The doctor visits and asks Sheila what is wrong with Fred? She tells him that Fred is upstairs and is complaining of blurred vision and there is… She asks the doctor to come and see for himself.
Chuks’s mum asks him to come and let them go and see Ene’s father. Chuks says he is not going with her. He cannot face Ene’s father twice in a day. His mum tells him that her son will not abandon his marriage because of fear. Chuks says he is not afraid. He is just being careful. His mum asks him if he is afraid of another man? Chuks asks if she is comparing him to Ene’s father? His mum says she will call his uncles and handle the issue herself. Her mates are taking care of their grandchildren already. She tries to make a call and Chuks snatches the phone from her. He goes to get the door and it is Ene and her parents.
The doctor assures Sheila that Fred will be okay when he wakes up. He advises her to take it easy with Fred when he wakes up. She asks him what the cause of the symptoms were so that they can avoid it in the future. The doctor tells her that it is nothing that Fred cannot sleep off. She presses for the cause and the doctor tells her that he will leave it to Fred to tell her himself. At Sheila’s insistence, he tells her that the symptoms are those of a drug Fred may have taken. Sheila asks if he prescribed anything and the doctor tells her that he did not but she should ask Fred when he wakes up.
Chuks runs up and down and does not know what to offer to Ene’s parents. Ene’s dad tells him not to worry. They brought back his wife. They advise them on how to live and avoid such mistakes in the future. They hand Ene over to him and before they left, Ene’s father gives Chuks a cheque to pay off his debts and start off afresh. Ene and Chuks are pleasantly surprised with Chuks quickly snapping off a salute!
The counselor invites Dan to his office and tells him that he has made a lot of progress in his treatment and for that, they are living up to their end of the bargain as agreed. He can now decide whether to continue the treatment at the clinic or with his family. Dan is surprised. The doctor insists and Dan asks for the doctor’s phone so that he can call his family.
Sheila searches Fred’s study. She calls Amaka and asks her if she is aware of any drugs Fred is taking? Amaka recalls that Fred takes a cocktail of drugs. She asks Sheila if there is any problem and where Fred is? Sheila tells her that all is well and Fred is okay and asleep. Amaka says that Sheila would not have called if it is not important. Sheila tells her it is nothing and drops the call.
Chuks’s mum tells him that Ene’s parents have shown him what forgiveness is about. She advises that he does not take it for granted but show Ene’s father that he did not make a mistake by allowing him marry Ene. She asks Ene to text her account number so that she can pay in some money for them to tide over till they get their next pay cheque. Ene thinks it is not important but Chuks gladly accepts. He gets up to escort his mum but she tells him it is not necessary.
Sheila comes into the kitchen and Freddy greets her but she does not respond. As she walks out with her tea, he asks her if she has been crying? She tells him that she did not get enough sleep but she will be okay. She asks him why he did not tell her about his stay at Brenda’s? He says that she has been too busy. She asks him when he is going to finish his food but he did not hear her. She gets close and asks him to unplug the earpiece and asks what he is watching? He says it is Dannie’s collection. Sheila blows up and asks him to hand them over. He hesitates and she screams at him to hand them all over.
Chuks kneels down to apologize to Ene. She tells him to please get up. Her position in the office is already difficult even if she returns the money. He apologizes. She suggests that they cash the cheque and use it to sort out their mess. Even though she sometimes does not know what to do with him, he is still her husband. By the way, she came home with a lot of dirty laundry. He says they will take it to the dry cleaner. No, she says. He will wash them himself. A little price for the trouble he put her through. And also, he will be doing the house cleaning for a couple of weeks.
Dan meets the counselor and promises to stay the course. He will also continue to check in as agreed. Just then, Salewa comes in and hugs him excitedly. He asks after TTK and Salewa says she came alone. She wants it to be a surprise for TTK. Dan is worried about TTK’s penchant for drama. They take their leave and Arinze makes a call and tells someone to tell Alhaji that he is on his way.
Amaka visits Sheila and tells her that she was not going to stay away after her tone in the morning. Sheila insists that all is okay. Amaka asks why she asked after Fred’s drug. Sheila insists that all is okay now. Amaka surmises that things were not right before and wants to know what went wrong. Sheila tells her that things got out of hand yesterday evening and a lot of things happened at the same time. Amaka asks whether they were taking one of those walks? Sheila tells her that married couples do other things other than take a walk. Amaka catches the drift finally. Sheila comes clean and tells her that she suspects that Fred took some aphrodisiac and it affected him.
TTK was on the phone when Chuks and Ene walks into the bar to tell her that they have come to pay their debt, but first they want to apologize for borrowing from Salewa at all. Ene adds that Salewa is like a junior sister to them. TTK tells her that it is not her but Chuks that created the problem. She likes their appearance of the married couple bound together by adversity and rising like a phoenix! They hand her over the money and she advises Chuks not to ever take a woman like Ene, who is willing to stand by him in times of adversity for granted as there are not a lot of them. She asks them to run along as she is on her way out.
Amaka calls Sheila and asks how her dad is doing? Sheila tells her that he had woken up, eaten and is back to sleep. There is nothing to worry about. Amaka asks her how she could get up to that with Fred? She knew when she married him that he is no spring chicken and could be lax in those departments. She could not understand why Sheila could push him far enough to take aphrodisiac. Sheila wonders whether Amaka is accusing her of Fred’s condition? She is and while she is not yet mad at Sheila now, she will definitely be if anything happens to ‘dad’! she cuts off the call!

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Kaneng is talking to Dan about the need to be careful and the mounting casualties around Masters when Sheila walks in and gasps!