Dan cries on the phone with TTK. He is not happy the way he is disappointing everyone. TTK chews him & asks if he wants Francesca to hear him crying like a baby? She advises him to take charge of himself, deal with the drug issue and then Francesca will nit have to deal with one more thing when she sees him. She also advises him not to try and contact Francesca again and clicks off.
Brenda asks Freddy if it is not past his bedtime? He tells her that it is nit 9pm yet. She asks him what he is doing on his laptop? He tells her that he is playing around with some codes. She does not understand what he means but asks if he is one of those nerds? Freddy tells her that he may be a geek but certainly not a nerd. Freddy asks Brenda if she is a widow? She is shocked and he explains that Amaka is a widow & Fred is a widower. Brenda tells him that she has never been married. He asks her why? She is getting too old for marriage! She tells him to forget all those his good girls like bad boys theory. If he finds a girl he likes, he should attack and if he continues to play on his gadgets like this, he will end up without a girl to talk to him. He tells her that he can spin games in real life with girls. She gives him some long-winding advice about how to plot to get a girl which leaves the boy more confused.
Chuks asks if the food is ready? His mum remembers how stubborn he gets ver breakfast. She hopes Ene is a good cook and he agrees that she is. She asks how they have been coping with married life? Chuks says they have been coping and describes Ene as his conscience, etc. His mum agrees and says she is happy for him. She will go to Ene’s parents place to thank them for giving them such a good girl. Chuks tells her to rest first and rushes off.
The counseling session is on and is about fear. The counselor asks for a volunteer and Dan steps up but wants to talk about something else. The counselor agrees but asks him to introduce himself. He thought everyone already knows him. He introduces himself as an addict and apologizes for his intransigence. He is not better than them all and will need their assistance in the journey to normalcy.
Brenda brings Freddy home to Amaka’s. Amaka tells her that she just got back from the hospital. Brenda tells her that her presence at a couple of family events does not mean that she is going to start doing favors for the Ade-Williams. She has her company and life to run. As she leaves, Amaka apologizes to Freddy about Brenda being unreasonable but Freddy tells her that she was not that bad.
Ene is accosted by Mimi in the office. Her landlady abused her this morning thanks to Ene. Ene tells her a long tale about getting home late and forgetting to do the transfer till now. Mimi tells her to transfer that money or … Ene asks if she is being called a liar? Mimi says she is being suspicious and tells Ene that if she does not get her money, she will conclude that Ene embezzled the ajo money and report to everyone in the office including Brenda and HR!
Cosmos greets a stone-faced Seila at the breakfast table and runs away when he sees her face. Fred comes downstairs and she suggests that he sees a doctor. He flares up & tells her that he is okay. He is just pre-occupied with other things. She insists that it may be his stroke drugs but he insists that they are no longer teenagers and there are other parts to the relationship other than physical. She asks if it is because they are married? He thinks she is being childish when she reminds him that he did not give the same speech to Laide when they were getting some under the same roof. He reminds he that she is the one that told Amaka of the problem between them but she insists that he refused to look at her when she wanted to discuss it between them!
The counseling session is over and the counselor specially thanks Dan for sharing with them. He dismisses the session and called Dan back. He was not expecting Dan at the day’s session but Dan reminds him that they had an agreement. He agree to continue to come and take I one day at a time.
Chuks asks Frank if TTk is coming around that Fay? Frank assures him that she is not coming. He does not want to be embarrassed. He asks them if the kitchen is open? He is hungry. Afi asks if he has the money? He tells them to put it on his tab but the remind him that he has no tab. TTK told them not to ive him anything on credit. He insists that she cannot do that. As they were discussing, TtK walks in but was busy searching for her key in her handbag. Frank tells Huks she is around and confirms that she has not seen him. Chuks dives under the bar table. TTK asks Frank if she gave him her keys?
Amaka apologizes for making Freddy late for school. She asks if he wants breakfast. He tells her that he had some breakfast at Brenda’s. She asks how they got along? Freddy says I was okay. Brenda gave him advice on how to plan and do whatever i takes to get girls. Amaka asks him to wait in the car and calls Brenda to quarrel with her over the age-inappropriate advice to Freddy. Brenda tells her that it is not her job to parent Freddy and drops the phone!
TTK berates the counselor about Dan’s access to phone and calling Salewa yesterday. The counselor apologizes and says it is his fault. She berates him for that after all the money they have spent. the counselor tells her that he is happy he allowed Dan use the phone as it has made him a lot better and he now participates in the sessions. He is glad he bent the rule a little. TTK tells him that speaking of bending the rules a little, she needs to ask him for a little favour!
Mama Chuks asks where Chuks has been? He tells her he went to Ziggy’s Bar. His mum thought he is the one running the bar now? Chuks tells her that he had to concentrate on other things. He asks why she is dressing up? She wants o go and see Ene’s parents. Chuks asks that they postpone it. He has some sketches to finish for an important client. She then decides to go shopping instead. Chuks is relieved.
One of the spa staff rouse Sheila and ask her if she is going to sign the vouchers? She gets to it and when she is through, Amaka calls to tell her of the irresponsible advice Brenda gave to Freddy about girls. She has called Brenda to tell her off. Sheila tells her that she is are she did that. Amaka suggests that it is time they talk about Freddy and girls. Sheila tells her off and tells her to mind herself and Toochi. It is not n her place to draw up dos and don’ts for others. she accuses Amaka of meddling and creating kore problems for her and Ferd with her meddlesomeness and idea of two of them spending time alone. She finishes and drops the line!
Ene’s mum comes home from the market with Chuks’s mum! Ene’s dad welcome them and ask how they met? Chuks’s mum says she called to tell Ene’s mum that she is around and Ene’s mum was not far from where she was. They talk about Chuks and his busy schedule with his designs. They talk about the wedding and how Aunty Nkechi was chasing Ziggy all over the place. They thank God the marriage is going well. Just then, Ene walks in and Chuks’s mum asks her when she came back from her seminar? Ene’s parents exchange looks.
TTK and Salewa visit Dan in his quarters. They came to give him moral support. He is happy at the visit and tells her that he will work on becoming a father she will be proud of again. She tells him that she is always proud of him and he should get better quick and stop flaring up always. He is working on that too. He hugs her and they laugh as TTK watches delightedly.

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Dan is visited by his counseling partner & as they discuss, Dan remarks that the guy seems to be the humorous type. He tells Dan it is one of his coping mechanisms. Self-help, Dan remarks. The guy brings out a wrap of white substance which he describes as his self-help.