Dan asks Ene & Frank to leave them for a while. Prudence tells him he should have hung for killing Varere. He agrees but the government gave him another lease of life. Prudence asks how much the current freedom cost? Dan did not answer her. Prudence wonders how he could want to make money out of the crime. He tells her that the film is about his life. Prudence accuses him of rubbing his freedom on the faces of those that loved Varere by his constant presence in the press. He tells her it is not his own making. He is trying to stay out of the press. Prudence asks him not to make the film and walks away.
Amaka visits & sees Sheila & asks after Sheila’s mum. Sheila chews her for wanting to get involved in what does not concern her. She is only trying to share Sheila’s shock on the re-appearance of her mum who she thought is dead. Fred comes in & Sheila leaves. Fred tells Amaka that he is hoping that Sheila’s mum’s presence in the house will force her to open up on her mum. He tells Amaka that Freddie will soon join her. Amaka asks where Dan is? She wants to apologize to him.
Chuks comes back tired but Mama London shows him a pile of clothes to iron. He protests and she reminds him that she is housing him. When he is through with ironing, he is expected to scrub the kitchen & toilet. Mama London gets up to go out & tells Chuks that she is expecting someone to deliver some items to her house. Chuks says he is going out. Mama London comes back & carries away the food & drink she kept for Chuks who feels like punching her!
Amaka meets Dan & apologizes for the way she spoke with him the previous day. He says she is forgiven. She says that though she promised Fred not to talk about it again but wonders if Dan has thought of why Brenda is eager to make the film after years of ignoring him & using him when it is necessary? He thinks it is just a business decision.
Amaka joins Freddie in the hut & Yahimba joins them. She asks Amaka to assist taste her lunch. She is not good at tasting her own food. Amaka thinks the food is wonderful. Yahimba talks about Toochi. Se will like to carry him some day. She loves babies & as she talks of when Sheila was young, she asks if Amaka has seen Sheila? Amaka says she went to the spa & will be back when she is through there.
Ene & Nnenna are discussing designs when Karen comes out of the office with Odun. Odun tells her she will be contacted. Karen holds onto him & admires his skin, his clothes, his fragrance, etc. Odun looks for how to get her off & when she says she needs accommodation, Odun gladly pouches her off to Ene. Ene is shocked!
A worried Ota comes to see Dan. Dan wonders what is worrying him? His wife has left him with his daughter. She has been having an affair while he was in prison and now she is going abroad with the guy! He is bothered that he will not see his daughter again.
Yahimba goes to the spa and the attendant runs after her to pitch membership to her. Yahimba dribbles her with a request fir treatment. The attendant asks if she is looking for a particular type of treatment? Yahimba says she will not be asking if she knew what she wanted. She however tells the attendant not to worry. Her daughter will fix it. The attendant asks if her daughter is a member? No, she is the owner of the spa!
Karen approaches Ene who denies that she is looking for a flat mate. a determined Karen sits with her & pitches the need for her to get accommodated. When Ene will not budge, she asks o stay with Ene for a few days. When that fails, she tells Ene that they must stay together whether she likes it or not.
Dan tells Ota that his wife cannot do that! She cannot take his child away. Maybe she is upset or something. Ota does not believe so. If she is upset, he can fix it. Dan tells him that they will fight her for the child but Ota is not up to it. He tells Dan that he does not know how lucky he is. His family may be dysfunctional but the are there for him.
Chuks walks the streets of London trying to find a buyer for his bush meat. the first black guy he asks for a Nigerian restaurant walks away from him quickly. He finds his way to a Nigerian eatersy himself but was thrown out by the manager!
Yahimba threatens to go in & disrupt Sheila’s meeting after waiting for so long. The attendant begs her that Sheila will soon be out of her meeting. As she marches on to disrupt the meeting, Sheila comes out & meets her outside. She asks her what she wants? Yahimba tells her to dispense of the histrionics. Sheila orders the attendants to give my…this woman whatever she wants!
Chuks finally gets to meet a restaurant manager who talks to him. He explains that Chuks cannot be peddling bush meat on the streets of London like that. He could get arrested for that. Chuks begs for his help but the man tells him that they already have their suppliers.
Sheila meets Yahimba in the spa. As the attendants disappear, Yahimba suggests improvements to the services but Sheila is not interested. She thinks it is time for Yahimba to leave, but Yahimba is not ready yet. she asks after Sheila’s husband’s worth, which Sheila is nit ready to discuss. She congratulates Sheila on getting that kind of man after 4 marriages!
Brenda talks to Dan about the designs for the film but she notices that Dan is quiet & asks what is worrying him? Dan tells her that he is no longer going forward with the movie!

Next on Tinsel
Brenda meets Yahimba at Fred’s & as usual tries to brush through the woman but Yahimba reminds her that it is proper to introduce oneself to someone you meet. Brenda gladly tells her that she is family & asks who Yahimba is? Yahimba is family too!