Amaka tells Sheila not to jump to conclusion that Fred is looking fir Laide. She reminds her of the family meeting where Fred chose her over Laide. Sheila reminds her that Fred did not reject the child. She blames herself for asking Fred to deal with whatever is bothering him. Amaka tells her that Fred could be hiring the private investigator for a lot of reasons some of which could be associated with Dan. Sheila says Fred is looking to bring Laide’s child not their home. Amaka asks her what she plans to do?
Jean-Baptiste tells Soji that he must think that she is a nincompoop. Se has watched the clips of the promotional videos for the show and there is no mention of her or her brand. Soji says it is not her call. It is Bimpe’s and Harriet’s. She demands payment from Soji for her investment in Bimji. Soji wonders what she is talking about? He tries to explain that Bimpe and Harriet are the ones running the show now. Jean-Baptiste insists that he refunds her investment in the show. He asks her where she expects him to get all that money from? She does not know and does not care. She will however not leave till she collects her money.
Peju calls Sheila. Se is elated to be working wit them on the anniversary show. Sheila is not as enthusiastic as Peju is. She will like to come to the house to discuss the show and the interview. Sheila is not down with that. She wants only a call but Peju insists on a visit. They need to prep some shots and see the location. Peju tells her that she also has a quiz for her and Fred and asks if he will be around? As she drops the phone, Freddy breezes into the kitchen wearing his latest snazzy outfit – with a hat! Sheila asks what is happening? He is trying to express himself, he says in a deep voice and plays his harmonica. Sheila asks if he could play that? He asks her, in his normal voice, if he can have some Ovaltine!
Segun meets Sankey in her office. She informs him that she just got off the phone with Kaneng. Dan has been released from rehab. She wants him to testify at Masters’s trial. Segun wonders if Dan is ready and capable of testifying? She will still use him and calls to invite him to the station to discuss Masters and the case.
Soji writes Jean-Baptiste a cheque while she stands over him and dictates her name to him. She hopes he signs the cheque right as she does not want any issues. He gives her the cheque and she hopes that the bank exists. He asks why she invested n him if she thought so little of him? She says she has been asking herself the same question. He will hear from her when the cheque clears and if it does not, he will hear from her lawyer.
Dan meets Sankey and Kaneng. They are getting ready to take Masters to court and he asks if he is the star witness? Sankey knows people with his disease and it does not heal so fast. He agrees that he is not healed. He still goes to rehab. Kaneng wonders whether Dan is fit enough to stand? Dan says he is okay. What does he need to do next? Sankey tells him that the prosecutor will prep him to ensure that there are no holes in his testimony. Dan thought the case is oon and shut? Sankey tells him that Masters says he was standing by while Dan tried to commit suicide. Kaneng is mad at that. Sankey tells them that Masters is out to discredit anyone associated with the case. She also suggests that Dan take some extra precautions with security!
Peju meets with Fred and Sheila to discuss the show. She ells them about the preparations and asks after Dan but Heila tells her to stick to the plot. She asks after the quiz and Peju hands it out to them. Just then, Majek calls Fred. He excuses himself to take the call and Sheila’s attention turns to him and the call!
Soji and Chuks meet at the bar. Soji could not believe that Jean-Baptiste made him pay her all that money. She wiped him out. Chuks asks where he got the mone from? He says it came from his savings and he money he made from Kenya. Chuks is surprised that he broke into his savings. Soji reminds him that he was going to use it for his cross-country trip. He still needs to raise funds for the trip as he has promised the community to bring their plight to light.
Salewa meets Dan in the study. She came with snake and ladders and they play a game after he confirms that he still remembers the rules.
Harriet visits Sji who tells her that he cannot deal with her today. She comes in anyway. She came to check if he has changed his mind after thinking of it all night. He is not going to do the show. Harriet tells him that they have some outstanding payments to themselves and the editor. Soji asks her what happened to all the money he raised?
Dan and Salewa continue their game as TTk enters. Dan tells Alewa that TTK knows the game too well. She asks Salewa to run along as she has some discussions with Dan. Dan complains of the schedule again. He was humiliated at he spa yesterday. TTK says that is why she came with DVDs. He hopes it is comedy. She tells him it is DVDs of former addicts who became motivational speakers. She wants them to watch them together.
Harriet is furious that Soji is suggesting she pilfered money from the show. He asks where the money is? She used it to hire equipment and pay the cameraman for Kenya. He asks what she brought to the table? She is the one that lined up sponsors but they will not sign on till they are sure of a full season. Soji is not ready to do a full show. Harriet threatens that he finds the money or be ready for trouble.
The event planner meets Sheila and introduces a lot of exotic themes: masked ball, Bond-themed, etc. Sheila is not interested and after a while abandoned the poor planner.
Dan complains of the DVDs. TTK tells him that she cannot sense any enthusiasm in him. She brought the DVDs to show him that he can become something else with his life. Dan suddenly recognizes one of the actors and asks if that is not one of the actors that starred alongside her n her last production? She agrees that the DVDs was made by actors not real addicts. She says she is trying to help him break back into society. He tells her hat what he needs is freedom and she should not bother about her grand scheme: stealing his bar!
Majek tells Fred that the trip to Lokoja was a dead end. Nobody has seen Laide. He is going to check the medical records. Fred hopes here is no illegal activity. Make was going to respond when Sheila enters. She thinks they have been spending so much time together and informs Fd that the party planner for the party he wanted is downstairs and he should come and hear what she has to say. As she leaves, Fred says he regrets keeping this from his wife. Majek suggests he comes clean. He cannot do that as Sheila had suffered a great deal in the past. Make says there is something he has been meaning to say. Since Fred says that Sheila kept information about Laide from him in the past, how is he sure that Sheila is not doing the same thing again?