Joan tells Sheila that they have to find a way to make their lives more interesting. Sheila asks her to tell her more. Joan says that men especially husbands can be disappointing but it does not have to turn into a Nollywood movie! They simply swap one fairy tale for another. Goodbye Cinderella, hello Alice in Wonderland. Joan tells her that it is like a spa treatment but a bit expensive. Sheila asks how much it will cost and she tells Sheila that it is not enough to dent her budget. Sheila replies that she did not know that Joan is that kind of madam. Joan takes offence at that. Sheila tells her that whatever issues she has with her marriage is better than what Joan offers. She gets up and leaves.

Dan asks Brenda what the job is for while they wait for the famous salmon? She tells him that it is for an admin position at a drug factory, far from the production line when he asks if she thinks he is rehabilitated enough to work in a drug factory. He wonders if it is another invite to come and eat and whether she is doing this for Fred? She gives him a piece of paper that has all he needs to know about the job. He looks at it and thanks her.

Someone knocks and Chuks hopes it is not Bimpe. He lets in a mail man and signs for a letter. He opens and screams Ene’s name. She went behind his back to submit his design for the contest and they chose him! She is happy that they chose his designs. They hug and celebrate the good news.

Fred looks up from what he is reading and asks Sheila how long she has been there for? She just got back. He wonders why she is back early? Cosmo told him she will be back late. She tells him that she missed home. He replies that home missed her too. She tells him he is a good man and asks him not to stay up too late.

Fred meets Dan getting ready to leave. He tells Fred how Brenda got him a job interview. Fred is surprised and Dan says he is surprised too. He is rushing off for interview. Fred helps him and hopes he will be back on time for the party. He asks if Fred will really like to parade him before his friends? Fred says he is his brother and it is up to him if he wants to come. He tells Dan that he did not expect Brenda to help so fast. Dan asks if Fred was involved in it? Fred says no but he knows some people in the office and could put in a good word for Dan.

Ene shows Chuks the designs she sent. He is surprised as they are all his old design. She tells him that they liked them enough for London. He does not want to go to London. She tells him not to tell her that she took time off work to submit this for nothing. He says he is not interested in going to London. He likes it here and enjoys his wife’s edikang ikong, etc and likes his chicken job. Ene tells him that he cannot be serious. He asks her where the money for the trip will come from? She tells him that this is an inspiration and he tells her to hold on. He checks his pocket and tells her there is no money.

Dan walks into the office and TTK asks why he is not at the party? He does not feel like celebrating. He went for a job interview and it was going well till one of the interviewers started asking stupid questions. The man thinks he was convicted for rape. TTK asks if he corrected the guy? He asks her what he should have said? Sorry, I was actually convicted for murder! He eventually git the job but he asked them to shove it. He thinks it is as a favour to Fred. TTK tells him that it is no time for pride. He tells her that he is not ready for lectures. Frank comes in to tell him that someone is there to see him; a friend but he did not say his name. TTK asks Frank to tell the friend to go away but Dan asks him to send the person in. Ota comes in to Dan’s surprise!

Amaka is getting ready to leave for the party when she gets a call. Something is not right in the office.

Soji comes in with a bottle of drink to toast Chuks. Chuks asks him for what? He replies that he heard about the designs. Chuks calls Ene and asks why she is telling everyone? He accuses Ene of inviting Soji to come and convince him. He tells Soji that he is not going as there is no money. Ene reminds him that she still has the money his mother gave them for a rainy day. He says it is not even anywhere near the required amount. She can also borrow from the ajo money. He is still not convinced and she calls her colleague and tells them she needs to borrow the money and they agree!

TTK is surprised that Dan is ready to see Ota after how he disrespected him in the restaurant. She tells Dan that he does not need people like these in his life. Dan asks her if she is referring to ex-convicts? He is one of them and asks her to leave them. As she leaves, Dan waves Ota to a chair and tells him that he is surprised at the visit after their meeting at the restaurant. Ota complains about the treatment he got from his associates of that day. They interviewed him but refused to hire him in spite of his first class degree, experience and articles in learned journals. Just because he has been to jail? Dan tells him that it is because he went to jail for embezzlement. Ota apologizes for the way he treated Dan the other day and asks for forgiveness.

Fred comes down for the party and as the party planner commends his looks and ask of Sheila, she joins them in her resplendent gown. They commend each other’s outfit and she helps him with his cravat. He asks her after Freddie and she says she stopped by his room but he does not want to join them. Fred asks what he is always doing in that his room and Amaka comes in. After pleasantries, the party planner tells them that the guests are around. Fred asks Sheila and Amaka to go see to them but Sheila says she can cope alone. Amaka goes to see to Toochi instead. Fred picks up an envelope and brings out a document from it.

Ene calculates the amount of money they have. With the ajo money, they have enough for ticket. They only need to find money for feeding, accommodation and transport. Chuks says they still needs more money. Soji asks if there is nowhere he can find a job or accommodation? Chuks asks who he knows and Ene says they could ask uncle Tony. Chuks says no uncles and no family! Soji and Ene overrule him. The worst he will do is say no.

Dan reminds Ota that he also betrayed him to the prison authorities. He tells Ota that he is not doing too well himself. Ota asks if he has been rejected too? Dan says he has been trying to get back to his old job. They share a joke about those outside looking for criminals when they should go to prison and meet 47! They laugh together at the joke and shake hands as TTK walks in.

Ene calls Uncle Tony and Chuks says that it is okay if he said no. Ene says that Uncle Tony will call back to tell them if there is any one Chuks can stay with. Uncle T calls back and offers Chuks accommodation to Ene and Soji’s delight!

Sheila and Amaka share some words at the party and Fred comes and asks to have a word with Sheila. As Amaka excuses herself, Fred tells her to stay. He also invites Brenda and his ‘chief’ relation who tried to dissuade him from his marriage. He tells her that there is something he has been meaning to say and he will want there to be witnesses. He tells her about his life and marriage and his decision not to marry again after he lost his first wife till he met her. He shows everyone the pre-nuptial they signed and tore it up before them. Amaka looks delighted but Brenda and Chief do not quite know what to make of it.

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