Sheila asks Kaneng if she heard her right & asks why she thinks that Angela might be dead? Dan tells her of the news he heard while he was in prison and how the police raided the place and found blood. She asks how they knew it was Angela’s blood? Kaneng tells her that they found bottles of pills that Angela used to take. Sheila gets on the phone.
Freddy comes in to meet Fred in his study. He is going out to the mall with his friend. Fred asks if he is wearing cologne and asks if he poured the whole bottle on himself? He asks if the friend is male or female? Freddy says she is just a friend. He asks him not to stay out too late. Fred calls Amaka to ask her to come over for them to talk to Freddy about his life. Amaka asks if he has discussed with Sheila? She does not think it is in her place. Fred convinces her to come over. He also asks if he should invite Brenda? She does not think it is a good idea. She will come over afterwards.
Bimpe meets Harriet at Ziggy’s with a cap and sunglasses. Harriet asks what is with the sunglasses and hat? She says she does not want people to recognize her. People have been laughing at her since Harriet uploaded the Bimji video. The downloads have been growing since then. Harriet tells her that does not mean that people are laughing at her. She thinks they are pitying her then. Harriet tells her to make the best out of it then just like Kim Khardashian did when her sex tape came out. She rode on it to become famous and make money. Just then, Frank comes to their table with a drink for Bimpe. Some guy in the bar sent it to her and also says that he will have her if Soji will not. Bimpe tells him no, thanks and bolts from the bar.
Sankey tells Sheila that she appreciates her concern but it is still confidential police business. Sheila reminds her that she told them that it is not a good idea to use Angela to spy on Masters. She tells Sankey that she knows about the house linked to Masters. Sankey confirms that they confirmed that the blood belongs to Angela.
Soji comes to the bar and Frank asks if he and Bimpe has a timetable to ensure that they do not meet at the bar. Chuks enters the bar and Soji hails him and asks how his first day at work went? He is too tired to talk. Just then some ladies take their pictures and Frank and Chuks wonder what is going on? Since the Bimji video was uploaded, they have been following him. The one he does not like is people walking up to him to ask when the main show will air.
Sankey continues to discuss Angela with Sheila. Sheila thinks that Angela could have escaped but Sankey tells her that the forensic guy thinks that if the owner of the bllod does not get to the hospital on time, the person would have died. Sheila says Angela could have escaped but Sankey tells her it is not so. Dan overheard something in prison suggesting that Masters was furious with her people for hurting Angela.
Amaka comes in to see Fred with Toochi. Her nanny left early and she has a document for Fred to sign. They are working with the state government on creating awareness on the plight of street children. Fred is interested in that. He suggests that they talk to Freddy about meeting girls. Amaka thinks they should tread carefully. He asks if she got up to such schemes when she was young? She says no, Reginald was her first.
Bimpe tells Harriet that the taxi driver did not collect money from her after driving her around for the whole day. She wonders when taxi drivers started downloading videos. She tells her that this is only for the online video and asks when the whole thing will show? She also has received requests for endorsement from 5 companies. She is happy and says that even Telema did not receive such attention. As she calls herself a superstar, Harriet tells her that they need to resolve some issues.
Amaka and Fred talks to Freddy about dating and his relationship with girls and ask if he has been dating before? He says no. It is the same girl that invited him out before. They ask how it went? He does not know whether it went well or not. Fred understands that he can be confused about girls. They encourage him to talk to them about his friends and also to Sheila too. Toochi starts screaming and the conversation ends.
Soji and Chuks end up in Soji’s place. Chuks is happy they left the bar too early. They should have stayed at the bar and let those girls buy them more drinks. They talk about his latest project and Soji tells Chuks that there is so much suffering in the land. As he was talking, Chuks sleeps off. He wakes him and asks him to start going home. His phone rings and it is a magazine fishing for interview. He is not interested. Chuks suggests that he becomes Soji’s manager instead of looking for work. Soji tells him that hunger will kill him if he does that.
Amaka puts Toochi to bed and is happy to see Fred relaxed. He tells her that now that Dan is home, life is easier. She asks how he is doing with Sheila? He tells her that they have come to some understanding. Sheila has given him some time to resolve himself. She is happy and the company’s shares are doing well. She tells Fred that the PR Department has come up with a scheme to record his everyday life with Sheila for their wedding anniversary. He is not too keen but she promises that they will manage the whole filming.
A distracted Sheila at work calls Brenda to ask if she has heard of Angela? Brenda has not and asks if Angela has been found? Sheila says no but the police found evidence that she might be dead and tells Brenda that the police found blood identified via DNA. Brenda goes quiet but tells Sheila that Angela may not be dead. Sheila tells her that it is more like the body has not been found. She blames Brenda & Sankey for pushing Angela into it and Brenda reminds her that she did not find using Angela too bad when she needed to get Masters out of her business. Sheila does not even know why she called and Brenda tells her to keep her updated.
Amaka is ready to go to the PR team to get things started but Fred advises that she wait while he clears it with Sheila. She asks if he thinks that Sheila will agree? He does not know but think it is nice to clear with her. She will go and get things going after they discuss Toochi and how fast he is growing. As she leaves Fred calls someone to ask to meet tomorrow.
Harriet visits Bimpe and she says she is in the middle of an emergency. Someone tweeted that her face looks like a ball. She asks Harriet if her face looks like a ball? They sit down to check how many people agree with that? Her internet has expired. Harriet transfers some. She goes ahead to give Bimpe her news. She had two meetings with a shopping chain and a jewelry store. They want to endorse her. She also got a call from a cosmetics store and they are raring to get her to endorse their product. She tells Bimpe that all these will be possible only if she guarantees the showing of 13 episodes of Bimji.
Fred comes to meet Sheila pacing the kitchen. He asks for how long she has been around? She had to pass through the spa before coming home. He asks after Angela and she tells him that she might be dead. She tells him about the blood and DNA. He thinks that she may have been destined to go that way. She lived a fast life and with her entanglement with Masters, he would have been surprised if she survived.
Next on Tinsel
Sheila comes out to meet a guy (Segun Arinze) who shakes her hand and calls her name. she asks who he is and he introduces himself as Mr. Richard. He has had some dealings with her husband and as they talk, Fred comes downstairs and tells her that he is a private investigator.