brenda says no. Yahimba reminds her that a visitor introduces herself. She asks who Brenda is? Family, she answers and asks after Yahimba? family too!
Soji and Bimpe are pretending to be eating. He says they can go to the National Theater after. She likes theatre. Harriet asks the cameraman what is going on? Bimpe asks Soji why he will not ask her what is wrong with her? He has not noticed that she is not herself? He asks what is wrong with her? She cannot sleep. She keeps hearing things in the night and confesses that she misses him. She begs him to promise to stay. He tells her he is sorry and leaves!
Dan asks TTK when Ota gets to work? She says he swings by around ten. He reminds her that he is not a full-time employee. He only needs to deliver the task on time. He tells TtK that Ota’s wife recently left him and took away their only child. TTK says they can arrange some introductions. Dan asks who she has in mind? TTk says Amaka is single! Dan laughs whole-heartedly & tells her to sort out her own relationship status first before thinking of another person. She has enough male attention, she says. She suddenly discovers that there is money missing from their business account!
Fred says that that is a long windy way of stating the point and tells Yahimba that Brenda is his daughter. Yahimba tells Brenda that she is lucky to have Fred as her father. She says she thanks he stars everyday. She also says that she can now see whereSheila got all her charms from. Yahimba thanks her & excuses herself. Fred tells Brenda that he has been expecting her. Before he could start talking about the film, Benda asks him what the story about Sheila’s mum is? He frankly does not know what to say. Brenda is surprised that he knows nothing about Sheila. He asks whether she expects him to force Sheila to say what she is not ready to talk about? She suggest that he has her investigated!

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Brenda goes on and on and asks Fred Bout Brenda’s father, where she is from? Does she speak any native language? Fred calls a stop to the interrogation!