Sheila asks Fred if that is some kind of joke? He tells her that she cannot claim that she has not held information on Laide from him? She asks if that is all that he can come up with? Accuse her of knowing about Laide after hiring a private investigator? He asks if Majek to her of the investigation? No, she put two and two together. She asks what he wants to do with finding her? If she has not contacted him all these while, it means one thing, she does not want anything to do with him. If he finds her, what will he do? Fight for custody or kidnap the baby? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
TTK tells Dan that it is not good for him to get back to the bar. He is supposed to be resting. He tells her that he did nothing other than rest in prison. He is now ready to re-start his life. She is bothered about him and all the alcohol and his addiction. He has never had a problem with alcohol he reminds her. She reminds him of what the counsellor says about addiction. He tells her that chocolate is addictive and asks if he should stop her from going near chocolate? Whatever she says, he is ready to go back to work.
Kwame speaks to Dannie. He misses her and is staying away from trouble. He drops and calls Bimpe to tell her that he is ready to join the show. Bimpe picks the call and answers heartbreak hotel, Bimpe speaking. He tells her that she does not need to remind him of the of her hits. He is okay with things so long as he is Soji’s boss. He tells her that if he is going to come on as executive producer, things will be done his way. A reluctant Bimpe asks when she can tell Harriet to call him. They must have lots to discuss. He calls Harriet that old hag and asks Bimpe to tell her to call him.
Sheila comes downstairs and meets Cosmo letting a TV creman into the house. She hopes they are not starting shooting. He came for a tour of the house preparatory to the shooting. Amaka calls and Sheila complains that she has a film crew in her house. Amaka knows nothing about that. She is calling to tell Sheila that the event planner is on her way. Just then, the planner walks in and greets Sheila gaily. Sheila apologizes for forgetting that they are meeting early but the lady has already chosen a theme. Shila abandons them all and instructs Cosmo to ensure that the cameraman is not left alone. She leaves and if they have any questions, they should direct it to Fred as she leaves.
TTK and Dan walk into the bar and he complains about the bar table. Obiora and Afi come in and gladly welcome him. They have missed him. TTK tells them to get on with the work. They have enhanced the menu, etc to attract a classier set of clients. Dan tells them to get on with it while he watches them. Obiora and Afi says they should have made a banner if they knew he was coming. TTK tells them to get on with it as she takes Dan to the office.
Harriet tells Soji that she has exciting news. Their money woes are over. They have an executive producer. Soji is not excited and says so? Did she get Reel Studios or Odyssey. Harriet tells her they have got Kwame. Soji says no way. He will not do any dumb romance while Kwame watches over them. Soji orders her to leave. She tells him that it is Bimpe that arranged the deal so he has to tell her that himself. Soji looks murderous.
Sheila comes in and meets the receptionists at the spa excited. She asks them what is going on? They are excited that Sheila and Fred are going to be on The Juice with Peju. She asks how they knew? They excitedly tell her that the camera crew were in the spa getting ready and also promised that they will interview the staff on air. Sheila tries to make a call but Brenda walks out of the spa. She asks what is going on and Sheila tells her about the show. Sheila thinks it is too lavish but Brenda calls it downright frivolous. She asks what Sheila expects and how she has been coping with her sixth or eighth husband.
Harriet calls Bimpe to warn her that Soji is on his way to see her. She hopes that Bimpe is presentatble. Bimpe, who is eating meat pie, curled up on her sofa nearly chokes on her meat pie and tells Harriet so. Harriet complains that she is giving out too much information but tells her that she is only warning her to prepare her to meet Soji. Bimpe asks her to call him off but she reminds her that he is not her puppet. She tells Bimpe that Soji is pulling out of the show and warns her to get ready to deal with him when he gets there.
Dan comes into the bar and Ohakannu hails him as an honorary general of Telema Soldiers. They shake hands and Dan joins him for a drink. He asks Dan to describe in details the killing of Varere. He has been meaning to ask that question. Dan gets up and leaves the table. He is no longer thirsty.
Soji visits Bimpe. He is hurt that she discussed all these with Kwame without referring to him. Bimpe tells him that she only discussed and it is not like anything has been signed. He is still not happy. She accuses him of not wanting to do the show in the first place. He asks why she wants them to pretend that they are still together when they are not? She tells him to get off his high horse. The show is now to pay the bills and not about them. He says well, she can do without him then and walks out.
Joan comes in to visit with Sheila. She thanks Sheila for a nice time for the girls. They are about to go to the club for a drink and invites Sheila to join them. Sheila tells her that she is not interested as she is not even their friend. Joan tells her that she knows her type. They are stuck in convention in their marriage but once in a while, they need to let their wild sides out. Sheila demurs. However, as Joan leaves, she asks where the party is?
Dan is pacing in the office when TTK enters. He thinks that she is right. He should not have come back. He complains about his reputation affecting the bar, etc. She tells him she warned him but tells him to hold his head high and go out there and own the bar. He smiles.
Bimpe visits Kwame and he tells her that she has to finish her drink this time around. He asks her if it is true that Soji has pulled out? She confirms same and says that he never really wanted to do the show from the beginning. Kwame asks after their love and Bimpe confesses that they have broken up. Kwame asks if Soji agreed to the charade in spite of his pretence to do the right thing? He says that is why Soji takes good pictures but cannot make masterpieces. Bimpe warns him to watch his tongue. Soji at least has talent, which she cannot say much for him. He wonders what he said wrong? After all, they are no longer dating.
Dan walks into the bar and meets a commotion. He asks what is going on and it turns out to be Harriet and her crew, who turn around and point a camera in his face asking him to tell them what it is like to be back in circulation!
Peju and crew get ready for the show. Fred, looking quite dapper in suit and bow tie come downstairs to meet them. Peju compliments his good looks and he tells her that he is not too old to appreciate her compliment. She wants to know whether Sheila is joining them? He says that Sheila went to work but should be back soon. Peju is happy as that gives them time to prep for the show. He excuses himself to call Sheila to find out when she can join them. As he goes to make the call, Freddy comes downstairs with his trademark hat. Peju approaches him and he asks in his new-found deep voice if he is going to be interviewed? Peju says it is not in the plan but agrees to talk to him about school etc. He says he will perform instead. Peju is happy and asks if he plays the harmonica like D’Banj? Freddy says he does not play like D’Banj. Fred calls and leaves a message for Sheila. This is the second message he is leaving for her and asks her to let him know when he is joining them for the show.

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Brenda pours herself a drink from her alcohol flask and fiddles with the glass tring to decide whether to sip or not!