Sheila does not understand why Fred tore up their pre-nup agreement. She reminds him that she also wanted it but he tells her and everyone present that they no longer need the pre-nup.
Harriet tells Bimpe that she had better get Soji to work on Bimji. Bimpe wonders why she is the one to convince him? Harriet reminds her that she dated Soji once.
Dan and Ota share prison notes loudly in the bar. They talk about the antics of 47 and others. As they share these anecdotes, TTK comes to tell them to keep it down for the sake of the other patrons at the bar.
Fred tells Sheila that tearing up the pre-nup is his way of showing his affection for her. She reminds him that she elected to sign the agreement. Cosmo comes to inform Sheila that there are some guests outside without invite who insists they are her friends. Sheila and everyone looks up to see Joan and Bode Lawson at the door!
Fred asks if that is not Bode Lawson? The Reel Studio’s board member? Sheila asks. Fred confirms that as they approach. Sheila takes Joan aside to ask what she is doing gate-crashing their party. She tells Sheila that she is only there to felicitate with a friend. Sheila rejects the gift Joan hands her and as Joan wonders what she may be hiding, she tells Joan that they are not friends and the Ade-Williams have no skeleton to hide. Joan asks her not to be too sure.
Bimpe goes to harass Soji. She tells him that he has to work with her on the show or they will not be able to pay their debts except if he has money to pay! When he will not budge, she walks out on him.
Dan asks TTK about taxes. He was going through the books of the bar and does not see anything about taxes. She is surprised and says she has not been paying any taxes. She also sent the auditors away when he was sent to jail when she could no longer pay them. Dan lectures her on the importance of paying taxes and ends by saying he will employ Ota to clean up the accounts.
Soji meets up with Chuks and complains of the pressure being mounted on him to work with Bimpe and Kwame on Bimji. he will never do anything like working with Kwame Mensah. Chuks tells him to man-up and face his responsibilities and work with Kwame and Bimpe just like he advised him to wear his chicken outfit when it was his turn.
Kaneng meets Dan to remind him that it will soon be time for Masters to face the court. She wants to know if he is ready to testify? He is ready. She tells him that she has been informed that Masters’s lawyers are lobbying to reduce his charges from attempts murder to aggravated assault. Dan is incensed.
Bimpe tells Harriet that she failed to convince Soji to come back to the show. As they were thinking of what to do, Harriet’s phone rings and it is Soji telling her that he is back in on Bimji.
Dan is very furious at the reduced charges for Masters. After all he had done? Kaneng says she can understand his anger. He tells her that if that goes through, Masters could be out of jail in no time and will come after him. Kaneng advises that they wait and see which way the lobby goes.
Brenda meets up with Bode Lawson at the party and after the initial pleasantries, she wonders what ulterior motive brought him to the party? He reminds her that she is the master of ulterior things. She has nothing to hide but wonders if Bode Lawson & his wife can say the same of themselves? She is particularly piqued at Joan’s desperation!
Joan joins her husband & Brenda wastes no time in making it clear that they are not buddies. Joan asks her why she is drinking water? On the wagon? She asks. Whatever it is in my wagon is heading in the opposite direction to yours, Brenda tells her as she takes her leave. As she leaves, Joan asks her after Kwame? Brenda wonders where Joan knows Kwame from? Joan enjoys having one over her.
Fred comes in and Brenda tells Him to ignore Joan and Bode Lwason and their antics. Just then, Amaka rushes in to tell Fred of an emergency. Someone hacked into Reel Studios’s account and website and the IP address has been traced to their house. The police are on their way!