Sheila attacks Fred and says it is a very insensitive thing of him to say of Angela. He says he is sorry. She tells him that Angela never wanted to get involved with Masters but did it to put him away. Fred apologizes and says he is sorry and is not one to speak ill of the dead. She reminds him that she might be dead, not dead. He tells her not to attack him as Angela had made a number of wrong decisions in her life. She asks him who has not? Dan? Amaka? Phillip? Brenda? She stalks out on him.
Bimpe asks Harriet if she is on drugs to suggest that she works on a full season of Bimji with Soji when they cannot even stand each other now. She reminds Bimpe of the endorsements and says that movie deals should soon start rolling in. Bimpe is ready to roll if Harriet can find her a hunk without hair.
Majek (Segun Arinze) visits the Ade-Williams. Cosmo lets him in and asks if Fred is expecting him? Majek says yes. He knows Cosmo and when Cosmo wonders how he knew, he says Fred mentioned him a number of times in their previous dealings. Sheila comes out to meet him and he greets her as Mrs. Ade-Williams. She asks who he is and how he knew who she is & he introduces himself. He has dealt with Fred in the past and when Sheila asks what type of dealing they had, Majek says it was investigative. Fred comes down and tells her that Majek is a private investigator as he ushers Majek into his study.
TTK comes in and gaily greets Dan but he tells her that he will like to stay alone for now. TTK tells him that is the last thing he needs now. She tells him that she has a number of fun things planned: a day at the spa, a fitting at a gentleman’s clothes store. He makes denigrating remarks about the whole thing. She says they will find time for lunch and end the day with a night of interesting music. He gets up and says he is going back to prison. TTK tells him to stop casting himself as a man made for prison. He needs someone to take care of him and everyone in the house seems to have their own problems, so all he has now is her!
Harriet calls Bimpe to tell her that it is obvious that she still has feelings for Soji and tells her that working together with Soji will bring them back together. Bimpe asks what she means? Harriet tells her of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Bimpe says that Soji will not agree to it and agrees to do it if Harriet can convince Soji to go along with it.
Fred and Majek catch up on old times. He has been setting up his own security firm and has been travelling a lot. He asks why Fred is looking for him? Fred tells him that he is looking for a lady. Her name is Laide and it is possible she is with a baby. Majek snickers and Fred tells him that it is not like it seems. He tells Fred that it is not in his position to judge and asks how much Sheila knows or is he supposed to exercise discretion? Fred tells him that Fred knows about Laide and the baby.
The spa lady attending to Dan is running all over the place confused. Dan wonders what is wrong with her? She says she is looking for oil. Dan asks what those containers are for? The masseuse runs out to bring a supervisor. The supervisor tells Dan that they need to get him a new masseuse. He asks what is wrong with the last one? The supervisor says she recognized Dan from the trial! She apologizes but Dan understands. TTK comes in exuberant and Dan tells her about the masseuse. He tells her that the whole afternoon is a mistake.
Harriet visits Soji who wants to know what she wants? She says she has good intentions and asks Soji how he has been faring with his new-found stardom? He tells her that the star is Bimpe. She tells him that some of it may have rubbed off on him. He tries to deny it but she tells him that people have been doing him some favours. He talks about the inconvenience and she tells him that a few bodyguards will do the trick. She tells him about starring in the show. He wonders if she is mad?
Fred tells Majek that he does not want Sheila to know about the investigation. She has been through so much he does not want to add to it. He asks Fred about any information he might have on Laide. Fred tells him that she gave an interview to a TV station and disappeared. He asks after her medical contacts and wonders if she has left the country. Fred agrees that is possible. Majek needs every detail he can get.
Soji wonders whether Harriet is okay to talk of a whole season of Bimji after all he has told her? She tells him of all the benefits he can get including probably an endorsement from a camera company. He is not ready for it. She tells him that it is an opportunity for him to show Thelma that he has moved on. When he says no, she accuses him of being selfish. He tells her that Bimpe will not even agree and she says that Bimpe has agreed to do it if he is ready. He says no and opens the door for her.
Sheila tells Amaka that she is not ready for any party now. Amaka tells her that she has the PR department get a shortlist of event planners to fix the party. Sheila agrees to think of it and Amaka will run off and get the PR team to work on it. As they were talking, Freddy comes in and as he goes in, Amaka asks if he is wearing earrings. They call him back and start chewing him for piercing his ears till Sheila touches it and realizes that it is stick-ons. That is what he has been trying to tell them all these while.
One of the spa assistant tries to give Dan, who is sitting in the spa reception something and he pretends to be a dog and barks at the poor girl. Brenda comes in and wants to use the gym but there is an aerobic class going on for about the next ten minutes. She sits and chats with Dan. She asks what he has been up to? He says he is being discriminated against in his sister-in-law’s place. He has been to rehab, etc. she asks what his poison is and he tells her it is heroin. She asks if he got a sponsor? He says she seems to know a lot about these things. She claims that she is in the movie business. She says he went in and out too fast. He says he still needs to go in once in a while. She advices him to get a sponsor and work seriously on his rehab. He asks if it is because he runs a bar? She insists that he will go back to it if he does not heed her advice.
Soji calls to tell Chuks about his discussion with Harriet about doing a full season of Bimji. Chuks asks him to consider it if there is money to be made from it. He tells Chuks that everything is not about money. He says he suspects Bimpe and as they were talking, someone was on his door and he gets off the phone to open the door. Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De-La-Rosa marches in and asks if he thinks that she is a fool?
Amaka and Sheila ask Freddy why he will be wearing earrings? They tell him that earrings are for girls. He says no, some guys wear them on TV all the time. He was talking like a hip young man with his arms gesticulating and all. Amaka wonders why he is talking like that? Sheila removes the earrings from his ears and asks him to go to his room. Amaka suggests that they get Fred to talk with him but Sheila doubts if that will be priority for Fred now. Amaka wonders what will be more important? Sheila tells her that a private investigator came to see Fred today and they spent a while in his study. Amaka wonders what Fred will be doing with a private investigator? Sheila tells her that she has a good idea. Fred is looking for Laide.

Next on Tinsel
Sankey calls Dan and asks him to come to the police station. It is about Masters.