Ene asks if Chuks is not going to work? He is not going. She tries to convince him and he says he is on afternoon shift. She tells him there is no shame in working and to see it as a temporary job. He asks her to promise that she will not leave him for the guy in a lizard costume! He asks if she is not going for youth service? He dreamed and saw her in a NYSC outfit and he was wearing his chicken uniform. She decided against that due to the things happening to them.
Amaka visits Fred and asks if he is not watching? He did not know it is showing. She sent him a text advising the times for the show. They settle down to watch and Amaka comments on Freddie’s part and asks what he was doing? Fred does not know and as Amaka suggests they make him the face of Reel, Sheila comes out and says that will be a good idea. Amaka invites her to watch with them but she has her own business to run.
Bimpe visits Chuks to complain about the NEPA bill. She sees his chicken uniform and asks what it is? He tries to cover up by saying he will take care of the bill. She asks what the tolotolo outfit is for? He rushes her off the room and looks distressed.
Kwame visits Brenda who wonders what the visit is for? He asks if he is no longer allowed to visit his only sister? She does not believe him and after a while he asks how she is doing with her sobriety? She asks why that is up for discussion? He says their cousing Ivy asked and he got a call from John this money about his finding brandy in a glass. Brenda looks like she could kill John!
Joan visits Sheila at work. She came to settle the bill from yesterday. She accuses Sheila of running away so fast she thought they had offended her. She also saw the television interview and Sheila’s body language said a lot. She hoped Sheila had fun. Sheila says she did but is more comfortable around friends. Joan wonders if they are not friends yet? Sheila likes fun but not with male strippers. Joan is sure Sheila enjoys some R&R sometimes and asks Sheila to call her when she is ready.
Chuks enters Ziggy’s and meets Soji and the waiters discussing football. They hail him and Soji asks about his job hunting. He has a job now and he is a brand ambassador for a restaurant. They hail him again and insist he washes the new job. He asks them to serve Soji, who is not working, his favourite poison. Just then, Bimpe enters and Chuks’s mood changes. She asks if he has fixed the NEPA bill? He says not yet. Frank tells her that Chuks is now a brand ambassador. Bimpe asks if that is what they call it now?
Kwame grills Brenda on the drink found in her house. She will have a strong word with John for discussing her personal issues with everyone. He reminds her that he is not everyone and asks her what happened? She tells him that a glass of brandy lying around her house is not enough to make him assume that she derailed. He asks her if she did? She says no. She had a rough day, enough to tempt her, but she got over it. He asks for the details but she tells him that she had discussed it with her sponsor and she is okay. He reminds her that she can always call on him for help.
Bimpe asks what the uniform he found in Chuks’s house is for? She recalls that the uniform looks like that worn by the boys handing out fliers in Roast Okuko! Chuks claims that the uniform is for his friend, and he works in an upscale restaurant. She asks for the name of the restaurant he works? Soji asks Chuks to tell her the name of the place so that she leaves him alone. She tells him to mind his business and turns to Chuks. Chuks says that he works in Roasto Kukon, a French restaurant. That got everyone in the bar laughing. Bimpe says she has eaten at Roasted Okuko and the chicken there is very hard, like native chickens that run around. She asks if Chuks’s job is catching those chickens? That got everyone including Soji laughing again.
Freddie comes home looking dejected. Fred asks what is wrong but he goes upstairs. Fred asks the driver and he says all is well but some boys were chasing Freddie and he escaped them by jumping into the car and asking him to drive off.
TTK asks Dan to stop reading those magazines. He reminds her that she brought them. They are all writing about a convicted murderer coming back to the bar. TTK thinks it is free publicity. Dan picks through the story including the man who owns a property on the street that is worried about the value of his property. TTK asks why he did not think of that before he came back. He tells her that he does not want them to welcome him but to leave him alone.
Fred calls Freddie’s school to complain about their not protecting him from bullies. As he was talking, Freddie comes into the kitchen and asks who he is talking to. Fred gets off the phone and tells Freddie that he should not be afraid of bullies. Freddie tells him that they were not bullies and now that he has called, they will have more reasons to laugh at him.. They were just laughing at him for the TV interview. Some people recorded it and have been passing it around. Fred tells him that he is famous now. Freddie says they think he does not know what he was doing.
Soji gets home with Chuks and Chuks accuses him of joining others in laughing at him. Soji says he could not help it and accuses Chuks of not warning him before hand. They settle in and he asks Chuks to show him the costume and promises not to laugh at him. Chuks reluctantly fishes out the costume from where he hid it. Soji bursts out laughing again. Chuks tells him to let himself out when he is through with making fun of him. Soji tells him to confess if he will not be rolling on the floor if it was him that was wearing it? Chuks says that if Soji is the one wearing the costume, he will not need to wear the head. His hair already looks like the cock’s comb! Soji sobers and tells him that he should look on the bright side. A job with a costume is better than no job at all. He encourages Chuks to always chant ‘dignity in labour’ whenever it gets to him. Chuks agrees to the chant and says he will do that even when he is wearing the uniform from home to work. Soji is alarmed and asks why he should wear the costume from home? Chuks says it is company policy. Soji tells him that people will line up on the street laughing at him. Chuks chants dignity in labour.
Frank asks Afi for the time? She tells him it is 4pm. Frank worries that only one customer, Soji and Chuks came to the bar. Afi reminds him that the previous night was also dry. They discuss the cause and Afi thinks it is the journalists but Frank disagrees. As they were discussing, Obiora comes in to tell them that he just saw one of their regulars outside. They will not be coming to the bar again. As they were discussing their fate, TTK comes out from the office and asks why they are idling away? They tell her that there is nothing to do. She tells them that Mr. Dan will be around for a few days before he leaves… Dan asks who says he is leaving?
Fred tells Brenda that he asked her over to ask that she keep an eye on Dan. She asks why she should baby-sit an old man? He says it is because she has had a similar experience. She does not like it but agrees on condition that he sees it as a favour. Amaka comes in and asks what is wrong with Freddie as her message says? Fred tells her about his depression over the TV interview. Brenda picks the Tinseltown magazine Amaka dropped and mutters catching Fred’s attention. Amaka tries to stop her but she asks if Amaka thinks she can keep it away from Fred? Fred asks what is going on? Brenda reads out a celebrity sighting where Sheila was sighted with some wild celebrity women. The writer wonders what shenanigans went on behind closed doors in the a-list nightclub they went to!

Next on Tinsel

Ene reads about a competition that will give the winner a one year training with a French designer. Chuks is not interested. She asks him why? Because he is not applying!