Ene’s parents and Chuks’s mum accost Ene about the story she told them about Chuks. She told them that Chuks is buried in work. Her brother also confirms the same. Chuks’s mum asks Ene what she did to make her run away from the house when she heard she was coming. She will call Chuks to come and explain what has been happening between him and Ene.
Fred tells the doctor that he is happy they have confirmed that it is not a physical problem like he thought. He thinks it is related to stress. The doctor agrees that it has been a difficult year; his amnesia, Dan’s issue, etc. The doctor tells him that Sheila is a young woman but she knows what she signed up for when she married him. The doctor tells Fred that now that Dan is okay, he needs to bring his marriage back to what it was. He suggests that they see a counselor. He suggests Fred sees a psychiatrist. Fred refuses to see a psychiatrist. The doctor asks why he is at the hospital then? He came to see what the doctor will prescribe for him.
Chuks visits Ene’s parents. They ask him to explain what is going on between them. Ene’s mum insists that he tells her why he sent her daughter away from the house. Ene’s dad asks Chuks to quickly explain what happened as he has not been talking because he believes that there is an explanation for what happened. The question is whether the explanation will satisfy him? Chuks tells them that he stole from his wife! They all gasp in horror.
Fred’s doctor refuses to prescribe any drugs for him. Fred tells him that he only needs it for a while before things are back to normal. The doctor tells him that by then he will be come dependent on the drug. He will not prescribe any drug for Fred. As his doctor, Fred’s well-being is his primary concern and for that, he recommends a one month therapy, nothing longer than that.
Ene’s parents ask Chuks how and why he stole from his wife? He tells them that he is going through a rough patch and it is a long story. Ene’s mum asks if it is about the textile factory which uncle Tony asked him to employ his sons? He says no, that he also lied about that. Ene’s father asks Ene why she chose Chuks of all the boys available? Chuks’s mum leaves with Chuks.
Segun confirms that the blood at the scene is Angela’s. Sankey quarrels with him over the inefficiency of the police post under which Angela’s crime was committed to get the details of the vehicle that was used.
Ene’s father tells Ene and her mum that he will not listen to their story any longer. He smelt it a long time ago that Chuks is no good. Ene’s mum reminds him that he tested Chuks and he passed. Ene tries to talk and her father shuts her up. Ene insists that she is the one that made up the story about the textile company to get her people off Chuks’s back. Her father asks her if anyone has been asking them for money? She says no but there has been so much pressure on Chuks. Her father asks if anyone has been asking them for money? Ene says no but there has been so much attention on Chuks’s finances. Her father promises to speak with everyone about them. Her mum tells her that there are always issues with men and if she had left her father when he made his mistake, she would not have been there. He reminds her that he has never stolen from her. Her mum tells her that she needs to go and pack her things. They are taking her back to her home. Her father chimes in that though they have issues with Chuks, they are taking her back home. He tells her that Chuks may have his faults but he is passionate about his fashion and if he sticks to that, he will make it.
Dan is visited by one of his therapy mates. He tells Dan that mixing with others in the common room will do him a lot of good. Dan tells him that so does a good book. He enjoys reading. The guy understands and says they may just all start enjoying their personal passions. Dan agrees & says he does not have any problem with being social. He will come to the common room. The guy tells him not to worry as he is not the authority. It is not unusual that the inmates consider the place as a prison. Dan tells him that from personal experience, prison is a whole different experience. The guy acknowledges that Dan is more experienced in that area. Dan tells him that he is quite humorous. Arise tells him that they all have their coping mechanisms and one of his own is to see the funny side of life. Dan asks what the other one is? Arise rummages in his pocket and fishes out a wrap of drug!
Sheila gets home and orders for a cup of tea from Cosmos. Fred comes in and lays his charm on her. She asks him what he wants? He tells her that he wants to sit and chat with his wife. He has reconsidered Amaka’s idea. They should go on the trip. To what effect? She asks. They will be alone, he tells her. She gets up and walks away from him after complaining that they can continue to keep up their appearances, which is what they are good at. Fred calls Titus and asks if he is still in the premises? They will be going out again.
Fred asks for some of what Sheila is eating. She passes everything to him. He asks if she is busy now? She wants to know why. He needs a massage, but she tells him that she is no longer hands-on. He asks if she is avoiding giving him the massage because she has lost her magic touch? She asks if he is questioning her skills? No, but he is wondering if she is avoiding him. She tells him to wait a moment and he will see she has not lost her skills. He smiles as she goes to get ready.
Dan berates the guy for coming to his room with narcotics. He asks why the guy is endangering his recovery? The guy says he does not take the drugs daily. He is not an addict. Dan asks why he is risking getting caught? The guy asks if Dan will snitch on him? Dan says he is no snitch. The guy wonders whether Dan needs a hit? Dan tells him off. The guy tells him that he is not an addict and offers Dan some.
Chuks’s mum berates Chuks for lying as one lie leads to another. He endangered Ene’s job by stealing from her. She could have lost her job if her colleagues had accused her of stealing and embezzlement. Chuks says that he tried to reach Ene so that they fix the issue and his mum tells him that whatever she did was justified. If not, they would not have known what is going on. She insists that Chuks goes to Ene’s house to ask for her back on his knees and whatever her family says, he has to bear it. He wonders whether it is already late? She tells him that he must try and she is sure that Ene will come around.
The drug addict that claims that he is no addict tries to convince Dan that the drug is not as addictive as the one in use outside? Dan tells him that he is done using drugs. The guy tries so hard to convince him. Dan tells him that everyone does not need drugs to get by. The guy tells him that he is not one of them. Dan asks how he knew that? He could see the signs. He asks Dan to go ahead and receive the drug. Dan collects the wrap and as the guy turns to go get other things, he tears the wrap apart and spills the drug all over the place as the guy tries to stop him without success.
Sheila rushes downstairs scrambling for her phone. She manages to get it and calls the doctor to rush by as something is happening to Fred. She drops the phone and dashes back upstairs!

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The doctor comes and asks what is wrong with Fred? Sheila struggles to explain but begs him to come and see for himself!